Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson to Return for SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR

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Last week, we reported that Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller‘s Sin City 2 had finally secured financing, and that filming was due to take place this summer.  The sequel, officially titled Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, has now lined up its first two actors by bringing back Sin City stars Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson.  Since A Dame to Kill For is actually a prequel, it allows room to bring back popular tough guy, Marv (Rourke), and prostitute dominatrix, Gail (Dawson).

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Financing for SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR Secured; Production to Begin This Summer

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I know this is hard to believe, but it appears that Sin City 2 is really, actually, 100% happening.  It was just announced that Robert Rodriguez’s Quick Draw Productions and Alexander Rodnyansky’s AR Films will partner with Dimension Films on Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, which is set to begin filming this summer.  Rodriguez said as much back in March, but he’s been promising “movement” on a Sin City sequel for years now so everyone basically took the news with a grain of salt.  As far as what’s in store for Sin City 2, creator/co-director/writer Frank Miller had this to say:

“The first Sin City knocked out audiences who had never seen anything like it before. Robert Rodriguez and I are going to shake things up and deliver a ferocious film experience that is going to go even further than the first.“

Hit the jump for more on the film, including story and casting details.

Joel Edgerton in Talks to Star in 300 Sequel, 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA

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Joel Edgerton is entering talks with Warner Bros. to star in the 300 sequel, 300: Battle of Artemisia.  According to Vulture, Edgerton “would play Themosticles, the famed archon and general who led the Greeks to victory against the invading Persians in 480 BCE.”  Noam Murro, who previously directed the awful Smart People, is making a big leap from that indie to the tentpole action flick, but Zack Snyder is still on board to co-write the script based on Frank Miller‘s upcoming graphic-novel, Xerxes.

While I’m not exactly sure we need 300: The Same Amount of Greased-Up Ripped Guys Fighting the Brown People, Edgerton is undoubtedly a strong lead.  Unfortunately, American audiences probably don’t know that yet since no one saw Warrior and he’s barely in The Thing.  However, they’ll get more chances to see him in 2012 since he’s leading Kathryn Bigelow’s Kill Bin Laden, and he’s co-starring in the family flick The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

Adaptation of Vampire Comic IN THE DUST Picked up by Solipsist Films; Update on SIN CITY 2: A DAME TO KILL FOR

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Sin_City_2_a_dame_to_kill_for  slice

It seems as if there’s no shortage of supernatural or undead properties for Hollywood to farm these days. The recent acquisition of Top Cow comic In the Dust suggests that the public still hungers for more vampiric fare. George Mahaffey, who co-created the graphic novel with Christian Duce, is slated to pen the adaptation.

In the Dust sends a government agent out to investigate the reported disappearances of small-town Midwest families during the “black blizzard” storms in the 1930s Dust Bowl. When an army of vampires are found to be the culprits, the agent forges a partnership with Al Capone’s gang to protect the vampires’ next target: Chicago. The 165-page graphic novel will hit shelves next year. Hit the jump for more on In the Dust and Sin City 2.

William Monahan to Work on Frank Miller’s Script for SIN CITY 2

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Sin City 2, which has lived in development hell for the past six years, may finally be coming to life.  Director Robert Rodriguez says he now has financing for the flick and he would shoot the film before the year was out as long as he had a quality script.  However, he also hit upon a unique problem with the original Sin City in that the movie was not so much written as it simply used Frank Miller’s comics as a storyboard while bringing hardly anything new to the table.  It remains the strongest case for why a 100% faithful adaptation is pointless.

But I have some hope that Sin City 2 may be better because Oscar-winning screenwriter William Monahan (The Departed) is coming on board to work on the script.  Hit the jump for more.

Comic-Con 2011: Frank Miller on HOLY TERROR: “I Hope This Book Really Pisses People Off”

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In what was almost certainly the most uncomfortable panel of Comic-Con the newly minted Legendary Comics brought Frank Miller to the stage to discuss his controversial new superhero comic, Holy Terror. Additionally, the new company also announced a pair of projects from Paul Pope and Matt Wagner.

