Exclusive I ORIGINS Images: Michael Pitt Leads the Sci-Fi Sundance Award-Winner

     July 7, 2014


About six months after scoring the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and earning a very positive review from our own Adam Chitwood, I Origins is making its way into theaters courtesy of Fox Searchlight.  The film features Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) as Ian Gray, a PhD student determined to map the development of the human eye in an effort to prove that the complexity of the eye is a result of evolution and not intelligent design.  After spotting a particularly stunning set of eyes, Ian and his lab partner, Karen (Brit Marling), make a mind-blowing discovery that challenges all of Ian’s beliefs.

With the film making its way towards a July 18th New York and LA release with additional cities to follow, we got the opportunity to debut a set of nine photos including stills from the film and behind-the-scenes shots, too. Hit the jump to check out the batch of I Origins images featuring Pitt and Marling as well as Astrid Bergès-FrisbeySteven Yeun, Archie Panjabi and writer-director Mike Cahill (Another Earth).

Here’s the official synopsis of the film:

I ORIGINS follows a molecular biologist studying the evolution of the human eye.  He finds his work permeating his life after a brief encounter with an exotic young woman who slips away from him.  As his research continues years later with his lab partner, they make a stunning scientific discovery that has far reaching implications and complicates both his scientific and spiritual beliefs.  Traveling half way around the world, he risks everything he has ever known to validate his theory.










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