THAT’S MY BOY Director Sean Anders to Helm HORRIBLE BOSSES 2

     September 3, 2013


After the departure of original director Seth Gordon earlier last month, New Line Cinema has found a replacement to take the helm of the comedy sequel Horrible Bosses 2.  Per THR, We’re the Millers co-writer Sean Anders will direct the follow-up, while Anders’ Millers co-writer John Morris has joined the project as an executive producer.  The duo recently did a rewrite on the Horrible Bosses 2 script, which was initially penned by Horrible Bosses scribes John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.  This will not be Anders’ first time behind the camera, as he previously helmed Sex Drive and last year’s That’s My Boy.  Anders and Morris are coming off the strong box office success of We’re the Millers, and New Line appears to have sparked to their rewrite work.

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jamie Foxx are all onboard to reprise their roles from the first film for Horrible Bosses 2, though no timetable is given for when production might finally get underway.

  • Chris

    Do not like this. That’s My Boy and Sex Drive were dreadful. Much rather have seen the original screenwriters direct or someone like Rawson Marshall Thurber. And the fact that they are doing a rewrite worries me even more. Too bad since I really love the first one. All we can do is hope.

    • Papi

      Sex Drive was actually half-decent IMO. Not going to even try to defend That’s My Boy.

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  • jack

    That’s My Boy wasn’t my cup of tea….mainly because I don’t like huge pieces of sh!t in my tea

  • Karo

    Not keen on a sequel… just like The Hangover, it feels like they’re trying to capture lightning in a bottle here. This movie was very funny, but the premise doesn’t really seem like it can survive another entry. “Oh no, our new bosses are even meaner!”

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  • DNAsplitter

    Smart. Very smart. Hire the guy who made such classic gems as That’s my Boy and Sex Drive to the follow up of a successful stand alone film. Can smell the Oscar bait from here.

  • Harry Palm

    Great news! As I was watching ‘Horrible Bosses’ I was thinking to myself “I really hope they expand this fantastic story into a trilogy because there’s so much depth and intrigue to it and the characters are so riveting that I have to know more about their lives”.

  • Tim

    Blah, there goes that. I hope they at least don’t do the same premise again. It’s the characters/actors’ chemistry that was enjoyable. They should just have a totally different plot with the same characters/tone/humor. I like to think audiences can handle it.

  • Dane

    Honestly, I think that they should get new victims and new bosses instead of having the originals reprise their roles. Maybe have Jamie Foxx come back as the murder consultant, and give them new ideas on how to take revenge on the bosses with new shenanigans. If they make it a fresh sequel, a trilogy would be more acceptable and audience worthy.