Take a Break from Binge Viewing With ANIMAL HOUSE OF CARDS

     February 28, 2015


No doubt some of you are almost done watching House of Cards Season 3 (I have yet to start the most recent batch of episodes so I’m avoiding spoilers like the plague) so I imagine you’ll take kindly to the spot-on impression of Frank Underwood (Frank Underwood Jr. in this case) that Animal House of Cards provides. While I love the Netflix show, I have to admit that (at least in the first two seasons) the constant breaking of the fourth wall can get to be a bit much. This video really nails it, in part because the change of environment is so blatantly silly but mostly because the dialogue and central performance are so on point.

If you’re waiting for real House of Cards coverage, Matt’s recaps will start hitting on Monday. Until then, check out Animal House of Cards. It was directed by Brandon Dermer and co-written by Dermer and sketch comedy troupe The Masked Men. Jon Rudnitsky plays Frank Underwood Jr.

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