TOP 5: New York Comic-Con 2012, First Trailer for HITCHCOCK, SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS Interviews, DJANGO UNCHAINED, ARROW Interviews

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As a preamble to this week’s Top 5, I’d like to take a few lines to recognize my own personal “Top 2″ from the past 7 days: the St. Louis Cardinals and Warner Premiere’s animated adaptation of Frank Miller‘s classic tale The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1. Beginning with the former, my beloved Cardinals completed yet another historic comeback last night against the Washington Nationals. Win or lose, I think it’s necessary to get in writing here that I won’t have a single negative thing to say about this team the rest of the way. As for the latter, I had a chance to sit down with director Jay Oliva‘s animated adaptation the other day and I found it to be a worthy retelling of Miller’s classic Bat-story. If you have any interest in animated comic adaptations and have yet to check it out, I recommend doing so.

But enough of my own personal favorites, included in this week’s trip around the bases (yep, that’s another baseball reference) is our coverage of New York Comic-Con 2012, the first trailer for director Sacha Gervasi‘s Hitchcock, Seven Psychopaths interviews with Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and more, a new trailer for Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, and a slew of interviews for The CW’s new superhero series, Arrow. A brief recap and link to each awaits.

“Darkness & Light” Art Tour Unveiled Featuring Original Art Inspired by DC Comics Superheroes

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Though Collider is primarily a film and television news website, from time to time we post art that we think our readers might take an interest in.  Mondo posters have almost become a regular staple, and today we’ve got some art news to share that should be of particular interest to fans of DC Comics.  Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment yesterday unveiled a collection of artwork entitled “Darkness & Light: Art Inspired by Heroes & Villains, Hope & Heroism.”  The exhibit features a collection of original fine art inspired by the DC Comics universe.

We’ve got a few photos that give us a look at a key set of works including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and they’re pretty damn impressive.  The exhibit will be hitting the road for a series of public exhibitions that will benefit and raise awareness for the We Can Be Heroes charity.  Moreover, there will be a showing at the Michael J. Wolf Gallery in San Diego during Comic-Con.  Additional dates have yet to be announced.  Hit the jump to check out some of the art.

Will Dwayne Johnson Play LOBO in the Warner Bros. Adaptation of the DC Comic?

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Last week, a random Twitter user mentioned her desire to see The Rock as a DC superhero.  Dwayne Johnson, forever in touch with his fans, tweeted in response, “Funny U say that…“  That obviously sparked fervent speculation.  Bleeding Cool followed up with an interesting possibility: the antihero biker Lobo.  Bleeding Cool admits their source is untested, one who purportedly overheard Johnson boasting at a party that he will play Lobo.  But the rumor is a good fit.  There is a Lobo adaptation in development.  Brad Peyton, the director of Johnson’s last movie Journey 2: The Center of the Earth, is steering the ship.  And no actor really has that Lobo physique other than The Rock.  So all the pieces fit—we’re just missing the important ones that spell “O-f-f-i-c-i-a-l” across the top.  We’ll put a pin in this for now.  In the meantime, hit the jump for background on Lobo.

TOP 5: WATCHMEN Prequel Comics, CHRONICLE Interviews, 16-Bit BREAKING BAD, DR. SEUSS’ THE LORAX, Sundance 2012 Interviews

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This past week brought us a story that is near and dear to me. While I briefly give my own thoughts regarding DC Comics’ Watchmen prequel comic series after the jump, I want to use the “Top 5′s” opening paragraph space to invite readers to voice/type their own opinions on the announcement in the comments section. As a fervent fan of the series, I’m always interested to hear fellow fans’ take on Watchmen adaptations, prequels, and the like. So, with that said, what do you think? Does the creative talent involved interest you? Is it the best idea ever? The worst? Somewhere in between? Sound off in the comments.

In addition to DC’s Before Watchmen announcement, this installment of the “Top 5″ includes interviews with the cast and director of superhero/found-footage pic Chronicle, a “What If?” look at a 16-Bit Breaking Bad RPG, ten things to know about Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, and Sundance 2012 video interviews with Bradley Cooper, Paul Dano and more. A brief recap and link to each follows after the jump.

