THE HOBBIT 3 Currently Has No Script or Budget; Plus a Look at the Bizarre 3D Glasses for AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY

     August 1, 2012


Way back in the heady days of May 2010, The Hobbit couldn’t even get off the ground due to MGM’s financial meltdown.  Now the two-part film has expanded into a trilogy, and we assumed it was because Warner Bros. and director Peter Jackson had settled on a budget to make a third film viable.  However, it turns out there is no budget nor is there a finished script which would dictate said budget.  “If anybody had been a big hindrance, it wouldn’t have happened,” says a source with ties to the movies told THR. “It was such a short window of time to make this decision, if anybody had said no, it would have been two movies.”  Apparently, Warner Bros. is making a big leap of faith that the budget won’t spin wildly out of control, and that the first two movies will be strong enough to lure audiences back for the third.

Hit the jump for more along with an image of the uncomfortable looking 3D glasses for the first part of the trilogy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  The film is due out December 14th.

The-Hobbit-3According to THR, while the budget of the first two movies was “conservatively” placed at $500 million (no word if that includes the marketing, but I doubt it), The Hobbit 3 (not the official title, obviously) is expected to cost less since some of the material was shot back when Jackson, and co-writers/producers Fran Walsh and Phillipa Boyens thought The Hobbit was going to be two parts.  However, while The Hobbit 3 will have a lower production price tag, Warner Bros. will have to pay when it comes time to market the trilogy’s conclusion.

Additionally, Warner Bros. has no way of knowing for certain what the budget on The Hobbit 3 will be.  The script is still in the works, and unlike writing the entire script before shooting begins, Jackson and Co. will have to work within the bounds of one nearly-finished feature and a halfway-finished feature.  Something essential in the third movie can’t be based off a non-existent element in the first movie unless additional pickups (which have been extended from June when the pickups were meant “to complete some battle stuff”) are used to fill in the blanks.  Except Jackson, Walsh, and Boyens won’t know what those blanks will be until they’ve completed the script for the third film.  By that time, it’s unlikely that there will be time or the resources to make any changes to An Unexpected Journey.

Part two, The Hobbit: There and Back Again is due out December 13, 2013.  The Hobbit 3 is set to arrive in summer 2014.

Finally, has landed an image of the limited edition 3D glasses that will presumably be handed out at screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  Warner Bros. did a similar promotion for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 except those glasses were comfortable.  These look like they were made by disgruntled goblins:


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  • tom

    this just sounds like a bad idea. i mean the Hobbit was never nearly as epic as LOTR, so why it needed two movies was kind of a mystery to me. but now this third just seems like a cash grab for everyone involved

    • justin

      Apparently you didd’t read Peter Jackson’s statement explaining WHY he wanted to do a 3rd Hobbit movie. Which I am by the way, extremely excited for.

      And The 3D glasses really don’t look that uncomfortable. Well, unless you wear regular glasses your self, just like Matt Goldberg so i guess where i can see why he is upset about the 3D glasses lol

      • Norm

        How many studios announce their newest sequel or reboot or se-boot by saying “we wanted more money, so here’s another one!” No, of course they’re going to talk about how they want to explore the characters or the expanded world etc. etc. I’m sure Jackson isn’t against this third film, but it doesn’t mean that was the primary motivating factor behind this, and thus doesn’t necessarily alleviate people’s concerns that this is a cash-grab by the studio.

        Personally I never felt that more is necessarily better… I don’t know how they plan on spreading it out, but I’d imagine it’s either wedged into the main Hobbit storyline or added at the end. Neither sounds especially compelling to me: I’m not interested in seeing the Hobbit over 3 years (I was barely on board for 2), and although I’ve never read it, this extra material gives me something of a B-material vibe… I never hear anyone singing the collective praises of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and “that extra bit of stories”

    • Sloane

      At some point, you just have to trust Jackson. When he originally shopped the Lord of the rings to the Weinstein’s in the early 90′s, they pushed for him to do the entire story in 1 film. He refused and thus ahd to put off making the film for nearly a decade. I don’t have to tell you that Jackson is an uber fan of the source material. That being said, I trust that he knows what he’s doing. I highly doubt he would agree to make a third film if there truly wasn’t more story to be told.

      Using Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows as another example, I believe that story benefitted from being split into 2 movies even thought many attributed it’s split to being a grab for more cash.

      • Bill

        Peter Jackson is no longer the filmmaker he was when he set out to make The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He’s an entirely different filmmaker in all areas now. He’s no longer the young slightly off-kilter man fighting to achieve a dream. He’s the older established center of New Zealand’s film industry keeping his business alive (Weta) & giving the studio a prequel he originally was no on board to do.

        Also, Harry Potter 7 is a larger book than The Hobbit in all regards. The Hobbit was already being split into two films to give the story breathing room. This new “Third Act” sounds like it’s just going to allow them to insert over 3 hours of material tying into the LOTR trilogy.

