Warner Bros. Dreaming of a Sequel to Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION?

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It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan’s Inception was a worldwide phenomenon. Hell, it’s still being parodied by the likes of South Park. Recent news suggests, however, that Warner Bros. is itching to add to the lucrative box office run of the sci-fi/fantasy/action epic – by making a sequel. No, seriously.  Australian site What’s Playing recently broke the news that the studio has expressed interest in a sequel, but that the decision would fall squarely – we hope – on Nolan’s shoulders.

Nolan clearly enjoyed the experience of making the film and has recently stated plans to develop a video game based on the concept of Inception. However, aside from a couple of prequel comics, which further add to the story of master “extractor” Dom Cobb, there really isn’t a logical way to further explore the world of Inception on the big screen without marring the original. All of this sounds quite absurd, but it does beg the question of just how far a Hollywood studio will go to make money. Hit the jump for more mind bending talk.

Inception is easily one of the best films of the year – a stupendous, jaw-dropping, cerebral experience that more or less kicked the ass of every mainstream Hollywood film released last summer. Nolan has emerged as a true iconic filmmaker, one who surely deserves some Oscar-merit come awards season. The film proved Leonardo DiCaprio could work with someone other than Martin Scorsese, and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a true Hollywood star in the making. The film also boasted one of composer Hans Zimmer’s finest works.

The question though, is does Inception need a sequel? I will not reveal spoilers, so readers need not worry, but I will say the film ended rather ambiguously, and has since prompted heated discussion across the internet in regards to its deeper meanings. To add another piece to the puzzle would kinda be like Ridley Scott directing another Blade Runner with the lead character Deckard as a robot from the get-go – despite what Scott may or may not have intended, by forcing his views upon us, it ruins the thought-provoking, rhetorical questions fashioned throughout the original, and blatantly robs fans of nearly 30 years worth of inspiring interpretation. The same would happen with Nolan’s film.

It’s nice to see that Nolan, who is busy on pre-production work for Batman 3, has not participated in any of these “discussions” (if they do exist). In any case, if he wants to maintain his integrity as a filmmaker, the man needs to distance himself from this as much as possible. We don’t need another pair of sequels akin to The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions.

Tellingly, I’m intrigued by the idea of an Inception video game. To expand upon the world via a gaming console is a nifty idea, because it doesn’t screw with the film.

Sometimes one is enough.

What do you think? Should Nolan go for it? Do you want more Inception?

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  • Cropes

    I want more Inception, this is why I’ll buy the DVD in November. Anymore Inceptions and we’ve got a problem on our hands.

    • Cobb

      you are an idiot it comes out in December.

      • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

        Why so harsh?

  • Adam C

    Nice work Jeff!

  • InfiniteMonkey

    No don’t do it!…Don’t do it!…Don’t do it!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

  • Anonymous

    Obviously if NOLAN does it then you can’t really complain. SO far the man hasn’t disappointed.
    He did create a world where anything can happen. And the biggest complaint Ive heard about INCEPTION is that it wasn’t weird enough. I have no doubt a sequeal would amp up the visuals.

    As far as ruining the original. I couldn’t care less about that risk. GODFATHER 3 sucked balls but the first two still kick ass.
    The Matrix sequels weren’t great but I still LOVE THE MATRIX.

  • Christophercantos

    Hell no! Nolan is smart. besides, something tells me he still has another idea cooking up in his head. i mean, would anyone had thought that he had an idea like “Inception” hidden in his mind all these years since doing Memento. No.

    he is Nolan, and he doesn’t make stupid decisions.

  • Army1601

    NO FREAKIN WAY are they makin a sequel, but a game is a gud idea!

  • Army1601

    NO FREAKIN WAY are they makin a sequel, but a game is a gud idea!

  • “They killed killer B”

    You “purists” out there make my skin crawl sometimes lol.. I think if any movie deserved a sequel it would be INCEPTION.

    There are many things that could be answered in a sequel or even new questions that can be asked.

    Was Dom back in reality at the end? I know Michael Caine told us he was in an interview months later but do we really know this? I think toiling in the world of LIMBO would be an ideal plot for a sequel. Imagine all the big budget stuff Nolan could drum up without the heavy dialogue explaining what Inception even is..