DC Comics Announces WATCHMEN Prequel Comics

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In situations likes these it’s best to sigh and then shrug.  DC Comics has officially announced that they’ll be launching Before Watchmen, prequel comics based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen.  While there have been murmurings of Watchmen prequel and sequel comics for years, the prequels will really happen now with writers and everything.  DC Comics asked Alan Moore for his blessing, but he (unsurprisingly) refused. He then returned to the woods to forage for nuts and berries.  However, Gibbons released a statement saying,

“The original series of Watchmen is the complete story that Alan Moore and I wanted to tell. However, I appreciate DC’s reasons for this initiative and the wish of the artists and writers involved to pay tribute to our work. May these new additions have the success they desire,”

Hit the jump for more, including a first look at the covers for the prequels.

Mondo Posters Picks up DC Comics License; J.C. Richard’s “Fortress of Solitude” Available on Black Friday

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To recap: Mondo—the collectible art boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse—has licenses for Star Wars, Star Trek, Pixar, Disney, the work of directors like Guillermo del Toro and Wes Craven, Jurassic Park, and more.  And now the creators of some of the best posters around have the license for DC Comics (if Mondo ever picks up Marvel, they’ll have shot the geek moon).  Naturally, the first poster is based on Superman.  J.C. Richard’s “Fortress of Solitude” measures 12×32, is limited to an edition of 390, and costs $50 (plus shipping).  The poster will go on sale at MondoTees a random time on Black Friday.  It may be worth it to forego all other shopping and just keep refreshing @MondoNews‘ Twitter feed for the announcement.

Hit the jump to check out the full poster along with the press release.

Fox Picks Up DC Comics’ THE SPECTRE for New Drama Series

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Though their series adaptation of Human Target lasted only two seasons, Fox isn’t done trying to bring comic book pages to the small screen just yet. Deadline reports the network has just ordered a script for a series adaptation of The Spectre, the DC Comics superhero crafted by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily. The comic follows murdered hard-boiled cop Jim Corrigan who finds his spirit refused entry into the afterlife and instead sent back to Earth to eliminate evil. As The Spectre, he begins by seeking bloody vengeance against Corrigan’s murderers in a grim, supernatural fashion. John Doe writer Brandon Camp is behind the script with Gran Torino producer Bill Gerber serving as executive producer. Sounds a bit similar to the plotline for the feature film adaptation of the comic book R.I.P.D. starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, but that might just help get some interest in the series as well.

Drew Pearce to Adapt DC Comic THE MIGHTY

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Paramount acquired the feature rights to the DC comic The Mighty earlier this summer.  Variety reports the studio has hired Drew Pearce to adapt the screenplay.  The comic, written by Peter J. Tomasi and Keith Champagne, centers on America’s first and only superhero, Alpha One: “a cop whose life was saved by Alpha One as a child has uncovered his hero’s dark plan that will put them on a collision course of an ordinary man versus a super-man.”  BenderSpink partners Chris Bender and JC Spink (Arthur) will produce with Jake Weiner (Leap Year).

Pearce is also working on two Marvel properties at the moment in Iron Man 3 and Runaways.  This all can be traced back to No Heroics, the superhero sitcom he created for ITV2.  Read the synopsis for The Mighty issue #1 after the break.

Exhibitors Hall Floor Map for 2011 San Diego Comic-Con

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get crushed by tens of thousands of people?  Then you may want to walk (or attempt to walk) the Exhibitors’ Hall at Comic-Con.  Despite the seeming chaos of the hall, there is actually a method to the madness.  Major companies get the center (except for video game companies which get their own corner), artists are shunted as far off to the side as possible, and most of the sellers inhabit one-half of the hall.

But where the crush truly happens is at the insane lines circling the major companies as fans line up for swag and autographs.  The usual suspects are all here: DC Comics, Marvel, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Mattel, LucasFilm, CBS/Showtime, Lionsgate, Hasbro, and Sideshow Collectibles.  I’m not sure why Square-Enix gets such a large booth considering everything they make nowadays is crap.  Hit the jump to check out the full map.  The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 21 – 24th.

DC Universe Will Reboot This August; Digital Issues Available at Time of Physical Release

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At the conclusion of Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s 5-issue miniseries Flashpoint, DC Comics has announced it will reboot its universe and re-number each of its titles to begin at issue #1. In a letter from DC Senior Sales VP Bob Wayne to comic retailers, Wayne explains that the publisher will perform some character alterations with regards to “appearance, origin, and age” in an attempt to bring DC’s classic group of characters into a “more modern, diverse DC Universe.” The reboot will officially be underway on Wednesday, August 31st when DC will only release two titles: Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 to be written by Johns with art from Jim Lee.

