Is Marvel Planning a Standalone Hulk Movie for 2015 After All?

     April 30, 2012


It’s officially Avengers week, and fans aplenty are counting down the hours until the midnight reveal of Joss Whedon’s superhero team-up pic on Thursday/Friday at midnight.  Not only is this the first time fans get to see all their favorite Marvel superheroes come together onscreen, but we’ll get our first look at Mark Ruffalo’s iteration of the Hulk.  Early word on the film has had many singling out Ruffalo’s performance, and the Hulk character in general, as one of the highlights of the film.

Most critics and fans have been singing high praises of Whedon’s take on the character, yet when Steve asked Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige if a new standalone Hulk movie was in the cards, Feige claimed there were no plans at the moment.  However, it appears the overwhelmingly positive reaction may have convinced Marvel to change their tune, because another studio exec recently said we might see a standalone Hulk flick as soon as 2015.  Hit the jump for more.

hulk-movie-marvelFirst off, let’s go back to Feige’s response to Steve’s inquiry about a new Hulk movie:

“…Every time I see a good take or a good storyline or read some good pages, I think, ‘Oh should we make a movie about this?’  But with the Hulk we’re gonna play it very carefully.  We had varying degrees of success on those first two movies, so we’re not gonna say, ‘Oh we did it! Another one!’  We’re gonna be smart about it and play it out.  There are no plans right now to do another Hulk.  Hulk might be just the special guest in Avengers movies, who knows?”

hulk-movie-mark-ruffaloI was a bit surprised by Feige’s response at the time, mostly because I didn’t expect them to sign an actor of Ruffalo’s caliber and simply use him as a supporting player.  Feige even went so far as to tell Huffington Post that they put “everything they had and everything they were going for into Hulk’s appearance in Avengers,” so he’s in the mindset of “mission accomplished at this point.”

Cut to an enormously enthusiastic reaction to Whedon’s Hulk, and now other execs at Marvel are seeing dollar signs.  Speaking with Forbes (via The Playlist), Marvel Entertainment’s President of Consumer Products for North America, Paul Glitter, noted that they were “pleasantly surprised by the phenomenal response,” to Avengers Hulk, and hinted at what’s to come for the character:

“If the Hulk’s successful turnaround continues, Glitter says Marvel will ‘spin him off to a stand-alone [TV] program next year,’ supported by a big budget franchise movie in 2015.”

mark-ruffalo-hulk-movieThe Hulk TV series is already a project we’ve known about for quite some time.  Guillermo del Toro and Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick have been working together to develop the original story of Bruce Banner in his mid-20s, and Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television, recently confirmed that the live-action show is in active development at ABC.

Marvel has yet to reveal release dates beyond 2014 (Captain America 2 and an Untitled Marvel Film are slated for early 2014), so this is the first we’ve heard of their plans for the deeper future.  It’s important to note that Feige is in control of the creative side of the studio, so Glitter could very well have misspoken or jumped the gun.  Still, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Ruffalo’s Hulk and I’d be more than happy to see him carry a film of his own.


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  • Jeff

    The Hulk character is awesome, but I’m glad some people are cautious about trying to spin this positive take into instant dollars. The two previous movies prove that it’s hard to make an audience-pleaser of a movie about The Hulk. But if Joss Whedon were writing and directing a Hulk movie…

  • daveyboy

    In other words,they will cash in on the Hulk proportionally to how popular the Avengers movie makes him…I loved the Ed Norton version,as did a LOT of people.But i think if they are going to do a new Hulk movie,I think an origin story would be cool.Ang Lee did his own original origin story and it didnt work and the Norton movie wisely didnt touch on it too much. I think a movie about him and Rick Jones could be really cool.They would just need to make it like a monster movie.Images of Rick sitting against the cell they make for the Hulk and the boom,boom,boom! of him trying to escape,and hes just like what the hell do i do? Pretty harrowing image,I think they gotta go back to the roots of what made him a popular character in the first place.

