New Line Plots Return to FRIDAY with Ice Cube, Possibly Chris Tucker

     November 16, 2011


A lot can go down between Thursday and Saturday, but it’s been almost ten years since we’ve seen a Friday movie. That could all change as New Line is in talks with Ice Cube to write, produce and star in another installment of the series. Cube executive produced and starred as Craig Jones in the 1995 original and reprised his role both on screen and off in the 2000 sequel Next Friday and 2002’s Friday After Next. Cube may also be in line to direct the next segment.

A favorite from the first movie, Smokey, played by Chris Tucker, is in talks to return for the new film. Cube apparently wants him to reprise his role but Tucker has been non-committal. Tucker and Cube were the main focus of the first movie as they spent most of the day smoking, drinking and doing all kinds of ill shit. Hit the jump for more.

friday-movie-imageDeadline reports that Tucker could have the role if he was interested, but apparently his new-found religion is giving him cause for concern. He is hesitant to return to the pot-smoking slacker he depicted in the first film. Tucker even said he regrets signing on for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown as his character’s foul-mouthed tirade portrayed him in a bad light. No word yet on Tucker’s opinion of his role as flamboyant radio host in The Fifth Element. He can next be seen in David O. Russell’s The Silver Linings Playbook.

What do you think about another installment in the Friday series? I’m personally fine with a return of Cube and Tucker. Perhaps they’ll take on more mature roles that will allow Tucker’s religion to outline Smokey’s role as “born again.” The real question is, what will the name be? A Month from Friday? Another Friday? Or, my personal choice, Last Friday? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


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  • sense 11

    WHo the hell cares probably going to be titled

    “lets squeeze the last drop of money out of this idea”

    • chris

      It should be called Saturday!!! Everyone is off work. That mean more crazy stuff should jump off…. smokey back from rehab battles the temptation of weed like montrery jack and cheese lol

  • drew

    it should be a prequel called thurdays duh !

    • Anonymous

      no thats just dumb

  • brandon

    I think it could be good if it returns to the style of the first movie. The second two films were just characatures of the first installment.


  • Nard

    should b titled “TGIF” lol

  • jalan

    On next friday, Craig did say smokey went to rehab. which means smokey should just act more funny but without smokin weed. I personally think everybody from next fruday, friday after next, and friday. should be on the new movie. The title should be First friday. Or something basic.

  • Larry Jordan

    “Last Friday of the Month” – Title of the movie

  • latrice shaver

    I personally think It’s a great idea. my title choice would have to be Last Friday.


    I think it should be called “TGIF” OR “FRIDAY NIGHT”. Bring back the old smokey fresh out of rehab and back into the old neighborhood but struggling with his old addiction. everyday he is tempted by weed while trying to work with Cube and DA’DA’ owning a pet store or a dog pound or maybe even DOG TRAINERS. (If the movie is to be called “Friday Night”)The meat of the movie is at night were all threee guys go out after a hard days work to paint the town red but finds themselves in the mist of mischief once again. Fortunately for them they bump into Katt Williams “The Pimp” who lends a helping hand just when they needed it. although DeBo and Big Worm will not cameo the film, The Trio will Find new enemies that threaten their lives. The new villians in the movie will be the females they meet throughout the movie while they were cruisin & club hopping that will either rob them, get them beat by other men or maybe female stalkers that bother them throughout the movie. By the nights end they all find the perfect women to settle down with in the most unusual way. THAT’S WHAT I THINK…..AND IT WILL BE BIGGER AND BETTER THAN ALL THE OTHER FRIDAYS!

  • deandre Wynn

    I think this is just what we have been waiiting for. The return of chis turner alone will make this a blockbuster hit. I’m 30 now and I still remember the first friday like it was yesterday. Now as far as the title for the “The First Friday” the prequel. You should have Smokey, dai dai and criag, pop’s and the unlce before they won the lottery and they were all in the hood. where dee-bo and triple OG all fist meet. that would be crazy…get your writter’s working. O and please make it a 2 hour movie. Because this might truly be the last one.

