HBO Picks Up TREME for a Third Season

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Since it’s TV news day and all, EW now reports that HBO’s acclaimed drama series Treme will return for a third season. While the New Orleans-set drama hasn’t necessarily been a ratings hit, it has certainly been a critical darling (not unlike fellow “I can’t get no respect” series The Wire).  The series, which stars Khandi Alexander, Rob Brown, Kim Dickens, India Ennenga and John Goodman, is currently in the middle of its second season.

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  • David

    I wouldn’t call John Goodman a star of the show…anyone who has seen the first season would agree.

    But this is great news!!

    • VerasGunn

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • Dogg

    I was excited for Treme until I watched 3 episodes and NOTHING happened. It was literally less interesting than my average day. Did the show ever develop a plot?

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  • cal

    The show has its moments but they do spend too much time playing some really lousy music…..need to cut back on the live band music and stick to the story lines.

    • nancy Nash

      Anyone criticizing the music is a blatant jealous mf…. Having been a music pro all my life and seeing this amazing show we have become Tremekies … and if your bored by this show then you are definitely a boring person…. go play your combat video games and leave us to this delightfully heartfelt crazy great experience … oh… and your most likely in a band so go wrangle yourself!!!! Finally a show that is real… I am in love with everyone… all the characters… thankyou Treme Yeahhhhh!!!

  • joe

    I love this show, the characters, most of the music, the DJ Davis and the brass, hip hop kills me. Just want this show to continue.

  • Fred Tambellini

    I agree with Nancy Ash,I have lived in Nawlins for 7 years and Treme
    makes me homesick.Go Treme and the Saints !!!!!!

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