    • Byron

      Origin story has already been done. “The Incredible Hulk” staring Ed Norton serves as The Hulk’s origin story.

      The Hulk in “The Avengers”, though played Marc Ruffalo, continues THAT story, so-to-speak because it’s is the SAME Hulk that was introduced in “The Incredible Hulk”.

      The next Hulk film would be a continuation of what we saw in “The Avengers”. You just know that Marvel would HAVE to include at least ONE reference to “The Avengers” in the NEXT Hulk film which would technically be..Hulk 2.

      • Ivanno

        Eric Bana serves as The Hulk origin story…showing his childhood, etc.

  • M-2

    Coolest News Ever!!! Mark Ruffalo as Hulk again will be cool, they can continue the story straight after the Avengers storyline… Rick Jones probably should finally get added to the story as well

    Now that Hulk did some good, he wants to go visit his cousin Jennifer Walters aka SHE-HULK!! Its the easiest story ever, She gets shot by thugs, goes to hospitals needs some blood, no donors available Bruce then reluctantly gives her blood and it turns her into SHE-HULK!!

    She then could be put in Avengers 2, as a member of the Team or she ends in up S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Gina Carano or Erica Durance for She-Hulk!!! Totally Cool!!!

    • Byron

      I must say that I REALLY like the idea you’ve placed on the table for FINALLY getting Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk into the big-screen story. I mean, when is Marvel going to get with the program.

      Banner’s cousin IS a popular character. She’s going to HAVE to be introduced at some point, right? Of course, the ONLY way to introduce her correctly would be within a Hulk film.

      From there, she could be feasibly attached to her own stand-alone film and be seen again in an Avengers sequel. Perhaps “The Avengers 2″ or maybe even “The Avengers 3″. :)

      I guess it remains to be seen.

      • David

        It’s easier than you think and she can be introduced in Phase 2 as a reoccuring character, like Coulson was.

        Quite simply, there are going to be a lot of lawsuits involved after the damage that was done to New York as a result of the Avengers film. In the comics, Jennifer Walters is an attorney in the firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holloway. Since Marvel now has the rights to Daredevil, she could easily work for Murdock and Nelson and be the lawyer appointed by the government to represent SHIELD.

        All you then need is an assassin hired by AIM, the Ten Rings, Hydra, or any other organization against SHIELD to shoot her and make her require a blood transplant so rare that only Banner’s blood will work. Without Banner’s knowledge, Stark and Fury authorize the procedure and keep her under close watch. The assassin returns…and finds a very nasty surprise waiting for him when he comes to finish the job.

    • Gilberto Edwards

      I want to say that Mark Ruffalo might been excellent for the Bruce Banner/Hulk in the Avengers 2012 but not for a standalone Hulk movie.

      • josh

        Ok? Why? I dont understand how you can like and praise a stand out performance only to say he wouldnt be good by himself. Makes no sense. Please explain.

    • bkr

      That may b one of the smartest things I’ve ever read…they could have bruce get the call from jen after he was done talkin with tony stark aka my favortie of them all, at the end of iron man 3… marvel is the greatest thing to ever happen to to the movie industry long live stan lee

  • ReelGuy

    I don’t think another origin story is what the people really want. People seem to like the Marvel continuity, and if the TV show is going to fill-in the back story before Incredible Hulk, then the only natural course for another movie is as a sequel to Incredible Hulk and The Avengers. Have The Leader as the villian and perhaps add Hawkeye as a supporting character (those two have a good camraderie in the animated show).

  • Matthew

    The problem with any movie carried by The Hulk is that there’s a nearly impossible dichotomy that has to somehow be balanced. People come to the movie because they want to see Hulk. Yet the truth of the matter is that he’s not particularly interesting. He’s big, he’s green and he’s angry. How much can you do with that, really? The interesting character is actually Bruce Banner, but that’s not what people have come to see. The true aficionados will appreciate it, but the rest of the theater-going public will feel let down. Yet when the studio gives the general audience what they want — a movie focused on Big Green, they walk away feeling let down.