In addition to the reboot, DC announced that the August 31st release will also be a landmark date for the digital distribution of comics as it will be the first time that either of the two major comic publishers (DC and Marvel) will release new titles digitally on the same day as their physical release. For more on the reboot and what it could mean for DC’s classic cast of characters, hit the jump.

Is Warner Bros. Planning a JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie for 2013? [UPDATED: Yes.]

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Warner Bros. president Alan Horn is retiring this week after 12 years as the man with final say on every studio project.  Jeff Robinov will succeed Horn, and the LA Times profile of the apparently awkward studio executive confirms what we knew about WB’s tentpole strategy in a post-Harry Potter world: fill the void with DC Comics superheroes.  The specifics of that superhero slate might surprise you.  The LA Times writes: “[Robinov is] aiming to release new Batman and Superman films in 2012 and Justice League, a teaming of DC’s top heroes, in 2013.”

We’re well aware of The Dark Knight Rises (July 20, 2012) and the Superman reboot (December 2012), but it’s news to us if there are even tentative plans to release Justice League in two years.  A discussion of whether or not it’s even feasible after the jump.  [Update: Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov has confirmed to Hero Complex that the studio plans to release a Justice League movie in 2013.]

TV Networks Not Interested in David E. Kelley’s New WONDER WOMAN Series

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Last October we got word that David E. Kelley, the man behind such series as Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, was developing a new Wonder Woman TV series. While the prospect certainly sounded enticing, apparently networks aren’t too keen on the idea. EW reports that all the major networks have passed on the superhero adaptation, and while the team behind the contemporary take on the lassoing heroine isn’t giving up, the project is “not moving forward at this time.” Between this fallen attempt and the rumors surrounding a Wonder Woman film, it sounds like no one can find the invisible jet to bring the iconic DC Comics off the page and onto any screen, regardless of the size. Anyone disappointed?

Neil Gaiman Says DEATH Is Dead (At Least for the Time Being)

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Neil Gaiman says than an adaptation of his graphic novel Death: The High Cost of Living is currently dead, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come back to life.  For those who don’t know, Death is a spin-off of Gaiman’s Sandman comics.  In the story, Death takes human form for one day every century in order to better understand humanity.  Here’s what Gaiman told Vulture about the status of the movie:

We just set it up again at a Warner-related company and everything was all ready. It was weird, though. If you had asked me in March of this year about Death, I would have told you that I thought it was pretty definitely dead. And if you’d asked me in April, I would have been thrilled and happy and said, “No, no, no, it’s absolutely on. And then in June, July, the new powers that be at DC and Warner basically closed everything down.

Of course, that’s no reason to be discouraged.  Hit the jump for what Gaiman told us about the project last year.

Exclusive: Geoff Johns talks GREEN LANTERN (1 and 2), DC Movies and TV Shows, and a Lot More at the 2010 Scream Awards

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If you’re a fan of DC superheroes and curious what the company is doing to bring more of their characters to movie and television screens, you’re going to like the interview I did with Geoff Johns last night at the 2010 Scream Awards.  While most will recognize Johns name because he writes a number of DC comics every month, he’s also the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, so he’s one of the few that shapes what direction DC is going in the future.

During the interview we talked about what announcements will be coming and when, is the upcoming Green Lantern trailer a teaser or a full trailer, how tough is it to work on Green Lantern 2 since the first film isn’t finished, what’s the status of Green Lantern and the 3D post conversion, will DC be putting more of their superheroes on TV, what is he writing, will DC superhero movies always be tentpoles (huge budget movies) or will they possibly release lesser known characters as smaller budgeted films, and a lot more.  Again, if you’re a DC fan, you want to hit the jump:

Warner Bros. to Take “More Entrepreneurial” Stance with DC Comics Properties

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The Harry Potter franchise is nearing the end of its tremendously successful run at Warner Brothers as the kickoff to the finale begins with the first of the two-part conclusion to the final chapter of the series this November. To date, the franchise has brought in over $5.4 billion in worldwide box office gross, which easily cements its place as the biggest film franchise in overall gross, and we still have two films left. So it’s clear that WB cannot sit around and wait until the guaranteed bread winner is gone; they have to take action, and they aim to begin planning ahead by getting DC Comics more involved. Join me after the break for full quotes from CEO Barry Meyer on the future of WB and why I think they aren’t in a terrible position.

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