BOARDWALK EMPIRE Recap: “Resignation”

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After a scattered and disappointing season opener, Boardwalk Empire returned this week with some great setup moving forward, and some fantastic character moments in an episode that felt both insular and hopeful.  I mentioned last week that the show’s oppressively dark atmosphere and over-reliance on violence would be its undoing, unless it showed signs of change and growth and a moral center.  Unsurprisingly, it was Richard Harrow who bestowed us with much of that, but even Nucky had some interesting interactions in “Resignation.”  Hit the jump for more.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season Four Premiere Recap: “New York Sour”

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For some, Fall is a reminder of the passing of life, but nothing brings that idea home so viscerally as Boardwalk Empire.  Last season’s premiere was steeped in violence, and the same is true this year.  Really, last season was a bloodbath back to front, with some lulling episodes in between.  That’s become the show’s signature: luscious sets, a somber tone, an unhurried pace and lots and lots of violence.  After Jimmy’s death the show needed to redefine itself, but what it has offered so far is a hodgepodge of things, some of which have been successful (Richard’s emotional journey, Eli’s redemption) and many which have not (Billie’s arc, the splintering of the narrative across several cities, a continued focus on Gillian).  Hit the jump for what “New York Sour” set up, and why it might be the best-named Boardwalk episode yet.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season 3 Blu-ray Review

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Having established a solid precedent for its first two seasons, Boardwalk Empire ran a serious risk of letting us down in the third. Having established its sweeping scope of Prohibition-era crime, it seemed to grow more timid, focusing on domestic soap opera elements rather than the marvelous gangster saga it had promised. The character arcs seemed to be stalling, things were moving forward at a slower pace than we might expect. What could be done?

Frankly, an Emmy-nominated supporting figure was a big step in the right direction. Hit the jump for my full review.

New to Blu-ray: AMOUR, EPIC, SCARY MOVIE 5 Unrated Cut, and More

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Here’s a look at this week’s new Blu-ray releases:

15 New Images from BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season 4 Featuring Steve Buscemi, Ron Livingston, Patricia Arquette, and Jeffrey Wright

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The fourth season of the HBO drama series Boardwalk Empire kicks off on the pay cable network in a little over a month, but in advance of the premiere, HBO has unveiled some images from the new season that give fans a tease of what’s to come.  Regular cast members Steve Buscemi, Michael Shannon, Kelly Macdonald, Michael K. Williams, Jack Huston, and more are joined this year by a bevy of newcomers including Jeffrey Wright, Ron Livingston, and Patricia Arquette, all of which are seen in these new photos.  For those worried of spoilers, these images give away next to nothing by way of plot, but they do serve as a nice appetizer for the 12-episode fourth season.

Hit the jump to take a look at the high-resolution images.  Season four of Boardwalk Empire begins on HBO September 8th.


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Tonight’s season finale of Game of Thrones will be one of HBO’s most watched episodes of their year, so it was the perfect time to promote their upcoming slate of programming.  Shortly before the season finale, HBO aired promos for the new seasons of Eastbound & Down, The Newsroom, and Boardwalk Empire; the new series True Detective and Hello Ladies; and Greg Mottola‘s upcoming comedy, Clear History.  Most of these functioned as announcement trailers.  We’re still fairly early in the summer, and most of these programs won’t arrive until we’re firmly in the fall; True Detective won’t even show up until 2014.  But if you’re eager for The Newsroom, it’s a substantial new trailer.

Hit the jump to check out the promos, and come back later tonight when Allison posts her recap of the season finale of Game of Thrones.  As a side note to GoT fans, we’ll be talking about the series on this week’s Collision when we record on Tuesday.

HBO Announces Fall Premiere Dates, Including “Final” Season of EASTBOUND & DOWN

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There’s not much of a shake-up with HBO’s fall drama schedule, which keeps Boardwalk Empire‘s fourth season premiere (see the teaser trailer here) in its usual September spot.  With The Newsroom airing earlier this summer than last year, a comedy slot has opened up at the end of September that will pair the return of Eastbound & Down (for a “final” season, though we’ve heard that before) along with the new Stephen Merchant comedy Hello Ladies, which will serve as the lead-in.  No news yet regarding Treme, whose shortened fourth season should return some time in the fall to conclude the series.  Hit the jump for more spoiler-free specifics about the fall schedule, including the new Larry David movie. 

First Teaser Trailer for BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season 4; Plus Two New Trailers for THE NEWSROOM Season 2

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HBO has unveiled some new trailers for the upcoming seasons of two of its original series.  First up, the debut teaser trailer for Boardwalk Empire season four gives us our first look at the new character played by Jeffrey Wright, Valentin Narcisse.  The character is described as “Doctor of Divinity, philanthropist, student of culture and the man who runs Harlem,” and it’s clear in this brief teaser that he may pose quite the threat to Steve Buscemi’s Nucky Thompson.  Wright’s character is a series regular for the new season, so expect to see plenty of Narcisse when Boardwalk Empire returns this fall.

Additionally, a couple of trailers for the upcoming second season of Aaron Sorkin’s drama series The Newsroom have landed online.  The most recent one is more of a “mood tease,” as we see dialogue-less behind-the-scenes glimpses of the show’s ensemble cast readying themselves to reprise their characters.  The second, longer trailer was actually unveiled a few weeks ago and features the cast and Sorkin talking about the season-long arc that will unfold this year.  The Newsroom season two premieres on HBO Sunday, July 14th.  Hit the jump to watch trailers for both series. 

