THE HUNGER GAMES Posters as Directed by Michael Bay, Woody Allen, Christopher Nolan, Federico Fellini and More

     March 24, 2012


It’s obvious that Gary Ross (Seabiscuit) was the right man for the director’s chair as The Hunger Games is off to a roaring start at the box office. But what would the film have looked like if it were helmed by a different director? Michael Bay, Brett Ratner and Roger Corman would certainly have emphasized the sex appeal and violence. Garry Marshall and Nancy Meyers would probably focus on the romantic side.  How would Terrence Malick, Federico Fellini and Werner Herzog have approached the source material? What about Christopher Nolan or Woody Allen? Thanks to these alternate reality movie posters for The Hunger Games, we can get a glimpse of what might have been. Hit the jump to check them out.

Check out the posters below and go to EW for more:













  • saadGKhan

    Really Nice :)

  • Griz

    Michael Bay’s is the best . . . . . tells you absolutely NOTHING about the movie or what its based on . . . .but still manages to reach the target audience.

    • Audrey

      Haha yes exactly (:
      These are spot on and humorous

  • Kurt

    I’d buy the Woody Allen one right now. Very cool looking.

  • SP1234

    The Drive one is absolutely perfect!

  • Spider-Fan

    this is stupid

    • Joey


    • Wockerdaw

      Exactly why it’s so damn great.

  • wacko3205

    I rarely piss & moan & drone on about such things…but what the EF is up with this…article…or whatever it is?

    And YES…before you ask…I do have imagination & creativity…but this is just…ummmmmm…whatever.

    The movie is pretty surprisingly swell though.

    • xtheory

      “pretty surprisingly swell?”


  • aaronsullivan

    I liked the pair contrasting Terrance Malick and Werner Herzog.

    Your appreciation sort of depends on your knowledge about the other films and filmmakers, but even then I think some of these miss the mark a bit. Still fun.

  • wacko3205

    @xtheory: Alrite alrite alrite…it was better than “pretty surprisingly swell”…it was honestly “damned shocking” how much I enjoyed this one. I actually wanted to sit through it again.

    What can I say?

    I’m a sell out.

  • Sigourney’s weaver

    simply awful…hey know cause cause he did that one movie with that one poster he did this movie…erg..fanboy journalism…is there a quota for uninspired nonsense or what?

    • a

      Try getting a sense of humor.

  • Chrissy

    Geez guys calm down it’s just for fun…gosh. I liked this article :)

  • Yahzee

    Plain stupid. Is this news or something? You know what? Empire KNOWS how to separate “fun” stuff like this from real news, perhaps you should do the same…

    • a

      Go to Empire then…


  • Yeppers123

    The Woody Allen poster should list the actors in alphabetical order, regardless of screen time or star power.

  • Raf

    Very nice :) (though the Italian doesn’t make sense, should be “Giochi di fame” or “I giochi della fame”).

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  • Dictionary

    Missed opportunity — the final poster, of course, should have been Gary Ross’s “Hunger Games”, in the style of Seabiscuit.