    What happened to Ken wantanabe’s charater? I felt like they ended his story abruptly. A story of Arthur (levitt) and why he does this would be a very very cool plotline that I know a lot of people would like to see.

    I think a well done Nolan sequel would work great and probably break every box office record out there. I mean we got the DARK KNIGHT from BATMAN BEGINS and one could argue that didnt need a sequel either and look how that has worked out. I am not ignorant to think that BATMAN BEGINS was never meant to have a sequel but the story was tight and worked well even if another was never made (Save for the joker reference at the end)..

    Lets see if Nolan can hit another Grand Slam with Batman 3 (or will it be the DARK KNIGHT 2 (?)) before we speculate on INCEPTION. However like others have said He hasnt let us down before so lets cut him some slack…

    • Jeff Ames

      That’s true. In Nolan We Trust.

  • FincherFan

    I think he should make a sequel, but maybe he could do a movie about other dream extractors (not Cobb’s team) and set it in that world. I mean the realm of dream-making is so complex and layered and I love being in that world when watching the movie. Chris Nolan is one of the greatest directors of all time. Period. And he has made, in my opinion, one of the greatest sci-fi films ever!

  • Coachaaron

    i vote no to a sequel, or at least no to a sequel so soon. it just really has nowhere to go without stamping out a definite ending to the original, which was so much fun to leave open. though, if nolan comes up with something he thinks is a great idea, then i’m all in. it’s just a fact now that the man can do no wrong, i’d still be ok if he never made another sequel to anything, his original works have all been fantastic.

  • Danielmarrin

    A video game makes good sense given the nature of the film. If they could replicate the cross-cutting excitement of the movie, maybe make it a multi-player experience where everyone has to reach their goals by the same time for it all to work, it would be awesome!

  • T. Van Dyke

    I could see a sequel built around the idea of people training their minds to protect against invasion (who trained Ken Watanabe’s character to protect against Cobb’s team during their “audition”). We also don’t know much about the company that was hunting Cobb— another fertile source for a sequel.

    All in all, it would seem as if the “house” of Inception has many more doors to open.

  • Christophercantos

    i think he should do Bond 24 after Mendes’ 23.

    a bond film that rivals Casino Royale and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in story and characters.

    • Jeff Ames

      A Chris Nolan-Bond film would rock!

      But I’m a lot more curious to see what Mendes will do – now if he could just get a green light …

  • Christophercantos

    i think he should do Bond 24 after Mendes’ 23.

    a bond film that rivals Casino Royale and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in story and characters.

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    Video game doesn’t seem that compelling to me but I just don’t want a sequel that would include ANY of the primaries in the first movie. The movie, as is, is so complete that anything added would be a subtraction. This movie hits the peak of these characters’ lives as far as drama goes there’s no where to go but down. Nothing to answer, but stuff that is left better as questions. I’m just sayin’.

    Is there another aspect to dreaming that could be explored with different characters but the same basic “tech” of invading dreams? Possibly. But even there, the dream within a dream thing was done so well already, doing it again seems redundant. You’d really need to bring something different to the table. I’m sure Christopher Nolan has some side things that came up in the long gestation period but I think I’d rather have him do another original. :)

  • Guest

    I would agree with a sequel if it involve a completely different story and cast. Inception is perfect the way it is, instead of adding to it why not just take the world and make another story in it.

  • Guest

    I would agree with a sequel if it involve a completely different story and cast. Inception is perfect the way it is, instead of adding to it why not just take the world and make another story in it.

  • Nalindra Ferdinando

    making a sequel is the dumbest idea,some movies are best off without sequels and INCEPTION is such a movie…..it was awesome but leave it as it is without destroying it!!!!

  • Alex

    This is hilarious. Inception was a mediocre film, soon people will realize that.

    Saying that, the films setting and ‘dream logic’ would be a good place to make a movie (jumping in and out of dreams). It was really the only brilliant thing in the entire film. The concept.

    Get some good action director (not Nolan) and he can make a film that’s works in the same way to inception. Get Nolan to write the story and someone decent to write the screenplay and waala! they’ll make millions!!

    • Manitomia

      They’re making billion(s) with Nolan.

