Warner Bros. Still Trying to Make another I AM LEGEND Movie

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Despite missing the point of Richard Matheson‘s original novel and using crummy CG, I Am Legend made $585 million worldwide because that’s just what Will Smith does.  For those who missed the flick, Smith played scientist Robert Neville, the last man in a post-apocalyptic world that was taken over by mutant vampires.  Back in September 2008, we reported that Warner Bros. had hired D.B. Weiss (now the co-creator of Game of Thrones) to pen the screenplay for a prequel based on input by Smith, I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence, producer James Lassiter, and co-writer Akiva Goldsman.  Then the movie lapsed into development hell, and I hoped it would stay there.

But Warner Bros. has remembered the dormant project, and now they along with Overbrook Entertainment and Goldsman have closed a deal to make another installment in the franchise.  Hit the jump for more.

Screenwriter Arash Amel (The Expatriate) will pen the script, and according to Deadline, the movie is not a prequel.  Smith won’t sign on until the script is finished, and there’s no word if Lawrence will return.  I’m not sure how you bring Smith’s character back, and a sequel would seem easier if the actor chooses not to return since you could bring in a new protagonist. Of course, if I Am Legend had gone with the original (and better) ending where Neville survives, they wouldn’t have to jump through hoops to revive the character.

For those who haven’t seen the original ending, you can check it out below:


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  • Tarek

    I am Legend was so disappointing… dommage, because it could have been a thrilling experience if done well. Instead, we’ve have a CGI fest, with no psychological depth in the story.

    what happened to Hellywood ?

  • Farzan

    Wow I guess Warner Bros. Is desperate to find another cash in since their Harry Potter and Batman films have come to an end. Their Hobbit films are the only ones they have left and even that’s almost coming to an end. I Am Legend doesn’t need a sequel/Prequel and the film itself wasn’t really good to begin with.

  • jack

    for once you and i agree mr goldberg. I Am Legend completely missed the point….almost as much as michael bay did when he made pearl harbor

  • Kimian

    I loved I am Legend and glad a sequel is in Progress !!!!

  • Belly Bowl

    Will this installment follow the original story where Will Smith’s character is nothing more than a serial killer and the vampires he is hunting are nothing more than another step in human evolution? That would be cool and anything less would suck.

    • Dogg

      Exactly! There are so few people who know how really badly they messed up the whole point of the story. The title is drained of all meaning the way they did it.

  • jarvis3205

    For some wacky ass reason…I actually liked I AM LEGEND…but that’d have to be due to the premise & the star. What can I say? One man & his dog against thousands of boogers kinda appealed to me.

    That said…the sequel should pick up right where the other ended…but having Neville digging out from the bomb shocked lab is the only way to win. I dug the alternate ending of him surviving & blah, blah, blah. Another thing…make more convincing villians.

    It could…maybe work.

  • ScaredForMovies

    Sweet! Will Smith can come back as a zombie and fight Vampires with his new found abilities. Why not get Jaden and Willow to co-star while your at it?

  • Jovan

    The ending is way better than the one in the book. What the hell is the point of him giving the girl back and making peace? He’s a legend because he died. I’m glad they changed that. And the movie was good, everyone is hating because Will Smith makes movies for money and not for quality.

    Don’t do another film. But don’t say the first one was bad either.

  • Benj

    In the book, Robert Neville dies (suicide) when looking upon thousands of vampires, and realizes that he is legend to them. That is the original ending, and that is how it should have played out. The character needs to die in the story.

    • Don

      Did he die at the end? I remember him looking out the window of his cell and seeing all the vampires staring at him, but I don’t remember if he committed suicide afterwards (I think he had the option)

      Regardless, they should’ve stuck to the book A LOT more. I was hoping to see Neville sitting in his living room with a glass of scotch waiting until he hears “Robert, come out to play!” That made my hair raise when I read it.

      I don’t understand why Hollywood thinks they need to change book adaptations for movies. When somethings not broken, why fix it?

  • twowolves

    Unless you read the original novel, you have no idea what the title, I Am Legend means. If you want to see a closer adaptation to the book, watch the low budget adaptation with Vincent Price, The Last Man On Earth.

  • tywhite3

    Ummm, Will Smith still dies in the ending video you posted… Should probably check that out O_O

    • Hunter

      yeah i was confused and no one else said anything

      • tarek

        Don’t get confused. Everything is possible with Hellywood. They resuscitated Ripley in Alien Resurrection. What a stupid Idea…

      • ron

        I am glad I was not the only one confused. This looks like the same ending I saw in the cinema minus the subtitles.

  • Realistic

    “the original (and better) ending where Neville survives…for those who haven’t seen the original ending check it out below”

    What are you on? This is the ending where Neville dies – why am I watching something I already know. Unnecessary time wasting here Colider. Get your words right.

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  • bcomcell

    i have see the another ending
    its good, but i didnt read the book yet
    so i dont know what the best ending for this movie, but this movie have old.
    so make the sequel buddy.

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  • bearmon2010

    Stop complaining. I really liked I AM LEGEND and I can’t wait for Sequel.. Hopefully. :)

  • 214scifi

    The sequel actually opens with a clone of Robert Neville (Will Smith) waking up.

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