    • deandre is dumb

      deandre you do they have already made this … right .. you should crawl in a hole and stay there

  • keosha jones

    All those are good titles… my opinion I think u should in order and make a movie for all and let that be final

  • jaleelschultz@yahopo .com

    My name is friday after that

  • sherita

    Friday reunion or Just another Friday

  • Scull1ahh


  • Shannon Farrior

    A Friday to remember!

  • Junior

    I personally think the movie should be called last Friday because there 4 weeks in a month and the name would go perfectly but there gonna make a beginig story again how about they Friday Chris is smoking back cool should be one for the books but like they said he went to rehab or did he????????? Either this movie has to be produced

  • Krishunda Adams

    I like the name last Friday also and I think it would be extremly funny if all charc was in this movie

  • Will

    Food stamp Friday

  • Will

    First of the Month Friday

  • Will

    Friday the 13th
    Friday 4-20

  • Bean

    The new Friday should be called What a Friday

  • Big daddy

    It should called , “the following Friday”

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  • Enrique Hernandez

    i think it should be called last friday
    i also think smokey should return and make as he is in the first one but this time he has some trouble still paying big worm and some other drug dealers

  • chris

    Would be pretty funny to have Smokey on the straight and narrow now

  • melissa hammock

    The Last Friday, or Last Friday would fit with Chris Tucker, Ice Cube and Mike Epps

  • Tammy Jackson

    They need to call it last Friday.

  • nina vega

    The name of the movie should be ,”Friday the first of the month”.

  • lora

    i think you should call it one last friday loved chris tucker in friday was so funny the other friday movies were good but not the same without smokey i really hope he returns for one last friday

  • Velda

    I think it will be pretty awesome to have ice cube, mike epps, and Chris tucker in the picture. I think it’s a smart move to make another Friday after after next!!! Just saying….

  • Ms. c

    It should be called LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH

  • Marco

    Da title should be First Friday
    which mean the first Friday of the month

  • Marco

    Da title should be First Friday
    which mean the first Friday of the month
    Or Last Friday

  • proof

    Mike epps should definately be in it

  • Juice

    HELL naw with all those other titles….”Month from Friday?” ? HELL NAW! thats like sayin theres 1 Friday in a month……. It should be called Last Friday! i been sayin that to my friends for years

  • Gabriel Jones

    Friday After Friday After Next, Friday Reunion, Four Fridays, New Years Friday, The Last Friday, More Fridays To Come, fun isnt it

    Cast will probably look exactly like this as Chris Tucker is set to return
    Last Friday starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, John Witherspoon, Anna Maria Horsford, Nia Long, Regina King, Tiny Lister, Katt Williams, Terry Crews, Don DC Curry, Faizon Love and introduce new characters

    This is a preview what direction movie will probably go in as I know how hollywood is every sequel has to be different

    cube and epps get evicted from apartment from friday after next, 10 years later theyve moved on with their lives and now have their own families, cube finally settled down with nia long, mike is now a host for up an coming rap artists along with owning his own record shop, they havent been in contact for a while. along with cubes dads help he finds an old friend who had finally recovered from rehab and was living out of state, they reconnect back in the same hood from original along with some old faces and new faces, cube bumps into everyone getting out of their cars, Smokey, Day-Day, Deebo (no more beef, theyre cool now), Damon, katt williams, and reconnects with his sister regina king. the Jones family has sold the barbecue business. Cubes dad has retired, all are invited to mike epps new years bash they then meet other celebrities. ??????? Fun isnt it.

  • Amber

    Im Happy Dey Wanna Do Another Friday….Everybody From Each Friday Movie Should B e In Dis Movie…..And TRUST It Will Be Epicly Funny…..But If Cube Only Wanna Do This One,Then Title It “The Final Friday”

  • ShaunB

    It could be named Last Friday. Since Smokey went to rehab, Chris Tucker will fit the part. He’s gained weight like a person fresh out of rehab. Cube can pick up from there and add the elements from the previous Fridays. Wouldnt be any didnt from Chris’s roles in Rush Hour. Good clean comedy. And it will show that people do change. I have faith that Cube can make it work. He aint sucessful for nothing!! My opinion.