Steve Buscemi Talks BURT WONDERSTONE, BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season 4, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, and His Work in Adam Sandler’s Films

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Opening this Friday is director Don Scardino’s magician comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.  The film stars Steve Carell as a Vegas magician whose relationship with his partner becomes strained as the two start getting upstaged by a hipper illusionist, played by Jim Carrey.  The pic is full of wild comedic performances, and one of the highlights of the film is most certainly Steve Buscemi as Carell’s partner Anton Marvelton.  A beloved character actor, Buscemi has been shining in supporting roles for years, and he’s one of the few who can seamlessly move between drama and comedy.  Buscemi has been doing stellar work as the lead on the HBO drama series Boardwalk Empire for the past few years, but with Burt Wonderstone he gets to show off his comedic chops in a fairly large supporting role as Anton.

I recently attended the press junket for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone in Las Vegas, and while there I got to sit down with Buscemi for a one-on-one interview.  The actor talked about how refreshing it was to play a character like Anton, how he goes about choosing which film projects he’s going to make during his hiatus from Boardwalk Empire, and much more.  Buscemi also talked about the upcoming fourth season of Boardwalk Empire, his voice work in Monsters University, and his many memorable roles in Adam Sandler’s films.

Ron Livingston and Brian Geraghty Join Cast Of HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE

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HBO’s prohibition-era drama Boardwalk Empire, which stars Steve Buscemi as bootlegging Atlantic City gangster Nucky Thompson, ended its uneven third season this past fall with a bloodbath of epic proportions, so it’s no surprise they’re already casting some new faces (even though all luckily of our heroes survived the fallout).

The Hurt Locker‘s Brian Geraghty is reported to have accepted a recurring role for the upcoming fourth season playing Loren Knox, and Prohibition agent with ulterior motives newly assigned to Atlantic City.  Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers) has also been cast in a series regular role as a wealthy out-of-town businessman who starts up a relationship with Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol).  For more on these casting choices (with minimal spoilers), hit the jump.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season Finale Recap: “Margate Sands”

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Boardwalk Empire‘s third season ended on such a completely different note from both last season’s finale and most of the season; namely, it was intensely satisfying, and almost made one forget the many mistakes and narrative pitfalls that plagued most the episodes leading up to this one.  There was plenty that was set up well for another season, but “Margate Sands” could have worked just fine, in many ways, as a series finale (luckily though, it doesn’t have to).  In the end Nucky comes out on top — he always does — but at what price?  It was a question that has cast an ever-darkening shadow over him and those in his life since the first season, and never has he seemed at such a crossroads as now.  Was it all worth it?  Hit the jump for why it was worth it — for us at least — sticking around for this final hour.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Recap: “Two Impostors”

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What a long, strange trip it’s been.  The chief complaint about this odd season of Boardwalk Empire has been its wandering.  The journey has been uncertain both for the series and the characters within.  There have been some absolutely fantastic small moments throughout, but on the whole, the series has had trouble defining itself this year.  Making the choice it did to end the second season — putting Nucky in the position of going Full Gangster — has been difficult on viewers who appreciated the parts of the show that were more than a shoot-em-up.  But “Two Impostors” handled the balance exceptionally well, culling down other stories to focus back on Nucky. Whether or not it’s too late remains to be seen.  Hit the jump for why, with all due respect Mr. Custer, this ain’t no time for a last stand.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Recap: “A Man, A Plan …”

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Boardwalk Empire, I thought we were good. I thought we were getting somewhere. Sure, maybe you made some mistakes in the past, and maybe I didn’t always appreciate you for what you were trying to do. Maybe I didn’t give you enough time to sort yourself out. But then you go and you do something like this and I just … I just don’t know that I can do this anymore. It hurts me, Boardwalk, it really does. More than you know. I mean, we’ve been through some real stuff, you and I. But this? I saw it coming, I’ll admit. But I didn’t know it would go down like it did. (Sigh). Hit the jump for less of my break-up letter and more of the nitty gritty of this very full-of-feels and all over the place episode.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Recap: “The Milkmaid’s Lot”

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What a terrifically weird episode of Boardwalk Empire.  I really just kind of want to leave the review there, but I’ll press on.  “The Milkmaid’s Lot” could have been called, less eloquently, “Urrybody Gone Crazy,” but it worked.  It set up a great turn for the last few episodes of the season, and meanwhile, did a lot of character building and world-exploration.  This season of Boardwalk was more or less advertised as being about Nucky as a man apart.  Many times throughout these episodes we’ve heard Nucky (or seen, through dream sequences) Nucky’s alienation, from his brother Eli, Margaret, his associates and his political cronies, and we’re finally seeing where it leads.  For more on the Fall of Nucky, hit the jump.


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After a focused and deeply emotional episode last week, Boardwalk Empire returned to the state it’s been in for most of the season, with very fractured storytelling covering a wide array of what sometimes feel like completely unconnected plots.  Although in “The Pony,” we finally started to get a glimpse of how things are coming together, culminating in the short term in one final explosive scene.  “The Pony” seemed largely about freedom, what its costs are, and whether it can ever really be achieved.  Van Alden, Margaret, Billie, Gillian, Nucky (and Capone?) all try their hand at securing ways to make their futures tenable, with varying degrees of success.  Hit the jump for why you ain’t the lead, you’re just the pony.

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