MAN OF STEEL Star Henry Cavill in Talks to Star in Edward Zwick’s THE GREAT WALL

     February 9, 2012

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While it feels like Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel has been filming forever, star Henry Cavill is finally looking to book his first post-Superman role. Variety reports that Cavill is now in negotiations to star in director Edward Zwick’s (The Last Samurai) period epic The Great Wall. The film “looks at the mystery behind how China’s Great Wall was constructed.” Zwick wrote the screenplay with Marshall Herskovitz, based on a story by World War Z author Max Brooks and Thomas Tull.

No other plot details are given, but historically speaking the Great Wall was constructed in the 5th century BC in order to keep nomadic groups out of the Chinese Empire. It’s unknown what kind of approach Zwick will take, or what kind of character Cavill will play. The actor was recently seen in Immortals, but we’ve got quite a while to wait before we see him don the tights. Man of Steel opens June 14th, 2013.

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  • matt d.

    Really!?!? Ed Zwick making another movie about different cultures histories in which he casts a white man to play the lead? Who would have thought!

    -Glory, film about African American slaves forced to be soldiers starring Matthew Broderick as the main character…

    -Blood Diamond, story of war diamonds in Africa starring Leo DiCaprio naturally…

    -The Last Samurai, yep Tom Cruise is perfect for the title role…

    -Defiance, even a story about Jews fighting back in the holocaust stars Daniel Craig..

    -The Great Wall, ancient Chinese must build a massive wall to protect them from the threat of invading Mongolians, so of course they hire a western architect from ancient Greece to be lead engineer…

  • Spock Jenkins

    Of course Cavill will play the central obligatory western character to allow us the audience ‘to relate’ ( even though my empathy for story/characters/people is not limited by my ability to relate to a person’s skin colour, sigh. )

  • nelson

    you guys sound like a bunch of damn babies

    • Spock Jenkins

      Thanks for the depth of your insight azz-clown, go smash a can of beer on your forehead.

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  • Chris Jay

    Are you seriously kidding me? How are they going to shoehorn him into the court of the Qin Dynasty? And no doubt they’re going to get a hot Asian actress to play the Unmotivated Exotic Love Interest in order to satiate the appetites of the movie’s white male fanbase.

    What a disgrace. Hey white people, you weren’t the heroes of every single historical event in the history of the universe, okay?

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