Tyler Perry Is the Highest-Paid Man in Entertainment; Jerry Bruckherimer and Steven Spielberg Close Behind

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Forbes has released their list of the highest-paid men in entertainment.  Minus Oprah, I bet it looks pretty much the same as the highest-paid people in general. That said, Tyler Perry does rep the diversity quotient at the top of the list with $130 million made from May 2010 to May 2011.  Perry is not popular with the critics, but I continue to be impressed by the man who can outearn such power players (and notable white men) as Jerry Bruckheimer and Steven Spielberg.  Perry has directed ten movies since his feature debut in 2006, and starred in most of them.  In recent years the two TBS sitcoms Meet the Browns and House of Payne have proven a major contribution to Perry’s paycheck.  He has a good shot at next year’s title, too: in 2012, he’ll deliver at least one more project, Good Deeds, and star in the potential franchise starter I, Alex Cross.

Look for the top ten and the oddities within (James Patterson?) after the jump.

Via Forbes:

Tyler Perry — $130 million
Jerry Bruckheimer — $113 million
Steven Spielberg — $107 million
Elton John — $100 million
Simon Cowell — $90 million
James Patterson — $84 million
Dr. Phil McGraw — $80 million
Leonardo DiCaprio — $77 million
Howard Stern — $76 million
Tiger Woods — $75 million

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FB Comments

  • dryer

    Its official, America really has finally become Idiocracy.

    • Strong Enough

      so are you going to move now? we won’t forget you!

      • Dylan

        Someone works on House of Payne…

        Anyways, it’s sad and honestly disgusting that someone as talentless and comedically retarded as Tyler Perry makes this much money. He is a hack in every sense of the word and his fans are the most sickening form of foolishness and mental ineptness this country has enhabiting it.

      • LiamH

        You make it sound like this is the first time someone has made money in Hollywood when they didn’t necessarily deserve it.

  • LiamH

    I don’t really like the movies Perry makes but he knows his audience and gives them what they want. He’s pretty smart man using just a simple premise.

  • sense 11

    What a waste of money,

    • Uju

      Hit your head hard on the closest wall to u.

  • Strong Enough

    I never got why people hate something or somebody so much. I mean it’s not for you nor directed towards your audience so why do you hate it so much? It’s not for you! It’s like these kids with Bieber. Every youtube video I go to theres negative comments towards the kid. I don’t like Tyler Perry at all. But I don’t comment on an article saying his fans are sickening. I don’t like Glee so I ignore every possible post or website that refers to it. It’s not that hard. But then again we all have our opinions. continue..!

    • sense 11

      Dude its mostly cross dressing & fat jokes, what are you defending exactly? it is Idiocracy, its really sad.

      • junierizzle

        Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Adam Sandler has been doing the same thing for years. Just cause Perry is a black guy………………………………………………………………

      • Strong Enough

        am not defending tyler. I dont like Tyler perry never did. but I don’t go out of my way to say something stupid about his fanbase and the man himself when CLEARLY his work isn’t my target audience.

      • sense 11

        80% of what Sandler does is garbage too, he stop being funny about a decade ago but at least he doesn’t pretend like hes doing some amazing thing that has this deep connection to his race. It crap from any point of view no matter what color you are.

        A fat joke is a fat joke
        a gay joke is a gay joke

      • Antariss

        Have you ACTUALLY watched any of Tyler Perry’s movies by the way…all the way through not the trailers or select clips??? Perhaps you have but I am guessing by your assessment that you have NOT! I HAVE seen the majority of his films and i can tell you that Why Did I get Married 1 & 2, Daddy’s Girls, For Coloured Women to name a few did not feature cross dressing or fat jokes and with the one’s that do they are not the sum of the whole by far. I am not a big Perry supporter but find it ridiculous or asinine that Perry’s deservedness of this achievement is in question or the assumption that his audience are idiots. I am sure that he’s audience is majority African-American so what exactly are you inferring here? If Michael Bay topped this chart then that would be ok right? Please…

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  • Sugreev2001

    Beiber,Black Eyed Peas,Perry etc. This country is losing it’s taste for quality.Now pandering buffoons like Tyler Perry here rule the roost.Mediocrity may have been tolerated before,but now idiocy is tolerated as well.

  • Antariss

    In fact if you had labelled Perry’s films ‘preachy’ I would have at least given you that one as he does wear he’s Christian heart on his sleeve in his productions and if anything they are filled with a spiritual/moral message at their core. So reducing his films to fat and fart jokes is ‘idiotic’ as they are periphery things around the centre of films that are supposed to be uplifting to he’s audience. Criticise the man for his art or commerce instead of throwing baseless vitriol at him and the millions who have bought into his work. Or better still respect a man who had the guts to live in his car and be broke as he sacrificed and believed in his dream so much and did something with his life…

  • Terrell

    I don’t really care for any of Tyler Perry’s movies, but I have been dragged to them and they are not about fat jokes or anything of the sort. Yes the Madea movies have some stupid things in them, but they mostly come from Madea and her brother, both played by Perry. Everyone plays the straight man. And we’re no longer going to see Madea because Perry said that he’s tired of playing the character. So everyone talking about idiocracy, then you must not have sat through any of Tyler Perry’s movies or plays.

  • Uju

    He is an entertainment GENIUS. Diss him all you want, won’t change a thing. I LOVE him. Keep smiling to the bank.

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