Listen to Someone Suffer Horribly in an Audio Clip from PROMETHEUS

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The viral campaign for Prometheus continues to dole out great material.  I don’t know how they’ll top the ad for the David 8 (Michael Fassbender), but today’s new release is still worth your time.  The site Blogbusters received an “audio puzzle”, and the solution was playing the audio backwards.  And when you play the audio backwards, you get a chilling audio clip from the movie.  We’ve already heard the “Get it off!  Get it off!” part in the trailers, but there’s a full minute of terror packed into this thing.  This may be even more effective than if they had provided the visuals as well.

Hit the jump to listen to the clip.  The film also stars Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Rafe Spall, Sean Harris, Logan Marshall-Green, Guy Pearce, and Charlize TheronPrometheus opens in 3D on June 8th.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral Campaign Begins Unmasking the New Trailer

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It’s been a while since The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign asked anything of the legions of Batman fans.  The viral campaign for The Dark Knight set a high watermark in what a viral campaign could do, but Rises has been fairly quiet ever since fans were told where they could go to see the first six minutes of the movie in IMAX.  But now the viral is back on, and it’s allowing fans to try and unmask the next trailer before it debuts with The Avengers this Friday.

Hit the jump for more.  The film also stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael CaineThe Dark Knight Rises opens July 20th.

Exclusive: Unlock an Emotion for PROMETHEUS’ Android, “David 8″ (Michael Fassbender)

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Today, we showed you the awesome viral ad for “David 8″, the Weyland Industries android played by Michael Fassbender in Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus.  We’ve also been sent an exclusive new piece of the viral puzzle.  The code allows those skilled in the viral-decoding ways to unlock one of eight emotions for David.  I don’t know what emotion it will be, but I’m crossing my fingers for “I’m going to creep you the fuck out”-face.

Hit the jump to check out the code, and then try to crack it at  The film also stars Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Rafe Spall, Sean Harris, Logan Marshall-Green, and Charlize TheronPrometheus opens in 3D on June 8th.

Excellent PROMETHEUS Viral Campaign Continues with an Ad and Poster for Michael Fassbender’s Android, “David 8″

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Fox has found some fun ways to show more of Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus beyond the standard trailers, clips, TV spots, and images.  A mini-game recently revealed more images of the eponymous spaceship, there was Peter Weyland’s (Guy Pearce) chilling TED Talk from the year 2023, and a quick look at the android, David 8 (Michael Fassbender).  The latest release from the viral campaign is a full, two-and-a-half minute ad for David, and it’s a perfect mixture of cool and creepy.

Hit the jump to check out the video.  The film also stars Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Rafe Spall, Sean Harris, Logan Marshall-Green, and Charlize TheronPrometheus opens in 3D on June 8th.  Scott recently said that the cut you see in theaters will be the director’s cut and run a hair under two hours. [Update: We've added a poster ad for the David 8]

NYPD Captain Stacy (Denis Leary) Talks to the Daily Bugle TV for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Viral Campaign

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The viral campaign for Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man continues onward.  The previous viral website, “Mark of the Spider-Man”, recently posted a fake news segment of NYPD Captain Stacy (Denis Leary) speaking to Daily Bugle TV.  Sadly, Daily Bugle Editor-in-Chief J. Jonah Jameson isn’t in the reboot, but Stacy preaches from the same book when he says, “What kind of hero wears a mask?”  The video has Stacy telling viewers a hotline they can call if they see Spider-Man.  The number is 877-651-8503, but it will just tell you to go to the website, which is where people can go and upload pictures of Spider-Man.

Hit the jump to check out the fake news segment and click here to check out Steve’s interview with Webb at WonderCon yesterday.   The film also stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Rhys IfansThe Amazing Spider-Man opens in 3D on July 3rd.

PROMETHEUS Viral Continues with Android-Unboxing Video from Weyland Corp Featuring Michael Fassbender

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The viral campaign for Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated return to sci-fi, Prometheus, kicked off in a big way with a chilling TED Talk video featuring Guy Pearce’s character from the film. During the pic’s WonderCon panel earlier today, fans were given cards from Weyland Corp that directed them to a website and a phone number. If you call the number, an operator informs you that all Weyland Corp lines are busy, but calls your attention to a text message you’ve just received. The text message gives you a link that directs you to a truly spectacular video narrated by one of the film’s stars. Meet me after the jump to check out the video, talk about it in more detail, and to get a look at the card. If you’d rather be kept in the dark concerning certain plot points for Prometheus (albeit that are being revealed by the studio), I’d advise you to turn back now.

New Image from PROMETHEUS Takes You to the Stars

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Last week, the viral campaign for Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus began with a TED Talk from the future given by Weyland Industries CEO, Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce).  This led to the Weyland Industries website, and now the website has yielded an amazing image.  The high-resolution image shows the star map room glimpsed in the teaser trailer.  It doesn’t really offer up any clues about the film’s plot (at least not that I can see), but the image would make for an awfully pretty desktop wallpaper.

Hit the jump to check out the stunning image.  The film also stars Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, and Michael FassbenderPrometheus opens in 3D on June 8th.

Watch PROMETHEUS’ Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) Give a TED Talk from 2023

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TED Talks certainly has a high opinion of itself.  They absolutely earned that opinion, but they think they’re going all the way to 2023.  Through TED magic, they’ve managed to bring us a clip of a TED Talk from Peter Weyland, who is played by Guy Pearce in Ridley Scott‘s upcoming sci-fi film, Prometheus. It’s a clever and captivating piece of viral marketing, and it makes me want a spin-off featuring just Weyland.  Pearce is hypnotic as the ambitious, eloquent, and somewhat terrifying CEO.  His monologue also reveals some important details about the film: 1) His TED talk takes place at least a few years before Prometheus since Weyland mentions that they’ll soon have human-looking androids (Michael Fassbender‘s character is an android); and 2) The thinking behind the man who will send the spaceship Prometheus on its journey.  The speech ends with a line that gave me chills and which I won’t spoil here. One additional note: this appears to be the beginning of a viral/ARG. Click here to go to the Weyland Industries website.