    This I think is where The Avengers makes Hulk feel so great. The movie is inherently an ensemble piece. So the Banner and Hulk personas both feel like well done parts of the ensemble. Neither is being expected to carry the movie. They can get away with being moments that really shine.

    • hockablah

      if what you say is true, that people only want to see the Hulk yet his character is too boring, then you haven’t read the Planet Hulk comics. those feature him as the Hulk throughout (except once very very small moment) and it is NOT boring.

    • harold

      “People come to the movie because they want to see Hulk. Yet the truth of the matter is that he’s not particularly interesting. He’s big, he’s green and he’s angry. How much can you do with that, really?”

      Thats really not the Hulk anymore than you could sum up Banners character as “He’s small, pale and puny”. To be honest the Hulk hasn’t really shown up on film yet as a fully developed character. In some ways Ang Lee’s take came the closest but it was still a mute “newly born” Hulk and the rest of the film was a glum to the point of absurdity psychodrama.

  • Nomis1700

    I haven’t even seen the film and I definitely want to see another Hulk film with Ruffalo.
    I think it’s more likely that this’ll also be in 2014 and The Avengers 2 in 2015.. But that’s a guess.

  • movie world

    Well i think , if iron , captain america , thor were made , marvel would definetely want another HULK movie , because there are hulk fans out there who are more interested in this charatcer than , thor , black widow , iron man , cap .

    And i havent seen hulk movie , and avengers but for sure know , hulk movie should hit in some years to come

  • Banes

    They are preventing their hands to be invested on hulk. Previous movies couldn’t generated enough money for the studios as Thor and Cap movie. Hulk movie should be cool and hulk should be projected like as it is in Avengers.

  • Thomas

    They leave out something potentially cool:
    She-Hulk. I love those John Byrne series and the light comedic touch
    This should rock the fanboys’ world : HULK vs WOLVERINE !!

  • Thomas

    They leave out something potentially cool:
    She-Hulk. I love those John Byrne series and the light comedic touch
    This should rock the fanboys’ world : HULK vs WOLVERINE !!

  • Thomas

    Cast Lucy Lawless as SHE HULK

    • josh

      While i love lucy lawless shes to old. The woman who was going to be wonderwoman in the tv series would be better pic.

  • Thomas

    HUgh Jackman. Mark Ruffalo. Let the Rumble Begin 2016.

    • Joseph


      • josh

        While the battle of new york was going on i thought it would have been cool for the hulk to knock a bunch of enemies through a wall. Ending up at a bar spilling wolv’s beer. Let the bezerker rage begin.

  • Paulo


    Saw the movie twice already here in Brazil
    And Not only Ruffallo KILLED as Bruce Banner the hulk is by far the coolest hero in the movie. He doesn’t have Starks clever dialogue, but what he does on screen had me standing up once.

  • thetruth

    you guys make some interesting and valid points. Another hulk movie needs supporting characters to fill out a story and to even out the big green guy. Characters like doc sampson, betty, gen ross, rick jones..I don’t want to see the leader—his head is too big to be believable—think of that villian in the movie the green lantern (the big-headed scientist)—that was a disaster. Also please give hulk his true power …like picking up islands, smashing mountains with ease. So therefore he needs to face a very powerful enemy like thanos or a rogue team like the evil mutants—now wer’e talking

  • Chris

    Oh yeah, Hulk was easily the most enjoyable character and thats saying something because everyone has the best dialogue/action of their big screen lives so far; and the Mark VII suit is The Sh*t, and Thor is thor-some and even Cap isn’t as anal retentive as he has a tendency to get. But as good as they were, Hulk rulz.
    “I’m angry all the time”. Classic.

