Hugh Jackman Tells the Story Behind His X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Cameo

     September 28, 2011


Fox’s X-Men: First Class caught quite a few people off-guard when it opened this past May.  The stories of the rushed production schedule and reshoots had many thinking that the prequel would be a mediocre popcorn flick at best.  Instead, we got a smart, taut, and entertaining period film that turned out to be one of the best superhero movies of the year.  Among the film’s many strengths were the nods to the previous entries in the X-Men franchise, including quite possibly one of the greatest cameos of the past decade: Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.  The actor turns up for just a few seconds, and delivers just one line, but he gets the biggest laugh of the entire film.

Recently, Steve got the chance to sit down with the actor to talk about his upcoming pic Real Steel.  We’ll have the full interview up soon, but Jackman told a great story about how his cameo in the X-Men flick came to be. The scene was filmed at the last minute, and Jackman came up with the final version of his line himself. Hit the jump for the full story.

hugh-jackman-wolverine-imageJackman revealed that director Matthew Vaughn and the studio were unsure of whether or not to include his Wolverine cameo in the film up until the very last minute:

“I think it was a big debate for them.  They brought me out and I know all of those guys from all of the X-Men movies.  They said, ‘This is what we are thinking.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, well tell me the idea’ And I was like, “Okay.  Is anyone else in the movie?” and they said, ‘No.’ So I said, ‘I’m in.’ So that was that.  It was a year between now and when I actually did it.  I don’t know if you know the history of it – I was sort of outside of it – but [the production] went on longer [than they planned], they were here, they were going to—all the X-Men movies are the same, I’m used to it.  There’s something chaotic about it all.  We were going to shoot it in Savannah, and I was doing something else so I was like, ‘Well, if you need me, I’m available.  Just give me a call.’  So then Savannah came and went and I never heard anything.  I was like, ‘Well obviously they didn’t want that.’  But then I didn’t hear anything for 3 or 4 months. I finally said, ‘Do they want me to do this thing?  Was I meant to call them? Was I meant to turn up some day?  I don’t understand.’  They finished shooting and I was like, ‘Oh obviously they didn’t want it.’ Then they rang me up and said, ‘Look, we’re doing reshoots, we’re not sure if we want it or not.  Are you around?’  So I said, ‘Yeah, I can do it.’  They said, ‘Okay.’ And I never heard anything.  Even when I went down there I was generally not sure if that was going to be in the movie.  I don’t think they knew.  I think they just thought it could be a good moment and we should just try and work it out.  So we went down there and did about 8 takes.”

When it came down to delivering the line, Jackman had an idea of his own that he wanted to try out for the last take:

“The line was ‘Fuck off’ and then I said, ‘Matthew, give me one more.  I have a feeling.’  So the last one I said, ‘Go fuck yourself’ and Matthew said, ‘I think that’s gonna be the one.’”

From Jackman’s story I think it’s safe to assume that all those rumors of a hectic production schedule were true. But in the end, Vaughn turned out a fantastic movie with one hell of a cameo.


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  • Adamantium

    Agreed, extremely funny!!

  • Wolstenholme

    Um…it was a mediocre popcorn flick at best.

    • Wolstenholme

      I mean what’s with this franchise and magic bullets…do they write 3/4ths of the script and when it comes down to ending the movie the writers brilliantly throw in a pistol to solve it all.

      Plus Beast was a joke…Emma Frost was barely utilized and the rest of the mutants were lackluster AT BEST. I don’t know how anyone could’ve found enjoyment from this film…same level as Origins: Wolverine to me

      • The Dude

        Go fuck yourself.

  • Im on a Fass-bender

    One of the better cameo’s that I can remember.

    • Terry

      The cameo was awesome. You had to “KNOW” Wolverine and “GET IT” when he said his lines. It as amazing!!!
      I downloaded the film from itunes but I recorded the bar scene just to forever have that cameo.
      All in all the movies was fucking incredible. The back story for Magneto blew me away. I didn’t know he was Jewish and a savior from the camps. Then again I only know X-Men from the movies. Never read a comic about them. I hate comic books.

  • uderenec
  • Rukia

    Matt Damon in Eurotrip.

  • Phillip Gould

    Huge fan of his. Real steel is one of my most anticipated upcoming releases along with Trespass, starring Nic Cage. That one looks like a real gem!

  • Leonardfriese smith

    Jackman you are so Rocking man in this movie and i like your acting.

  • peapod

    was a shoddy film that made x 3 look good!. matthew vaughn really isnt that good of a director

  • Jordan

    Whats with all the First Class Hate? It is definately on par with the first x-film. Excellent.

  • ozzie

    x-men first class was better than all 4 of the original movies combined.

    here on collider every 30 y/o comic book collector still living in their mom’s basement thinks they are a movie critic.

    • Andrew Sanders

      As good as First Class was,it doesn’t top X2!

  • IllusionOfLife

    I thought First Class was vastly overrated. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but with comments ranging from “by far the best X-Men movie” to “On par with The Dark Knight” I thought it ended up only being a pretty good superhero movie, but not one that I’d be particularly compelled to re-watch.

    The Charles and Erik story line was great, I thought Fassbender and McAvoy were great in the roles and those characters were really well done. Everything else, though, I felt was mediocre at best. None of the other mutants were compelling characters (with the exception of *maybe* Mystique), the whole Cuban Missile Crisis thing felt contrived and didn’t pay off like Captain America’s WWII setting did, and I hated *Hated* Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.

  • aaronite_1

    I agree, Bacon really “hammed it up”!

    Also, the best part of the movie – the one all the critics fell in love with, Fassbender’s Magneto – has already journeyed to the other side.

    So what’s left to tell? That the fickle “evil” mutants and the X-Men-Force-Factor “Lite” fought some more?!

    Good movie, but leave it alone (no sequels), or you will ruin it!

    Now a GREAT X4, on the other hand… there’s nowhere to go but up, Vaughn’s “bloodthirsty” X3 script isn’t that hard to fix (Ratner didn’t write it, remember)!

    They need to replace some actors to make it more cost effective, but I’d much prefer that to more “x-lite” spin-offs. Let’s get back to the popular X-Men!

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  • Michael Horne

    X4 – killing off Storm in the first 5 minutes would give the movie punch and rid us of the worst performance in any of the existing 4 films.

    X4 could really work – the return of Magneto. The return of Charles, in a different body, but with legs!

    As for First Class, I have nothing but praise for it. It’s a comic book movie, after all, so cheesiness is not unexpected. I liked Bacon as Shaw – he had a different edge to the whole thing and his early scenes were chilling and creepy.

    January Jones was a bit of a disaster, so I expect that a lot of her scenes were cut or cut down.

    I loved Fassbender – really channelled McKellen. McAvoy was fantastic – brought home how much Charles matured after he lost his ability to walk. Even shows the later Prof X as more jaded, more prone to mood swings, which Patrick Stewart always had simmering under the surface.

    Good job all round, I felt, and a definite guilty-pleasure for re-watching.

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  • Anonymous

    dude you’re AMAZING

  • sHawty

    dude you\’re AMAZING