        It’s a great business decision & an awful sounding artistic one.

  • Robb

    I think the idea is more that they’re expanding the material they’ve already got into three movies. I don’t think they’re adding a third movie to the end. It’s more like they’re fattening the middle. I think they still intend to end where the two-movie plot structure would have ended.

    And those glasses, while they do look uncomfortable, are done in the style of the Dwarven design aesthetic that Weta has developed.

  • Ray

    If it was me, and they may do this. i’d leave Hobbit 1 and Hobbit 2 completely as they are and i’d make Hobbit 3 happen between those two and just flesh out the story a bit more so hobbit 3 become hobbit 2 and hobbit 2 becomes 3…..i’m already getting dizzy!…., i’d also like to add that i hope to pleasantly surprised, but is this really necessary?

  • Ramone

    Those glasses look….cozy?

  • sense 11

    Sweet 3D Glasses

  • oliver

    I was under the impression the were shooting additional material to turn their two movies into three movies. This article suggests that the hobbit three will pick up at the end of the ‘there and back again’ and will require a fully fledged script with a begining middle and end. I think its more likely they’re going to write a whole load of new scenes to flesh out what they already have. Jackson has said they’ll require another 5 weeks of shooting, which by my estimate is another hour of material. He also previously said they have enough material for extended edition dvds. One would assume this material will now be making the theatrical cut. They’re writing and budgeting extended reshoots, not a whole new movie!

    • Afilmguy

      Well, when it comes to extended editions, no one seeks to make them. Jackson has stated that whatever gets left out of the film just happens and then usually is put into an extended edition. I think you would be safe to assume that they might use some of that footage for the third film, though. It’s not an unrealistic idea. I read an article on about this and they suggested that it would also be safe to assume that the third will be called “There and Back Again” with a different title given to the second (they said, perhaps, something along the lines of “Desolation of Smaug” or “Riddles in the Dark”). But right now it is concerning knowing that it has potential of just becoming bottom-feed from the other two films which I really hope it won’t be (I don’t think so either). For now it’s a matter of trust in Jackson, which he has.

      • Anonymous

        If Peter Jackson wants Hobbit Three and want it to succeed than he needs to fully show Aragons and arwens full comitted love and more and we also need to see Legoles and his friendship with aragon where it stems from and the dwarfs so we need to see the LOTR cast prior to the three movies and than incoporate the bits that were in these three movies because to em there in is no greater love than Aragon and Arwen and no better loyalty than Legoles is with Aragon please please do a love story fully with action and anyhting else but all I am Interested is in Viggo Liv and Orlando no one else.

  • Mr.Rich316

    The third movie is actually the Lord of the Rings Re-boot.

    • nNark


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  • TDKR was the best

    This whole thing will fail but the money will come in so……..mission accomplished.

    • diles3

      what refreshing tedium you have birthed…

  • gcm443

    There’s no script bc there’s no point lololol, No seriously I’ll be cautiously optimistic about this. I am extremely excited about the Hobbit having waited since the conclusion of the trilogy but I would be lying if i said i wasn’t a little apprehensive. We will just have to wait and see what the final product is.

  • gimpsuit

    With the additional material there’s obviously a lot more stuff to tell, hence the third movie.
    And those glasses don’t really look unconfortable. the nsoe bridge and ears are where they contact, unless you wear them with the arm across your eyes like a tard.

  • MrMcMac

    I wonder how many of those, who say that there’s so much stuff in the appendices, have actually read them…? I have (though some time ago), and in my opinion there ist definitley not enough material to flesh out The Hobbit satisfyingly into three films. There is basically Aragorn/Arwen love story, which they will very probably not use; Then there ist some backstory for the dwarf leader(s), parts of which they have already shot and woven into the story, possibly in form of a longer flashback like the one at the beginning of FOTR. I think the appendices also said something about Gimli and Legolas sailing into the west, many years after LOTR, but that really doesn’t concern The Hobbit. And that’s about it, the rest are mainly dates and numbers, the names of Samwise’s children and what not.
    So I remain very skeptical over this hasty decision. Quality comes before quantity.

  • Bill

    Peter Jackson is no longer the filmmaker he was when he set out to make The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He\’s an entirely different filmmaker in all areas now. He\’s no longer the young slightly off-kilter man fighting to achieve a dream. He\’s the older established center of New Zealand\’s film industry keeping his business alive (Weta) & giving the studio a prequel he originally was no on board to do.

    Also, Harry Potter 7 is a larger book than The Hobbit in all regards. The Hobbit was already being split into two films to give the story breathing room. This new \"Third Act\" sounds like it\’s just going to allow them to insert over 3 hours of material tying into the LOTR trilogy.

    It\’s a great business decision & an awful sounding artistic one.