  • dana

    An origin story is not going to happen. They already did Avengers. They literally burned the boat. Going back ain’t going to happen cause that would be like ignoring the success of the Avengers. You either build from this success or you leave it alone.

    going back would be like UNDERWORLD 3. Not a bad movie but it irritated fans. It’s a mistake. A giant mistake.

    Going back is not an option. Either it is part 3 or they will try a television show but it won’t be a prequel… No way. Not happening.

    I’ll bet you 3 million dollars and a life time of cigarettes.

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  • summer

    I have no idea if or when they’re going to make another hulk movie. But I agree that it should follow after the avengers and not the origin. And I think Mark Ruffalo will be perfect. Ive seen him in some of his movies. He was in a romantic flick, was in the zodiac which is a drama, and in shutter island which was a drama with a bit of action but not much. My point being is that he is versatile, very talented. Needless to say, there is going to be another and then another hulk. It doesn’t end, the only switch up is the writers and actors/actresses not to mention all the crew and that’s very vast.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    I believe Mark Ruffalo is Rumored to the Hulk movie that means he’s under a contract as a six movie picture deal.That means that the Ruffalo won’t be starring in a Hulk Sequel or Hulk TV series coming next year.So to me it sounds like they will be recasting for a Bruce Banner in a Hulk TV Series and another Hulk Movie. They might be a possiblitiy that they will bring Edward Norton back to the role as Bruce Banner in a Hulk Sequel in 2015.

  • brian

    i hope they make a hulk movie im really looking foward to it

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  • Jazzygb1

    The problem with the Hulk in the movies, is his lack of talking – In the comics the Hulk talks all the time, often uttering some cracking one liners.
    “Stupid dress man’ when addressing Hercules is one of my favourites :)
    This seems to be a limitation placed upon him by the 80’s TV show, where he didn’t talk at all, just growled. Every incarnation since that TV show has basically followed that premise and that’s what they need to change if the Hulk is to be engaging as a stand alone character in a feature film.
    Until they have Hulk speak it’ll be difficult to relate to him. I guarantee if the Hulk in the comics just went ‘rrraaaagghhh’ for the duration of the comic, then the Hulk character would never have been a success in the first place!
    I love the Hulk (favourite comic), so please give him back the one one power you have so far almost exclusively denied him…THE POWER OF SPEECH!

    • Patrick Mahon

      I think you are right! Hulk is well known not just for his enormous strength but for his humour!
      Avengers did what the other Hulk movies didn’t – they gave Hulk a sense of humour! From smacking Thor and smirking after taking down the flying alien to smashing Loki mid sentence and walking away saying “Puny God!” THAT MADE ME LAUGH!!!

      If you want Hulk in a standalone movie, you have to give the green dude his catchphrases!
      I’m sure we all had a little giggle at this part of the movie:
      Captain America: “and Hulk?”
      Hulk turns to Captain America
      Captain America: “SMASH!”
      Hulk smiles!

      • josh

        As long as they dont do professor hulk ill be fine. To me its better to make him infant ish in his speech. Or more like an animal trying to speak. And improve his jumping abilities the hulk can jump over 1 mile. Seems ever since ang lee they’ve been afraid to do it.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    I m happy that Mark Ruffalo signs six movies for that leaves room for Edward Norton to return back to the role of Bruce Banner in a Hulk solo in 2015.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    I don’t want Mark Ruffalo to have any ground of having his own vehicle through through a Hulk solo or Hulk standalone film.

  • Giovanni

    Can’t wait intel the movie comes out excited :)

  • erik robert bialowas

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  • OldDude

    She Hulk….She’s not an actress,but then again she wouldn’t have to act all that much;LOL!!

    Check out this pic and tell me that she’s not perfect for that part.

  • Nicholas Sparks

    Wolverine VS Hulk. Make it similar to the animated version, which was damn near perfect. A live action version, true to both characters (ie, no watered down Wolverine) would be a blockbusting crowd pleaser.