MGM Wants HOT TUB TIME MACHINE Sequel; John Cusack May Not Return

     January 15, 2013

hot tub time machine

Hot Tub Time Machine has a reputation has a flop based on a mediocre $14 million opening weekend.  But the movie had legs, reaching $50 million domestic.  And it is exactly the kind of R-rated comedy that finds a second life on DVD and cable reruns.  Add everything up, and there is apparently enough incentive for MGM to enter into “exploratory talks” with Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke to reprise their roles for a sequel, according to Heat VisionJohn Cusack, the lead in the original, is curiously not involved at this stage.

Steve Pink is also in talks to return as director.  Pink would work out the story with Corddry.  No details are available yet, but a hunch: The gang goes back in time to the wacky 1990s this time.  There is no guarantee that a deal will come together, but if one does, production will reportedly be fast-tracked.  As a fan of the cast and time travel, sounds good to me.  Hit the jump to revisit the nostalgia of 2009 and watch the trailer.

hot tub time machine poster

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  • Sean

    Does it really have a reputation as a flop? A $14 million dollar opening isn’t bad for a movie with a sub-$40 million budget and stars with big box office draw. No one who pays attention to box office results would call a film a flop based on it only making back 40% of it’s budget in it’s opening weekend and eventually making back $15 million over it’s modest budget.

  • LEM

    Cusack isn’t needed because Cordry stole the show.

    • kramer

      Agree about Lou being the star of the first movie but come on kid this needs Cusack in it too, he’s the main guy

  • Jay McKells

    I love HTTM and would love a sequel.. But I’ll br really disappointed if it doesn’t feature the whole gang Cusack included! Really hope this moves forward.

    • Chevy Chase

      Couldnt agree more the sequel MUST have all the original stars in it especially the 4 main guys. Cusack FTW. 90s setting could be soooo funny too.

    • kramer

      Yeah boyeeee… They gots to make this sequel and they need the full cast back.

      If MGM have an ounce of artistic integrity then this movie will be fast tracked.

  • Mark

    Eh I’m not sure how any of them can come back without ruining the ending of the last film, Cusack got the love of his life, Cordry became a billionaire rockstar entrepeneur, Robinson got a big recording studio or something and a loyal wife.

    Only thing they can do by going back is undo all that. I’d like an equally funny sequel though.

    • kramer

      No offence mark but you wouldnt know a good idea if it smacked you in the face. Hot tub time machine 2 must happen for the good of Hollywood comedy.

  • kramer

    Mr Bettinger why isn’t this story in your top news items?? This HAS to happen. Hot tub time machine is the best comedy in years y’all!!!!

  • Cordell

    The movie needs Cusack…..a lil star power and consistency is a good formula

  • Tanya

    I LOVE John Cusack and am disappointed that he won’t be in a hot tub sequel. I started following a guy on twitter a couple of months ago who looks like him but I haven’t gotten him to tweet me. His username is Lloyd_Dobler2

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