ICE AGE 4 (ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT) Will Be Released July 13, 2012

     May 5, 2010

20th Century Fox has officially announced Ice Age 4 is moving forward and it’ll get released on July 13, 2012.  Tentatively titled Ice Age: Continental Drift, the 3D animated movie was a given after the third film, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, made almost $900 million at the worldwide box office.

In fact, while some sequels make less than the previous film, each Ice Age installment has made more money than the one before.  The original Ice Age made $383 million (worldwide), Ice Age: The Meltdown made $655 (worldwide), and I’ve already said the last one almost $900 million.  That’s a staggering amount of money for a third film.

The other interesting note is the Ice Age movies have been getting released every three years since 2002.  Using simple math, it’s safe to assume Ice Age 5 will hit theaters in 2015.

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  • IllusionOfLife

    Blue Sky, can you just give it a rest already? The first one was pretty entertaining, but these movies have just gotten worse and worse. Horton Hears a Who was really good, I'd love to see Blue Sky drop Ice Age and start focussing on other better stuff.

    • Adiella

      hey i just want to say i love all these movies and for all you fucked up people that cant see that then you have no good taste in real family fun movies. I dont get tried of thes movies I LOVE THEM. My favorite character is diego i love him the most and that he has a girlfriend i love him even more. I really want sky blue productions to make a 5 movie of ice age and if they do witch i hope and you are like just why did they mak another movie well go die in hole becuase ICE AGE THE MOVIE are the best thing the happend TO MY CHILD LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DENIS LERAY (diego) I love ray ramyond (manny) everyone on the that come in each movie are speacile. I hope you make another movie skyblue productions but in 2013 0r 2014 hahaha i love these movie and i dont want them to end.

      • Anonymous


        I love the first,second and third please make a Ice age 5. My favourite character was Diego because he has a girl friend haha !!!!!!!!!!!! I Don’t just like Diego as they all look like they have good personalities especially the squirrel. Ice age 4 is my best it is really funny and good for the family to snuggle up and watch. If I made this film I would make it a £ million I just love it so much yes. I don’t just wish there can be a Ice age 5 I wish there can be a Ice age 6,7and so on.I love blue sky oh yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t just like Ice age I like other blue sky movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • haley21

    That would presume they possessed some type of artistic honor. They are only doing it for the money.

  • bajmemdeg

    Hellooooo what else do you think we all do it for, who works for free?!! I'm 54 yrs old, possess an Master's in Accounting, own my company, so you know I'm under alot of every day stress but when I started watching Ice Age at the request of one of 14 grandchildren, Ice Age was the best type of relaxation I had in many years. Hurray for Blue Sky, I love the characters especially Ray Romano. I'm anxious to see the FOURTH Ice Age, the FIFTH, SIXTH, & SO ON.

  • bucktheweasel

    it will only be interesting if the put buck in it, if they dont it will be boring

  • Greybrother

    I hope Rio is a hit. Unless Blue Sky can pull off a major, non-Ice Age box office success and cultivate some diversity, more Ice Age films may be all we’ll get. Not that I dislike them (except Meltdown), but I really wish Chris Wedge would go back to directing.

  • Angelwings94

    I LOVED the first one, it was a really nice story about how Diego, Manny and Sid all became such great friends! And if you ask me, none of the sequels have been comparable to the power of the first movie! I mean the second one was alright, but I really didn’t like the third one. :( I just feel like they’re really losing sight of the whole story behind the first one. I just want Diego, Manny, Sid, Ellie and the possums in the fourth. No buck or baby dinos… etc! I just really wish the writers who wrote the first movie continued to write the sequals :(( And where’s Diego’s girlfriend? I think that would make a good movie!

  • Trzypies

    It will be intresting only with Buck.

  • Leomark1108


    • Caleb Savage

      Can you get move New film Ice Age 4

    • Caleb Savage

      Can you get move New film Ice Age 4

  • Julie.I.

    I bet Diego will be the main star in the next part of Ice Age ^^
    but even if he’s not it’s awesome to know that such a good series like Ice Age is still moving and they’re still making it. I love it so much, I wish it never ends..xD Unfortunately…. like all good things….who knows :/
    All three parts have been amazing up to now, cant wait for the next :D

  • Eva

    I pray that Diego (he´s my favorite charakter <3 ) get a very cute grilfriend! :) I can´t wait for Ice Age 4, but please: NO DINOSAURUS !
    And maby humans, this were great! :D

    I want to see many, many Ice Age movies, so please: Blue Sky, do it for your fans! ;)

  • Laureen

    Eva, your right! Diego is my favourite Charakter too, but in the second an third film he only get a small role :(
    I hope so mutch he get a Grilfriend, a very cute Girfriend ^^ He NEED a Girlfriend!

    @ Julie : oh yes, Diego as a Main Star! ^^ I pray for him ;D

  • Bobby

    Ice Age is one of my favorite movies, and I hope that Blue Sky makes more and more Ice Age films. Diego is awesome, and he is my favorite character too. He should be the main character in the next film, but even if he’s not, the movie will be awesome!!!

