Carrie Gets Back to Work in New HOMELAND Season 4 Trailer

     August 18, 2014


Showtime has released a new Homeland Season 4 trailer, giving fans another tease of what to expect when the drama series returns in October.  This trailer actually reveals less about the new season than the previous “first look” trailer, and it has a listlessness to it that likely mirrors Carrie’s (Claire Danes) state of mind when we pick back up with the character after the events of Season 3.  After driving through more story in three seasons than most shows do in their entire runs, it feels like Homeland has the opportunity to reboot a bit this year, and I’m curious to see where that takes Carrie, Saul (Mandy Patinkin), and whoever else remains.

Hit the jump to watch the new Homeland Season 4 trailer.  This season also features Rupert Friend, Corey Stoll, and Suraj SharmaHomeland returns to Showtime with back-to-back episodes on October 5th.



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  • FoonZeeS

    Who cares?

    • LEM

      A couple million people.

  • CaptainCarl

    Looks good, I’m hoping they reboot this series a bit and distance themselves from the ‘Dana drama’ that dominated the third season. I desperately want this season to go back to being a good, thrilling, political counter-terrorism show again.

  • DoremusJessup

    I’ve always thought that this show was exactly what people would supposedly want from a series. The pace is usually breakneck, and every episode is in “all-out” mode. Maybe there have been some slip-ups here and there but the show is aggressively ambitious and I would prefer a show make mistakes while trying to be ambitious then a show make mistakes because they don’t have a clear direction (Walking Dead). Anyways, I’m excited to see how they pivot and change plot lines here. Still a lot of talent in place, all on the writers to make us interested again.

  • Redjester

    With Nicholas Brody dead, hopefully this show can finally find its footing as the straight up intelligence/counterintelligence show it always felt like it should have been. I’m thinking along the lines of Rubicon, but showing the entire scope of an intelligence agency, and with a vastly superior budget.

    I’d also like to add just how fantastic and criminally under watched the show Manhattan has been, in my mind easily the best show currently airing on television bar none. Yes it’s a fictional account, but considering how good it is, I can’t say I mind.

  • LEM

    Finally killing Brody was the best thing this show could do to move forward. They dragged that out way too long and may have been better off having him actually complete his initial bombing. It would have been a catalyst for so many more story arcs instead of the bullshit they tried to give the audience with him and Carrie, not to mention his annoying daughter and the rest of the brody clan.

  • doctor_robot

    i never found carrie all that interesting, and her crying-face drives me nuts. i watched it primarily for the brody character… and ya, i hated the daughter. she should have been killed off or something very early on. brody was the show for me, so… i seriously doubt i’ll be watching it.

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