Hit the jump for a description of Pope and Wagner’s projects and a few choice quotes from Miller.

Teaser Trailer for Frank Miller’s HOLY TERROR

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A teaser trailer for Frank Miller’s upcoming graphic novel Holy Terror is now available online. That’s right, it’s a trailer. For a comic. And you know what? I kind of like it. Featuring the classic hard lines of Miller’s art and the type of violence that fans of previous works like Sin City and/or 300 have come to expect and enjoy from the writer/artist, Holy Terror looks to be a gruesomely fun ride with a little social commentary sprinkled on top. Originally conceived a decade ago as Holy Terror, Batman, the 120-page graphic novel now centers on a “hero” called The Fixer who fights terror on the fear-filled, post 9/11 streets.

Check out the trailer after the jump. The newly formed Legendary Comics will release Holy Terror as its inaugural title on September 14th.

Warner Bros. Developing Animated Adaptation of Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS?

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One of the seminal deconstructions of the superhero genre is Frank Miller and Klaus Janson’s 1986 miniseries The Dark Knight Returns.  The comics are set in the future where a middle-aged Bruce Wayne feels forced to come out of retirement and fight crime only to incur the wrath of his old foes as well as the Gotham police department, the United States government, and Superman.  If you haven’t read it, go buy it right now.

But if you don’t feel like reading it, Bleeding Cool reports that an animated adaptation is in the works.  The adaptation would be the latest in a line of animated films based on DC Comics following the recent All-Star Superman and the in-development Year One, the latter of which is also based off a famous Miller Batman comic.  According to Bleeding Cool, “several veterans of Batman toons past will be on the crew list.”  My question is how dark can they go with this adaptation.  DKR isn’t exactly the bright sunshine of All-Star Superman.   It will be interesting to see who will be writing the adaptation of Dark Knight Returns and how they’ll be adapting this classic comic.  Hit the jump for a synopsis of The Dark Knight Returns.

Frank Miller talks Extensively About 300 Follow-Up XERXES

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Ever since Zack Snyder’s 300 hit theaters three years ago, fans have been chomping at the bit for a sequel/follow-up. Snyder always said that it depended on whether comic book artist/writer Frank Miller wanted to write another graphic novel. Well, it appears that Miller has a good chunk of Xerxes written and drawn, and he recently spoke extensively about the project. Regarding the story, Miller had this to say:

The time frame begins 10 years before ’300′ and the story starts with the Battle of Marathon, which was killer to draw, by the way, even if it was a lot of work. The lead character is Themistocles, who became warlord of Greece and built their navy. The story is very different than ’300′ in that it involves Xerxes’ search for godhood. The existence of gods are presupposed in this story and the idea is that he [is] well on his way to godhood by the end of the story.

For much, much more from Miller regarding Xerxes, hit the jump.

Zack Snyder Talks XERXES; Describes Epic Naval Battle

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While in London last week doing press for Legend of the Guardians, director Zack Snyder talked about his plans for the upcoming 300 spinoff, Xerxes.  I say “spinoff” because as we previously reported, Snyder says that Xerxes isn’t a “prequel or a sequel” because it’s about the Battle of Artemisium, which took place during the exact same three days as the Battle of Thermopylae (which was depicted in 300).  But whereas Thermopylae was a land battle, Artmisium was fought at sea and Snyder has big plans for how he plans to depict that fight.  Hit the jump for how he says he’s going to have Greeks and Persians going at it this time.

Frank Miller’s “Gucci Guilty” Commercial Starring Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans

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Frank Miller has directed a TV commercial for the new Gucci fragrance, “Gucci Guilty”.  The commercial stars Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans and features music by Friendly Fires.  The ad looks, unsurprisingly, like Miller’s The Spirit.  Personally, I prefer a Gucci ad from a couple years back that starred James Franco.  You can check out both ads after the jump.