  • balaji

    yup.. i agree wid u.. we don wan any sequels, joinin d string of spiderman franchise

    • LynchMalick

      good god hes never seen badlands but thinks inception and nolan are iconic, sad but thats the world we live in i suppose

      • Jeff Ames

        I’m not sure what this means –

        Am I not allowed to enjoy a Nolan film because I have never seen Badlands?

        For the record I never went back to watch any of Malick’s earlier films because both The Thin Red Line and The New World boared me to tears. I’m all for introspection and thought-provoking cinema – Red Line was damn near perfect until the entire cast suddenly disappeared; The New World was a choppy, incoherent mess; I remember Days of Heaven was very slow – but at some point I need coherence.

        I made the argument that some people just don’t “get” Malick the same way that some people don’t “get” Michael Mann. They’re not idiots, just people with different tastes. Get off your high horse.

      • FincherFan

        I too thought The Thin Red Line was boring, but, you have to admit, as a filmmaker, there’s no one better than Malick. While his films can be just as boring as 2001, I can’t help but find myself incredibly excited for his upcoming magnum opus “The Tree of Life”.

        Nolan, on the other hand, has never bored me at all, and I’d be excited no matter what he made, whether it be another Inception or Batman movie, or he decided to film paint drying for two hours.

      • Jeff Ames

        Likewise. Tree of Life sounds very interesting – I’ll definately be there opening day.
        I’m waiting for Badlands to come via Redbox – I’m curious to see what all the hype is about.

        Nolan is an exceptional filmmaker – Inception was long winded, but never dull. I’m all for the metaphorical/allegorical and whatever other goricals there are, but keep it entertaining. That’s why I loved Kubrick. His films, while thought provoking, were always entertaining. 2001 is slow – not exactly something you watch with your buddies on an afternoon – but intriguing.

        As I said, The Thin Red Line was fairly exceptional throughout most of the first two acts; only the third act felt off kilter. I will stand by my opinion on The New World – a missed opportunity if I ever saw one.

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  • Collin V.

    no sequel, but a videogame spinoff would be really nice

  • Collin V.

    no sequel, but a videogame spinoff would be really nice

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  • Carlyoung

    You say you’re not one to reveal spoilers, but you spoiled BLADE RUNNER for me!

    • Jeff Ames

      Sorry. Actually, it’s not REALLY a spoiler – more like a revelation about the end of a film … ? Nope. You’re right. It’s a spoiler. My bad.

  • Wael

    A sequel could work, if you take Dom Cobb (Leo’s character) out of the story, and make it about the rest of the team.

    But I think the best idea to further explore the world of Inception is through a TV series.

  • Rodders

    Inception 2 needs putting down now. And I honestly believe there’s no way Nolan would go for it.

    However Inception as TV series, not with any of the original characters but with a rival extraction company? Mite b cool. Good idea Wael.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LVE53MOF5QCEK7GF5OE34AHHUM xin ren
  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LVE53MOF5QCEK7GF5OE34AHHUM xin ren
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  • Anonymous

    Hollywood can fu** up anything. Remember Alien Resurrection?

  • Terminator800series


  • Terminator800series


  • http://twitter.com/JomaEdge Joe Maher-Edgin

    I can’t get enough of the idea of entering the dream world as a video gamer! As for any sequel ideas I can’t see where the story would go after the first one. But should there be a sequel, I’d rather not hear anything about it and be knocked off my feet as I was with the first one–hopefully.

  • Guest

    i think there should be a different main character, other than Cobb. but maybe comes into contact with him. and maybe a different concept of inception itself. if they don’t overcook the idea and action, i’d love to see a sequel.

  • harry georgatos

    all these people bagging INCEPTION 2 will be the first one’s on opening day to watch it! Personally I’ll rather see Christopher Nolan tackle the complexity of INTERSTELLAR which involves deep space travel, time travelling and alternate dimensions in a mult-layered level like INCEPTION. INCEPTION was a stand-alone film and the studio does not have to bring back the original cast as the military could use this technology in the war on terror! The possibilities are endless. If Nolan steps away I would get a director such as Brian De Palma! Once INCEPTION 2 comes out I’ll be in the cinema faster then a speeding bullet to watch it, as will everyone else!

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