Hit the jump to check out the TED Talk from 2023.  Prometheus also stars Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, and Idris Elba.  The film opens in 3D on June 8th.

ALCATRAZ New York City Viral Event Video Recap

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Given that Fox’s Alcatraz is produced by J.J. Abrams’s Bad Robot production company, the show features a pretty hefty mythological bent alongside its “criminal of the week” procedural aspect. Bad Robot has gone all out on a viral campaign for the show, and we’ve already brought you our report from the viral scavenger hunt event at the actual Alcatraz prison in San Francisco. Today we’re bringing you yet another report on a viral event for the series, this time in the form of a video. Fans were sent to investigate a robbery at Skylight One Hanson, former home of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank in Brooklyn, New York. They followed clues, interrogated “witnesses”, and used tools given to them in order to solve the case.

One of the more crucial aspects of the viral event was the use of a Ford Mustang in their investigation. Participants had to use UV light inside the car to search for fingerprints that lead them to a cryptic Bluetooth message. Interestingly, Ford Motor Company seems to be integrating themselves pretty heavily into the viral campaign in order to advertise their new car. It’s definitely a different approach, and one that we’ll probably see more of in the future. Nevertheless, you can watch the video wrapping up the entire viral event after the jump. Alcatraz airs Mondays at 9/8c.

New Trailer for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Begins the Viral Campaign

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Last night, Sony Pictures released a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.  We should no longer trust trailers to be just trailers.  New policy: when it comes to blockbuster movies, watch the trailer in HD and then go through frame-by-frame for a hint of a viral campaign.  That may sound crazy, but that’s what you had to do if you wanted to catch the beginning of the viral campaign for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Hit the jump for more.  The Amazing Spider-Man opens in 3D on July 3rd.

ALCATRAZ Viral Campaign Recap with Video and Images

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ALCATRAZ Viral Scavenger Hunt slice

The modern era of media is a fractured landscape. Where once 70 million Americans could watch The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, today networks must fight for viewer attention with TiVo, cable, video games and of course, the internet. Simply making a great show is no longer enough. In order to succeed, advertisers must move beyond their actual programming and create something unique and specific in order to instill a deeper emotional connection with consumers.

Perhaps the master of this approach is J.J. Abrams. Between Lost, Cloverfield and Super 8, Abrams has a proven track record of producing Triple-A content matched with innovative and singular marketing. His newest show, Alcatraz, is taking the Brechtian Meta-Reality antics to a whole other level. We’re only three weeks in to the show’s run and already the producer have pulled off one of the best Alternate Reality Game pieces ever. Last Friday, Fox invited the first 312 fans who lined up at San Fransisco’s Dock 33 a chance to participate in a large-scale scavenger hunt on the real Alcatraz. Collider was on the scene and played the game. Hit the jump for a video summary of the action and a detailed breakdown of the ARG madness.

Reader Report from the ALCATRAZ Viral Scavenger Hunt

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ALCATRAZ Viral Scavenger Hunt slice

Fox is trying some very fun and innovated approaches to marketing its new J.J. Abram’s produced supernatural procedural Alcatraz. The network began its viral campaign by sending a mysterious box to the Collider offices, then followed up with a premiere party on the island itself (Click here for our red carpet coverage). Now that the show is on the air, the Alternate Reality Game is moving ahead full steam.

Last Friday, the studio held a massive scavenger hunt inside of the prison as part of the Collider reader Tucker attended the event and was kind enough to send us a write up and a photo.  Read on for Tucker’s thoughts on the game and a picture of his prizes.

Bay Area Readers: Attend a Free Exclusive Alcatraz Island Event As Part of Viral Campaign for the Fox Series ALCATRAZ

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Attention Bay Area readers: how’d you like to spend a strange night on Alcatraz Island? A special exclusive event as part of the viral campaign for Fox’s Alcatraz is set for Friday, January 27th on Alcatraz Island. The event is free, and will be “an exclusive adventure” for the first 302 people who show up at pier 33 tomorrow night at 6pm. The description for the event is as follows:

“Dr. Soto has arranged exclusive night-time access to the Rock for those interested in helping him solve the mysteries for his new book – Legends of Alcatraz

I’ve watched the first couple episodes of the show, and I found it definitely intriguing. The J.J. Abrams touch is not lost on the series, and this event sounds pretty damn cool. Those wishing to venture onto the island are instructed to bring a flashlight, warm clothes, and a comfortable pair of shoes. Check out more of our coverage of the Alcatraz viral campaign here and here. Hit the jump to check out the official invite for the event.

Collider Receives Mysterious Box from J.J. Abrams-produced Fox Series ALCATRAZ

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As you may or may not have seen, a number of outlets have been sent a mysterious metal box containing contents from the new Fox series Alcatraz.  Produced by J.J. Abrams, the hook of the show centers on the sudden appearance of a number of inmates from Alcatraz prison who mysteriously disappeared decades ago.  The contents of the metal case sent to Collider headquarters include a prison cell key, an Alcatraz tour book, a page from a magazine touting Dr. Diego Soto’s (Jorge Garcia) non-fiction book Inmates of Alcatraz, a newspaper clipping, and some postcards.  It’s pretty impressive stuff.  Hit the jump for more, including images of the box’s contents.

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