HULK May Be on ABC Next Year; THE PUNISHER TV Series Not Moving Forward at Fox

     May 15, 2012


It’s upfronts week, and we’ve already gotten a look at the upcoming fall schedules for NBC, Fox, and ABC.  However, we’ve now got word on a couple of comic book series that weren’t on any of said schedules.  A Hulk television series has been in development at ABC for a while with Guillermo del Toro onboard as executive producer.  ABC president Paul Lee had this to say regarding Hulk:

“Hulk is in development.  It wasn’t going to be ready this season, but we hope it’s going to be ready for next season.”

With word that Marvel might be planning a new Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo following the stellar reaction to the character/Ruffalo’s performance in The Avengers, many wondered what this meant for the TV series.  It sounds like ABC is very much still game for the show, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a Hulk movie is held until the studio sees how the TV series fares.  Hit the jump for more, including word on The Punisher TV series.

If you weren’t aware, ABC and Marvel are both owned by Disney, so the Hulk TV show and a potential Hulk movie are both under the watchful eye of the same company.  I could definitely see the show premiering sometime next summer, or possibly as a cornerstone of the network’s Fall 2013 lineup.  Additionally, per THR, the pilot for a television series based on The Punisher is not moving forward.  ABC Studios and Fox gave a put pilot commitment to the show, with Criminal Minds writer/producer Ed Bernero onboard, but they declined to pick the pilot up to series.  So for now, it appears that The Punisher is dead.


  • RAR

    Glad to hear about the Punisher series being declined. It sounded like a ‘Punisher-in-name-only’ kind of deal. Making him a cop by day takes away an important part of what makes him the Punisher: he has no secret identity and no life apart from hunting criminals.

    Looking forward to the Hulk series. Del Toro knows his stuff.

  • LightsOut

    I’d hope Disney would farm The Punisher out to HBO, Showtime, or Starz. Where they could attempt to do it justice. There hasn’t been anything even remotely close to the badassery of the comics in my opinion.

  • LightsOut

    I wish Disney would just farm The Punisher out to HBO, Showtime, or Starz. NO ONE has done this comic justice yet imo.

    • mike.a

      Agreed the movies sucked. Somebody has to get it right.

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  • steve

    I want a Hulk TV series but at the same time I don’t. I have a feeling the show will be all talk with maybe 2 minutes of actual hulk on screen per episode. They are gonna keep hulk out of it as much as they can so that it’s cheap.

    • A Realist

      Absolutely agree.

  • Bill

    Here’s how it will go down. The first two episodes will feature 40% on-screen Hulk. Then costs will come into play and about half-way through the first season Hulk will be featured for about 5 minutes per episode. The remainder of each episode will be Banner solving crimes using forensic sciences and empathy. It’s canceled prior to the end of the first season. There will be some rumors of NetFlix picking it… but nothing will happen.

    • A Realist

      Yep. This has FAIL written all over it. The ONLY way to do the Hulk justice (and keep lucrative viewership) is with a big-budget film. Anyone watching the show after seeing the movies will be sorely disappointed. They are going to go cut rate with the budget/special effects and the Hulk will be limited to pushing cars over on their sides.

    • Rockslide

      Agreed. I would prefer that they skip a tv attempt and just make a new movie picking up where the Avengers left off. A humor filled action Hulk movie of him smashing the Leader and his minions. I think the previous two Hulk movies were too brooding and serious for mainstream audiences. The humor in the Avengers made Hulk perfect.

  • ccraw13

    In my opinion, we received the best Hulk we are likely to get in Ed Norton’s The Incredible Hulk. It is still my favorite of the Marvel movies and suffered primarily because of Ang Lee’s Hulk (yaaawwwnnn… That’s what happen when I think about that movie.)

    • ccraw13

      ^^^ suffered at the box office…

  • Mad Dog Tannen

    I have it on good authority that negotiations with the Hulk aren’t going well:

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  • Busy

    Speaking of tv and pilots… This was f-ing hilarious.

  • Colin

    A tv show for the Hulk?!?! Your kidding right? NO WAY! That would be the worst thing for the Hulk. Yeah yeah I know ABC is owned by Disney and Disney owns Marvel. I just don’t think that would do well. I agree with Steve… Hulk tv show will be all talking and 2 min. of the actual Hulk. Since The Avengers did awesome at the box office and Joss Wheadon got the Hulk SPOT ON!!! And I mean SPOT ON! With all of the positive feedback on the Hulk in the Avengers, how could you not do a film for the Hulk! Ruffalo is by far the best Hulk/Bruce Banner. Anything with The Incredible Hulk without Ruffalo will be complete shit!

  • Michael McDonnell

    At least ABC still wants to do it. Paul Lee did say if they can’t do it sell it to another network like Fox, NBC, CBS.

    But there are some factors on will they be able to do at the same time of the Avengers 2 and the proposed Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo or be able to do it on a TV budget.

    And we won’t get The Punisher show which just in name only and was going to be a typical cop show, Frank Castle was a cop by day, a vigilante by night and why they want to do a Punisher TV series when they want to change the basics? why don’t they come up with their own stories, why bother making it when you wanna change everything?.