Zack Snyder Closed Deal to Script 300 Sequel XERXES

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When we checked in with 300 director Zack Snyder in June,  he indicated that he would commit to a sequel if Frank Miller could put together “something cool” with the graphic novel Xerxes.  He must have liked what he saw, because Snyder confirmed that he and collaborator Kurt Johnstad were plotting the cinematic version:

“We closed the writing deal on Xerxes.  We started writing about a week ago.  So we’re doing it.  It’s happening.”

Hit the jump for more comments from Snyder on the project.

Exclusive: Director Zack Snyder and Debbie Snyder Interview SUCKER PUNCH, LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS, XERXES, Comic-Con, More

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Director Zack Snyder and Producer Debbie Snyder Interview SUCKER PUNCH, LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIANS, XERXES, Comic-Con, slice

At last week’s Saturn Awards, I was able to interview director Zack Snyder and his producing partner (and wife) Debbie Snyder on the red carpet.  While interviews on the red carpet are usually short, I was able to speak with them for about 6 minutes and got updates on Sucker Punch, Legend of the Guardians, what are they going to do at Comic-Con, what’s up with the 300 Prequel Xerxes, and a lot more.

Some of the highlights were Snyder confirming they did a friends and family screening of Sucker Punch recently and it went over great, they have big plans for Comic-Con and we’ll get out first look at some Sucker Punch footage and exclusives, the finale of Legend of the Guardians is still being worked on and none of the footage has been in either trailer, he’s seen some of Frank Miller’s Xerxes comic and it’s still and wait and see if he’ll make a movie out of it, Snyder is currently writing a new project (doesn’t reveal what it is), and they talk about the challenges of trying to make two films at the same time.  It’s a great update on all their projects so hit the jump to take a look:

Frank Miller Talks 300 Prequel XERXES

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Folks who have seen or read 300 know that a sequel probably isn’t in the cards.  However, Frank Miller is putting together a prequel to his 1998 comic.  Entitled Xerxes, the comic would center on 300‘s antagonist (played in Zach Snyder’s film by Rodrigo Santoro).  In an interview with Hero Complex, Miller talked at length about the upcoming six-part miniseries, which is due to hit stores next year.  Said Miller:

“The story will be the same heft as 300 but it cover a much, much greater span of time — it’s 10 years, not three days.  This is a more complex story. The story is so much larger. The Spartans in 300 were being enclosed by the page as the world got smaller. This story has truly vast subjects. The Athenian naval fleet, for instance, is a massive artistic undertaking and it dwarfed by the Persian fleet, which is also shown in this story. The story has elements of espionage, too, and it’s a sweeping tale with gods and warriors.”

Sounds pretty sweet.  Hit the jump for more on the project including whether its due for a film adaptation.

Robert Rodriguez Talks SIN CITY 2, MACHETE, and the Next SPY KIDS Movie

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Robert Rodriguez - slice.jpg

A few days ago, I got to speak with Robert Rodriguez in Austin, Texas as I was visiting the set of Predators – along with a number of online journalists.  While a strict embargo prevents me from saying anything about that film, we’ve been given permission to run stories on other projects.  Since Robert Rodriguez is busy developing other movies, we got him to give us updates on Sin City 2, Machete, and what’s up with the next Spy Kids movie.

Regarding Spy Kids, Rodriguez says he’s already turned in the script to the Weinstein Company and it’s a reboot that will be shot in March or April with new kids.  On Machete, he says he’s “always talked about making him a franchise character”.  Meaning he’s like to do sequels.

Of course the news everyone wants to know is what’s up with Sin City 2.  Like he’s done in the past, he wouldn’t give us any specifics regarding when the film is going in front of the cameras.  But he did reveal “there has been a script since 2007″ and it has pre-existing material “with some original stuff added to it to kind of catch yourself up with some characters.”

Rodriguez also said, “I know Frank (Miller) wants to do it I know I wanna do it and its always sort of time permitting kind of thing, but its not like I can tell you definitely we’re starting…its not my next picture…I know that. Doesn’t mean that its not the picture right after because that’s still a possibility.”  Much more after the jump:

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