  • greydog

    Yeah! Diego all the way! WOOO!!! No girlfriend, though. Too sappy.

  • A Person x´D

    Oh yea, a girlfriend for Diego, this would be a great idea ;D Maby she would be a bit silly and funny, but not too mutch!

    I want to see Ice AGe 4 NOW, not in 2012 :( And I want to see Scrat, hes soooo cute <3 xD


    diego is my favorite movie character of all time he should be the main character also they should make a short all about him instead of scrat scrat has too much of a role in the movies and he isn’t that funny. Diego shouldn’t have a girlfriend, he doesn’t seem like he would want one having one would ruin his personality. but he should definately be the main character


    Diego is my favorite movie character of all time he is so awesome :) they should make a short all about him also they should cut back on scrat because he isn’t that funny. Diego shouldn’t have a girlfriend because it doesn’t seem like he would want one and having one would ruin his personality. also a movie about him finding romance wouldn’t be that good. But i think he should definately be the main character

  • ???????????

    i wish there were early so i could watch this movie.

  • ???????????

    and my favorite character is DIEGO and SID

  • AlVerta

    I like them all because the compliment each other. It would be nice if the kid they rescued in the first one came back all grown up. They haven’t had humans since the first one. The characters are funny and meant to take us away from our stressful and mundane daily lives. I watch them every time they come on cable. People take movies way too seriously. I hope there are more Ice Age movies after Number 4.

  • azlaah

    My favourite charactar is Buck, Crash and Eddie and also Diego. my best one is part 3 blue sky peaple MUST put buck in on the 4th part.

  • Jiji

    i hope they meet ‘Pinky’ along the way

  • Selena

    I’ve read these comments, and, yeah, Diego is the best character, no doubt about it. He is definitely my favorite. One half of me wants him to have a girlfriend, but another half says that he shouldn’t. I want him to have one ’cause I’m curious about how she would look like and how he’d act around her. I don’t want him to have one ’cause of the same reason DTSTT mentioned.
    I do agree with the whole idea about him having a major role.
    I was disappointed when I realized how little a role he had in the second and third movies.
    Go Diego, go!!!

    • AlexB

      NO he isnt the “best”………nicki minaj is!

      • caitlin cooper

        are you dising diego, he is soo cool, i am his biggest biggest highest bestes fan in the whole intire universe, i am adicted to ice age some times i randomly say ice age and i ALWAYS watch ice age films i actually pretend to be shira from my favourite one the ice age 4: continental drift!!!!!! I AM ADDICTED TO ICE AGE MOVIES!!!! i will turn phyco if anyone trys to say they are a bigger fan than me!!!! i also think that diego sould be the main character and yes, he should have a girlfriend, you are all hartless souls (not the people who actually agree with me) he should be with shira his cute sabress girlfriend soon to be wife and soon to be mate and soon to be mother of their really adorable cubs the little saber tooth tigers they actually do look like tigers they are so cute and so are shira and diego. shira is also my favourite character along with diego and buck and crash and eddie!!! EEEKKKKKK!!!!!!! i love ice age and i meen all of them and i think they should make a 5th 6th 7th and soooo on and so forth until the whole universe is ended!!!

  • Amy

    heyy I’ve read the comments and can’t wait to see ice age 4! hope they come up with something more original :) my fav character is Diego, I’ve heard that it’s already confirmed that he will have a ‘girlfriend’ in the next film. although I’m not rlly sure it’s a good idea since what I love about him is his loyal and brave character, perhaps havin a girlfriend might ruin it :(
    all the same, can’t wait’ xx Diego ftw

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  • tea

    Diego dose get a girl friend.Shira!She’s a Saber Toothed Tiger.She has gray fur, brown eyes(mabey a different color),and blue earings in her right ear. She starts off a enemy but slowly ganes their trust.

  • tea

    p.s buck will make a short apperance with only a few lines

  • Slap me silly

    Buck is my fav character! I hope they put him in the next movie! I also like Diego as well. Both of them is cool.

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  • Sniper

    that bitch jennifer lopez has to be in this so theres no way im
    watching this.

    just disgusting that they used her to voice the female saber too
    thed tiger.

    like yeah she really likes animals doesnt she since she WEARS
    THEIR FUCKING FUR all the goddamn time!

    fucking mexican piece of shit thinks shes so great fuck I fucking
    hate her shes so stupid and ugly and her coats that she thinks
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    man I hope that the coats come alive and chase her fat ass
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    fucking cunt shes no better then that fat ass beyonce.

    animals are kept in tiny cages where they cant move or breathe
    then they’re beaten to death or gassed drowned stomped on
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    oh please you mexican bitch or latin or whatever the fuck mixed
    breed you are just get your family in front of my sniper scope
    so I can take you all out!

  • Anonymous

    All i want to know is is ice age 4 the last movie they are going to make.

  • amy lee

    i can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ wait intill ice age 4 comes out o

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