Hugh Laurie ARTHUR CHRISTMAS Interview

     November 27, 2011

Hugh Laurie-arthur-christmas-interview-slice

In Aardman Animation’s animated family film Arthur Christmas, Hugh Laurie voices Steve, Santa Claus’ (Jim Broadbent) eldest son and who pushes the North Pole into using newer technology to help Santa make his deliveries in one night.  However, when one child is accidentally overlooked on Christmas Eve, the entire Claus family has to come together to make things right.  As you might expect from Aardman Animation, it’s loaded with jokes for adults and kids will love it.  Here’s Matt’s review.

Recently, I sat down with Laurie and we talked about how he got involved in the project, what was it like to work for Aardman Animation, how the process compared to his previous experiences on Hop and Monsters vs. Aliens, and who is his favorite actor and director.  Hit the jump to watch.

Hugh Laurie

  • What’s his karaoke song
  • Who is an actor or director that he loves
  • Is there a James Stewart performance that he loves or a particular Alfred Hitchcock film
  • How did he get involved in the project and when he heard it was Aardman was it an immediate yes
  • He worked on Hop and Monsters vs. Aliens. How was making this film different or was it the same

  • maggie

    Excellent interview! Your questions were most likely very different from all the other interviews he’s doing to plug the movie, and I bet that was appreciated by Mr. Laurie. He actually seemed to be enjoying the interview. Well done!

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  • Merkof

    Bravo!!!! A set of interesting questions dealing with the actor’s perception of his work through his preferences and choices. Pity there was no time to expand and also talk a bit more about his music.

  • V_M

    What a lovely interview- really nice change from the normal ones asked! Thank you!

  • Tarek

    I will end up thinking that all the “hughes” are unsympathetic.
    I used to dislike Hugh Grant. Now Hugh Laurie doesn’t deserve less