  • tut

    It should be can the Friday after all

  • Corey Jerome Perry


  • Corey Jerome Perry


  • Jeffery Webb

    I think the movie should be called ” I got saved last Friday” or “I went to church last Friday” or “I stopped smoking last Friday”

  • Bobby

    I think it should be called Friday: A day to remember
    or Friday(I told you we’ll make it)
    or Friday(here we go again)
    or Friday(try to stay alive)
    or Friday(Welcome back)
    or Friday(I never saw it coming)
    I can go for days with names!

  • Bobby

    well after thinking about it where can they go! they had friday, next friday, then after next,
    all i can think of is Friday(The new beginning) or Friday(the summer series)
    or All Friday’s in One(something like that)

  • Jason Riley

    I think all characters should be in this new Friday, and I feel the name should be Friday Reunited

  • Jason Riley

    I think all characters should be in this new Friday, and I feel the name should be Friday Reunited
    Good Deeds

  • bryant

    Another Friday!!!

  • Tina Lavalle

    I home chris tucker comes back. Won’t be the same with out him.

  • Cass jr.

    Friday after last

  • Smokey

    These movies have been all great !! But as we all know we need smokey a.k.a Chris tucker to be in this new movie his religion shouldn’t matter !! It’s a fuc*ing movie !! All of a sudden he’s a movie star and he’s acting like an A list celebrity don’t be the next one to get “knocked the fuc* out” smokey !!! Lol !!! I think the movie should be called “I Can’t Wait Till Friday”. Please reply.

  • jive

    This Coming Friday get it guess who;s all coming yeah!!!!!!

  • jive

    The Fouth Friday Of The Month

  • hmp

    “Last Friday”
    I think they should keep it really traditional to the other Fridays BUT with a twist…

  • darrenwalker4

    it should be called the final friday…..

  • Gcole

    Honestly I think the movie should be called “This Friday” since its been three installments of the series and its four weeks in a month. I say bring everybody back including miss Ho. Maybe miss ho and crackhead ezell can get together

  • Anonymous

    I agree it should be called Saturday,staring ice cube as crai,chris tucker as smokey,and mike epps as dada also keep the same father frm friday to play father in Saturday,also debo,felicia,and. Of course the crack head ezell,staring also nikie manaji,and,pink

  • Joshua Densmore

    I think the title should be The Last Friday with everybody from the 1st 2nd and 3rd fridays. And i hope chris tucker play his role as smokey please

  • Joshua Densmore

    I think the title should be The Last Friday with everybody from the 1st 2nd and 3rd fridays. And i hope chris tucker play his role as smokey please.

  • ali

    They need to hurry up an make the new friday in let me be in it in but me in Mike Epps in tucker an shoot it in clevelans ohio 44241

  • isyhot03

    Everyone should and hopefully be casted in the new movie and have Smokey graduate rehab and take on a mature male role.

  • Zatara Glover

    I think chris need to stop playing. He aint as funny as he use to be. This movie made him who he was and is. Rush hour movies was not as good as friday or the chain of fridays to me any way. He can be gay a hoe on other movies but cant curse in a movie, get the fuck out of here. He is getting on my last. In real life he do some of that shit. He’s no angle, your in the entertainment industry, entertain me got damn it. You a comedian. I dont know any comedians that mad it without using profanity. Let kevin hart take his place. So chris tucker can stay one with god. Even though I think god knows how life is down here and if he ask for forgiveness afterwards he will be forgiven. Good titles depends on if they want to keep making more. If not the last friday, if so friday without smokey or smoking. Lol. Another fucking friday. Or they can go tell a store when they were younger and have someone else play smokey. Call it the first Friday.

  • Greg Stone

    Nobody said “ten years from Friday”, however “Last Friday” is good as well!

  • Troy Burton

    How about “Smokey Pays off the IRS After Friday”.

  • gerald barthelemy

    It should be called friday again tucker please do it somethings just aint the same with out u son