New HITMAN: AGENT 47 Image Compares Star Rupert Friend to the Video Game Hitman

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The Hitman video game franchise kicked off in 2000 with the release of Hitman: Codename 47, and while the game series has enjoyed success over the subsequent five other installments, Hollywood has also taken a stab at transporting the character over to the silver screen.  The Timothy Olyphant-fronted 2007 feature film iteration was a modest success, but now Hitman is getting rebooted in the form of director Aleksander Bach’s upcoming actioner Hitman: Agent 47.  This time around, Homeland actor Rupert Friend assumes the role of the titular bald assassin, and after the jump you can check out a new side-by-side Hitman: Agent 47 image that compares Friend’s physical transformation with the in-game character.  I’m not sure how important physical likeness is to the overall quality of the film, but if you’re keen on seeing how Friend stacks up to the CG-created Hitman, feel free to take a look.

If you missed our Comic-Con coverage, check out my full panel recap and Steve’s interviews with co-stars Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware.  The film opens in theaters on February 27, 2015.


Here’s the official synopsis for Hitman: Agent 47:

Based on the top-selling, award-winning videogame franchise, “Hitman: Agent 47” is an all-new motion picture about an elite and genetically engineered assassin, known only by the last two digits – 47 – of a barcode tattooed on the back of his neck.



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FB Comments

  • Werefon

    I kept saying from the beginning that he does look like 47 and more than any actor that was in running or played the role.

  • Werefon

    It’s time for a trailer.

  • LEM

    Release the trailer already so i can legitimately hate on this.

    • Pernell Whitaker

      LEM knows.

  • HG2012

    they really couldn’t shave his whole head lol

    • Werefon

      I’ve heard that was intended. Also, the design and placement of a barcode is different. It’s a adaptation so…

  • Lex Walker

    At least he’s closer in appearance than Olyphant, who’s great in his own right but was just flat out wrong for the dead-serious Hitman. Olyphant needs to be able to smirk though, without that he doesn’t fit a role.

  • kw

    But it doesn’t have Olga naked. And that was the best part of… well, any movie.

    • Lex Walker

      That’s why I hated The Godfather.

  • appolox

    I heard Zachary Quinto is in the movie. One question. Why isn’t HE Agent 47?

    • Giovanni Luis Jiminez

      Eyebrows too big

      • appolox

        Do his eye brows really affect whether or not her could play 47?

    • Werefon

      Why should he be 47? This one fits better obviously.
      Quinto plays Smith. If you played the games, you’ll know who that is.

  • Ted

    I wonder how they couldve done the same pic with Paul Walker, cuz he clearly didnt look like 47.

  • Andrew King

    If he is a secret agent why does he have a bar code on the back of his neck? isnt that a dead give away who he is? “Be on the lookout for a bald guy in a black suit with a bar code tattoo on his neck that you cant miss cause HE IS BALD!.”

    • Gerry Rock

      that’s the stupid magic of Hitman xD haha

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