Hey Moneybags! Pick up these SCOTT PILGRIM Shirts at San Diego Comic-Con!

     July 17, 2009


“Scott Pilgrim” creator Bryan Lee O’Malley just TwitPic’d the first look at what SP shirts OniPress will be selling this year at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  While I’m already setting aside cash to pick up the one with Scott stuffed inside Ramona’s subspace messenger bag, I have reservations.  You see, I picked up a “Scott Pilgrim” shirt last year and while I dig the design, the “Beefy-Cut” of the shirts makes it really tight in the armpit-region, even in the X-Large size (and I’m not exactly Muscles McGee over here).  What they need is an “Athletic-Cut”.

I lost you at new “Scott Pilgrim” shirts, didn’t I.  Alright, hit the jump to check out a full-sized pic of what you (and I) will be buying at Comic-Con.


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