  • UziGunner

    Just do a Hulk movie and make everyone happy, make a TV Show of a superhero that can be done (Green Arrow for example) You can do Daredevil Superhero/Law&Order not exact but he is a lawyer. If the character isn’t as complicated with powers you can do a tv show.

  • THundersauresrex

    Early development says that Mark Ruffilo and the avengers UNiverse would not be connected. much like they said that the Cartoons would never hint at anything they would plan to do in the real movies. and that being said they also said that some of the lower rank characters would never work in their movies (We now know this to be true cause they wanna go COSMIC) so they have been developing shows for Punisher and Cloak adn Daggger as well. both of those seemed to have been scrapped atleast for now. the person who said Punisher never had a duel identity…. he kinda did. yes was he MORE the PUNCIHER than Frank and did people catch on to who he was. true. but yeah a show of him STAYING a cop would ruin the whole point of the characters existence so awesome on that. would have been better with a Daredevil Storyline (Which someone did mention) But that wont happen since Marvel/disney doesnt own Ole Hornhead. ontop of that i dont wanna see a HUlk TV series and not beucase there wont be enough Hulk. only cause i despise teh take on teh character they did back in teh day. having him run from people and not supervillains is stupid and useless. and theres no way that a “SmallVille” version of villains would ever work without being laughable. but on teh flipside to the guys that are lik e”i only buy comics to see hulk and its always 80% hulk.” not true. in fact i hate the new avengers cartoon for the facct that you never see Bruce Banner. its like how Bruce Wayne was never around in teh old Batman shows. its dumb. Bruce is just as much about teh comics as Hulk Is. with exception of Planet HUlk wich was a DECENT series…PS anyone remember that awesome Hulk Video Game that came out where you could make things in punhc gloves like cars and shit? that was AWESOME.

    • Snakebitey

      I think Bruce Banner is not in it much cause he’s the borringest part.

      • THundersauresrex

        apparently youve never picked up a HUlk Comic. Hulk is the best of both worlds. in teh comics he solved things using his brain and when things got tight let the OTHER GUY out. its brilliant writing in the comics. he’s not boring at all. Bruce is actually the reason you feel for the Hulk other wise HUlk is just a scared animal with a young mind. ……….. i think your mom is calling you snake Bitey. dont wanna keep her waiting. run along.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    who ever wrote this article about the Marvel might do a New Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo need,to stop writing that Adam chitwood, its not a New Hulk Movie Reboot,its a Incredible Hulk 2 Sequel,with Edward Norton,a Major Motion pictures,its to not Ruffalo. And doesn’t mean that mark ruffalo will be doing another New standalone Hulk Film because Mark Ruffalo is in the Avengers only with a six movie picture deal.Its Edward Norton under the contract to reprise the role in a Hulk Sequel to the 2008 Film not ruffalo.

    • Michael McDonnell

      That was 2 years, things changed. Mark Ruffalo is in talks about a solo Hulk movie with him in, it’s all over the net, Norton aren’t returning.

    • THundersauresrex

      Yeah… what the hell…Nortons hulk is in teh same unirverse as Ruffalo’s HUlk. Same guy. like Terrence Howards Rhodey Rodes and Don Cheadle replacing him. Norton’s contract is up, no more. do research before yous tart calling people out….dumbshit. and MCDonnell. yeah Del Toro is adament on Hulk he’s been shopping it with his showrunners but it sound slike he will be a stand offish producer adn not actual showrunner. but he’s talked alot about Hulk and is very passionate about the project so he’s makin time

      • Michael McDonnell

        Sure and all the other characters in The Avengers and their solo movies were not played by two separate actors simultaneously, so thats means that Mark Ruffalo might do a Hulk movie of his own.

  • Michael McDonnell

    Del Toro has been busy with Pacific Rim and now has Pinocchio and Beauty & the Beast possibly lined up right after it, so would he have time to do a Hulk TV series?.

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  • Michael McDonnell

    Think with Del Toro involved he’ll make it more of a monster oriented series?

  • Michael McDonnell

    Heres a link to the new series on Internet movie data base saying it will not tie into the Marvel movie continuity

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  • Michael McDonnell

    Edward Norton no longer interested in superhero roles and comicbook films.

  • Michael McDonnell

    How would you all feel about the new series being a loose sequel to the original series? would Marvel have a problem with it?

    If they did a loose sequel now they’ll probably reveal that Banner didn’t die from the fall instead went into deep hibernation, the down side it would lack any supporting characters or villains from the comics and use only the continuity of the Bixby/ Ferrigno show.

    A quasi sequel to the Bixby/ Ferrigno series you wouldn’t have to worry about being faithful to the Marvel universe, only have David Banner and Jack McGee.

  • Michael McDonnell

    Before they said about recycling the Avengers Hulk(Problem about reusing the Hulk from The Avengers is that he looks like Mark Ruffalo) Del Toro said the Hulk would be a mix of prosthetics and CGI wither they’re still going by that we don’t know?

    If the Hulk is going to be a mix of prosthetics and CGI it would mean that Hulk would be a guy in a green muscle suit and the transformations will be CG.

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  • Yaltor

    I’m glad they’re not making a Punisher TV show. I like the character, but in my opinion a Punisher TV show wouldn’t work.

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