Jeffrey Katzenberg Talks DreamWorks Animation Sequels: Four MADAGASCARS, Three HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGONS and Six KUNG FU PANDAS

     December 3, 2010


One of the year’s best animated films wasn’t a sequel.  It was DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon.  So naturally they’re making lots of sequels.  We already knew that Dragon 2 was greenlit with the original cast returning, but Jeffrey Katzenberg has now explained how far his studio’s sequel-mania extends.  Katzenberg tells Empire that the studio is planning for a total of four Madagascar movies, at least three How to Train Your Dragon films, and six installments in the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

Hit the jump for Katzenberg giving minor details on how these franchises are going to keep their stories going.

jeffrey_katzenberg_01Here’s what Katzenberg had to say about the  Madagascar franchise:

“So today I can tell you pretty succinctly where Madagascar goes. Ultimately they will come back to New York, and they will come to terms with that, which they will do in this next chapter. Because of the way that movie concludes there’s probably one more for them…”

Let me guess: they discover they’re no longer happy in the New York Zoo and decide to escape back to Madagascar where they can be free.  I’m going to bookmark this article and see if I was right when Madagascar 4: Keep the Mediocre Fires Burning hits theaters sometime near the end of the decade.

Katzenberg says that there will be at least three chapters to the How to Train Your Dragon saga, and possibly more since they’re based on a series of eight books.  However, the movie was different from the books thus far.  Replied Katzenberg:

“Yes. But there are elements of them that actually… as you know, there are many islands in the world of Berk, and different things there, so we’ll see. But right now, today, we know that there are three for sure that we want to tell and there may be more. We haven’t thought, you know, how do we continue beyond that.”

You continue with How To Train Your Audience to Keep Watching in Spite of Eroding Good Will.  Or maybe this will be the one DreamWorks franchise that I love provided they don’t run it into the ground.

Katzenberg also says they’ve mapped out all six chapters of Kung Fu Panda.  I don’t really see the appeal of the series thus far as the first film seemed to be mostly slapstick and fat jokes.  But maybe the sequel, Kung Fu Panda 2, will be an improvement.  The film is due out in 3D on May 27, 2011.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what they do w/ Madagascar or Kung Fu Panda (though I did enjoy the first, I don’t think I’ll be seeing further installments) but they should just leave How to Train Your Dragon as a stand alone, love that movie and would hate for it to be run into the ground.

  • IllusionOfLife

    Oh Katzenberg, and your sick love of money. Do you have to take every good idea and make it a bad one?

  • Jacksparrow88

    stop being a jealous jew,be happy for our kind if it was`nt for sequels and all the press they generate half these websites would not exist,correct me if `i`m wrong,but most of your posting`s are about sequels…

    • Bill Graham

      Does that mean we should just sit by and say, “Yess! More coverage for us!” No. It means we will complain about it whilst writing about it. Sometimes, even if you are one of many voices of reason, you still need to say it.

    • Jdksjdks

      don’t use raciest comments, please.

      • Sir Al Ian

        “raciest” ? That would mean “the most racey”, or the sexiest or most alluring.
        Did you forget to read your own poor writing? Why not go back to school and learn to write correctly before creating blogs with idiotic uses of the English language?

  • Feea Lin

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  • dragon warrior

    I Don’t Care What Happens, As Long As Kung Fu Panda Keeps Having Sequels. I Mean Come On Its Dreamworks Animation, They Have Made So Many Good Moives. Just Hope There Are People Who Fell The Same Way About Dreamworks. Jennifer Yuh Nelson You Are The Best When It Comes To This Movie.

  • Pete Braun

    I didn’t know How To Train Your Dragon was based on a book series. Good luck to anyone attempting to keep track of all those sequels.