TOY STORY 3 Teaser Trailer

     May 29, 2009

head-2.jpgYesterday, we had a brief, low quality look at the teaser for “Toy Story 3” and I bitched and moaned about how we needed a high quality version ASAP.  ASAP has now arrived and looking at the full teaser, it’s pretty much in line with the teaser for “Toy Story 2” — bringing you a logo.  And that’s fine because they’re showing you that the gang’s all here (including Slinky the Dog even though his voice, the great Jim Varney, passed on in 2000) and that Buzz, even though he’s friends with Woody, can’t help but one-up his friend.  I also think that while we who follow movie news daily aren’t surprised, a lot of folks in the mainstream maybe surprised that a third “Toy Story” film is coming their way and coming next year.  Hopefully this teaser will get them excited for the film and not worried about sequelitis (if symptoms of sequelitis persist, please take one viewing of “Toy Story 2” to alleviate all worries).

Check out the teaser after the jump or click here to see it in HD.  “Toy Story 3” hits theatres on June 18th, 2010.


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