Confirmed: Orlando Bloom Will Reprise His Role as Legolas for THE HOBBIT

     May 27, 2011

Back in December, we reported that Orlando Bloom might reprise his role as Elven sharpshooter Legolas for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.  Today on his official Facebook page, Jackson confirmed that he had Legolas bow:

Ten years ago, Orlando Bloom created an iconic character with his portrayal of Legolas. I’m excited to announce today that we’ll be revisiting Middle Earth with him once more. I’m thrilled to be working with Orlando again. Funny thing is, I look older—and he doesn’t! I guess that’s why he makes such a wonderful elf.

Bloom is the latest Lord of the Rings cast member to join The Hobbit.  While Gandalf (Ian McKellen), Elrond (Hugo Weaving), and Gollum (Andy Serkis) actually appear in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel, Jackson has apparently made room for Legolas, Galadriel (Cate Blanchett), old Bilbo (Ian Holm), and Frodo (Elijah Wood).  Hit the jump for the synopsis of the novel.  The two-part 3D film is set for December 2012 and December 2013.

Here’s the synopsis for J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit:

Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit, is a peaceful sort of cozy hole in the Shire, a place where adventures are uncommon and rather unwanted. So when the wizard Gandalf whisks him away on a treasure hunting expedition with a troop of rowdy dwarves, he’s not entirely thrilled. Encountering ruthless trolls, beastly orcs, gigantic spiders, and hungry wolves, Bilbo discovers within himself astonishing strength and courage. And at the ultimate confrontation with the fearsome dragon Smaug, the hobbit will brave the dangers of dark and dragon fire alone and unaided. [Amazon]

  • KLM

    YAYAY!! *fangirling*

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  • aaronsullivan

    There was always room for this if I remember correctly? He probably can’t get too directly involved with Bilbo, but Legolas was alive during the time and the story passes through his homeland. I think there’s a large battle that he could easily be involved in.

    Same goes for Galadriel. There is a bigger story going on around the more narrowly focused journey of Bilbo that I’m sure the movies will explore in more depth. Plenty of room to fit these characters in. I’m assuming Ian Holm and Elijah Wood are in a concluding book end sort of moment as Bilbo relays the story to Frodo and would serve as a tie-in to the Lord of the Rings.

    Can’t wait! :)

  • Tarek

    And what about Aragorn ? and the sweet Arwen ?

    • waenhir

      Too young to do anything yet….
      Not around the region….

  • Primogen

    It would be conceivable for Bilbo to have met a ten-year-old Aragorn in Rivendell. However, I believe that Arwen was living in Lothlorien during the time of The Hobbit.

  • Tarek

    Aragorn was 88 in the LOTR. (men of Numenor live up to 210 years ) So he would be a 28 years old man in the Hobbit timeline.
    He grew up in Rivendell and fought Orcs during all his life.

    • jonne

      no as was already said aragorn was 10 years old during the hobbit
      though you where right aragorn is 88 in the lord of the rings.
      the lord of the rings starts witth bilbo’s 111th birthday wich also happens to be frodo’s 33th but gfrodo doesn’t leave the shire till his 50th birthday. and since bilbo turns 50 during the hobbit we know there is a 78 year gap between the main story line of teh lord of the rings and the hobbit.
      actually as said in the apendix of the return of the king aragorn was living in rivendel at the time and was his heritage was hidden from everyone (including himself) and was called estel wich means hope in sindar. i would love to have a child seen in rivendel called estel and not mentioned in the movie who he actually is for the true toljkien know it alls.

      • tarek

        You are right Jonne. I forgot that Frodo left the Shire at 50. ( timeline of the Book)


    WOW I THOUGHT IT WAS Confirmed THAT Orlando Bloom Will Reprise His Role as Legolas for THE HOBBIT BACK ON LIKE APRIL 7? SO IF IT WAS JUST Confirmed THAT Orlando Bloom Will Reprise His Role as Legolas for THE HOBBIT. WILL HUGO WEAVING BE BACK AS ELROND TO OR NOT?

  • Rosco

    Why does Peter Jackson hate his fans?

  • Blaed

    maybe he’ll be in the backround, walking past and giving a wink to the audience, end cameo. back to the movie

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  • Veronica

    I’am just glad he’ll be in the movies!! ^.^