Test Footage from Live-Action Films MARVIN THE MARTIAN and HONG KONG PHOOEY

     December 27, 2012


I’ll be the first one to give Hollywood’s reboots/adaptations a chance, but when test footage apparently gets posted online by the director, either the film has been eighty-sixed or there has been some sort of security breach. Such is the quandry with the live-action adaptations of Marvin the Martian and Hong Kong Phooey, which have had a few short minutes of test footage supposedly posted by writer/director Alex Zamm. The Martian picture appears to be more of a self-contained short while Phooey, voiced by Eddie Murphy - though it certainly sounds like an impersonator here, is more of a clip. Hit the jump to check them out.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for bringing this video to our attention (via Cartoon Brew):


  • Nicholas

    Movies like this should be made entirely with cgi, it looks less stupid that way.

  • JW.

    …. Is that Eddie Murphy?…

  • tarek

    They used Home Alone’s Theme for Marvin the martian.

    Maybe kids will like it. It’s not for me anyway.

  • Lance

    I can see how their might be potential using CGI this way, but the “comedy” is the product of pure hacks. Literally toilet humor. The set up for the Martian skit doesn’t even make any sense within the parameters it sets up.

    Hong Kong Phooey I believe is a Hanna Barbera character, but Marvin is from Warners’ great animated stable of characters. He deserves better than this dreck.

  • kirockk

    Marvin looked OK, The voice could have been better. But Hong Kong Phooey looked terrible. Once again Eddie was miscast. They missed the characters look and personality. Who is OK’ing this stuff?

  • cedartreeradar

    i watched this video with the sound off to admire the animation and it looks amazing. im afraid to watch it with the sound on in case it might be of the same vein as the chipmunks or smurf movies, shudder

  • Dequan

    I admit I due like both of them because it made me laugh with it’s slapstick humor. But I had equal problems for both

    Phooey-I like how they keep in tune with the character by making him naive and making actually due kung-fu stunts. What I don’t like is that hit in the crotch joke used too much in Warner Bros. kid movies.

    Martian: I like the tone the movie has and making the kid act like Bugs what I dont like is the fact that this could’ve be used as a Looney Tunes Reboot movie

  • Johnny

    Mike Myers?

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  • bubba

    Both of these look like amazingly fantastic ideas. With the added bonus of Eddie Murphy I just cant put into words the absolute sheer brilliance and hard work that went into this. I mean give that man a taco! No, make it TWO!

  • yurine

    Marvin the Martian was the better of the the two, but I found that kid really annoying.

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