Take a Quick Look at Heath Ledger’s Joker Diary from THE DARK KNIGHT

     May 31, 2013

The Dark Knight is one of the biggest films of the last five years, and while the Blu-ray has a good amount of special features, none of them focus on Heath Ledger.  I can understand the omission since it probably would have seen exploitative at the time.  But now that there’s been some distance from his death, we can respectfully approach the amount of work he put into his unforgettable portrayal of The Joker.  But in the five years since the movie has been released, almost no material has surfaced, which is surprising since it’s more than likely that the Blu-ray would have an extra about his performance had he lived.  But today, a brief video of Ledger’s “Joker Diary” has surfaced.  I wish the video was longer and we could get a more detailed look at the pictures, but it does show how much work he put into his character.  I know there are some who attribute his death to being too lost into his character, but I think that’s a facile explanation.  Rather than speculate on his loss, we should simply appreciate his tremendous talent.  Looking at this journal is part of that appreciation, and hopefully there’s more of his behind-the-scenes work out there waiting to be discovered.

Hit the jump to check out the Joker Diary.

Via The Film Stage.


  • Dylan D

    I love this, both sad and happy. I like the quick shot of the oscar. But at the end, in Heath’s own words “Trapped Now”…”Bye Bye” :(

    • debo

      “Wrapped Now”

  • Grayden

    The French overdub is annoying as hell. But I’m hella stoked to see more.

    • wankmycrank

      stfu pleeeeease with ur virgin slang

  • Lance

    Great stuff. Can’t believe it’s been five years already since Dark Knight…

  • Nooble

    shame about the annoying French v/o!

  • derpderp

    Can’t hear shit, captain!

  • Al Conyado

    What a absolute boss, Heath was absolutely amazing as Joker, God what loss.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      i remember i saw TDK in the cinema
      this woman’s kids were so scared when joker jumps up from the pool table
      they had to be taken out

  • Mark

    who cares what either one of the commentators were saying. I was pausing the video at every page trying to read every thing he wrote.

  • Killabee

    He went out on the greatest performance that I have ever witnessed.

    • jay

      Tony in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus ?

      • Doug

        Ha ha! That was a good movie!

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  • LEM

    I’m still amazed there isn’t more that was cut out of the film that they could have released. I thought for sure that they would have re-purposed footage to use in TDKR.

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