New Production Video for THE HOBBIT Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Location Shooting

     December 23, 2011

Director Peter Jackson continues to give fans an incredibly insightful peek into the production on his two-part The Hobbit adaptation with yet another production video. While the last behind-the-scenes look focused on the 3D aspect of shooting (it’s a must-see and I highly suggest you check it out), the latest video gives us a look into the logistics of location shooting. Jackson and Co. are currently towards the end of a seven-week location shoot schedule, which will provide the director with plenty of gorgeous New Zealand vistas that he’ll transform into Middle Earth.

We get a look into the ridiculously herculean task of moving the entire production unit around the country of New Zealand, and we also get to see quite a bit of shooting. In addition to watching Jackson work, we get a peek at Andy Serkis who’s directing second-unit on the pics, and we get to see Elijah Wood return to Hobbiton. Hit the jump to check out the latest production video. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arrives December 14th, 2012, while The Hobbit: There and Back Again will hit theaters on December 13, 2013.

Click over to Peter Jackson’s official Facebook page to watch in HD.


  • aaronsullivan

    This is really how all movies should be marketed over time. It gives you a connection to the filmmakers and actors, illuminates the amount of work that goes into the production and gives you some flavor with not much in the way of spoilers and PLENTY of material for the fans to chew over so they don’t have to speculate and hate and worry.

    Problem is you probably have to be a pretty big and anticipated production to pull it off successfully.

  • felliniboy

    the first part of this video shows exactly how crazy and chaotic a production set is. the great thing about a director is that, he only directs. Production people is the first one on location, and the last one to leave(even cleaning up those catering things). the PRODUCTION department are the unsung heroes of movies.

  • tarek

    When I see this, it makes me love cinema. Peter JAckson and his team are true movie fans. ( which is not the case of Luca$ and Bay)

  • AlexHeyNa

    Uh oh… looks like Pete Jackson’s gaining some weight back!

  • Sang

    Well. sure looks like Elijah Wood hasn’t aged at all. But anyways, I’m pretty darn excited to see this movie.

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