Incredibly Weird Trailer for HOUSE OF CARDS Season 3

     February 20, 2015


I love House of Cards. It’s slick, smart, operatic and… trashy. In the best of ways. I really do mean that as a compliment because the whole thing is just so deliciously vicious and campy. The greatest trick this show ever pulled was making people believe it was highbrow, when in reality it’s masterfully constructed pulp. This isn’t the first trailer (or second trailer) we’ve gotten for House of Cards Season 3, but it’s definitely the weirdest. It doubles down on the classy misconceptions so many people have about the program and spins them into an elegant, abstract and almost Kubrickian tone piece. I often wonder if the divide between the perception and reality of House of Cards would come across more clearly if it aired week to week, I think a lot of scuffs get hidden in the blur of binge-viewing.

Check out the new trailer below. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright will star in House of Cards Season 3, which hits Netflix on February 27th.

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