Latest INDIANA JONES 5 Rumor Sets Story in Bermuda Triangle, Shoot Date in 2011 – UPDATED

     June 8, 2010


Indiana Jones rumors are like tabloids. You can’t stop reading them even though most of the time they’re wrong.  Well, the latest rumor circling the web about Indiana Jones 5 is that it will be about, or set in, the Bermuda Triangle and start filming next year.  An anonymous source claimed: “George [Lucas] and Steven [Spielberg] have been working on a script and it’s almost there.”

Like most rumors, you’ve got to take this with a grain of salt. Lucas has been producing Red Tails and Spielberg has been attached to, well, a million things so who knows when either would have the time to work on a script.  Then again, Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf have each dropped hints in recent months that could point to the Triangle.

For more possible information on the sequel and the Bermuda Triangle, hit the jump. [UPDATE: Producer Frank Marshall tweeted "The rumor about INDY 5 is completely false. Nothing has changed, we are not shooting next year and still in the research phase..."]

indiana_jones_and_the_kingdom_of_the_crystal_skull_movie_poster_finalAccording to the source of New Zealand website Stuff, “Harrison is on stand-by for filming next year” and “Shia LaBeouf has a central role again as Indy’s son but this will be a blockbuster made in the old fashioned way rather than the CGI efforts of the last movie.”

Fans of the series know that this goes without saying.  The end of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull certainly set up a major continuing role for Mutt and the reliance on CGI was one of the primary criticisms of the film.

The biggest thing, however, is the Bermuda Triangle.  For those who don’t know, it’s a region of the Atlantic Ocean created by the southern tip of Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.  The mythology behind the place is that all types of vessels disappear there.  How and what this has to do with Indiana Jones is beyond me.  There are literally thousands of different events and stories surrounding this piece of ocean so maybe there’s some sort of relic buried in there.  Either way, many of the theories are about aliens. And we all know how that worked out last time.

  • Villainboy

    I actually think this might work. Sue me. I love Indy and I can love parts of Indy 4.

  • Zebany

    In my opinion, only two elements nearly destroyed Indy 4: Tree swinging, and actually showing the aliens. Had Spielberg just left the aliens off-screen, and just hinted that the skulls could possibly be extraterrestrial in nature, Indy 4 would have been epic.

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  • Ringbearer1420

    They were interdimensional beings, alot of cultures have them, in north America bigfoot is seen by native Americans as interdimensional beings. They do their reserch. People say temple of doom is racist but all the mythology is accurate, the the thugee called killed 100,000s of people, in fact term thug comes from their cult. So it would be pretty scary if the thugee came back. Keep making them, I've loved them all.

  • Ringbearer1420

    They could of also got some one more likable that Shia laboef. But even I didn't really mind him in Indy 4

  • Bill Reed

    Just make sure John Rhys-Davies is in this one.

    • Anonymous

      Ain’t gonna happen: Sallah is most likely dead by the ’50s, and Egypt in those days wasn’t a place for an American like Indiana Jones to be (you know, Nasser, the Suez Crisis, and all that.)

  • Ruiner

    I do think that people who really went off on the silliness factors of “IJ4″ kind of forgot how campy many of the scenes in the original trilogy were. Everyone has their own problems with it, but my biggest were the inclusion of an unenthusiastic Shia Lebouff performance, those horrid monkey, and gophers scenes, and how they used Ray Winstone. While I realize not everyone loved Beowolf (which I really enjoyed) , but no one can deny his bad-ass performance in The Departed. That whole terribly unfunny “double-double agent” spiel was cringe inducing.

    While Lucas's and Spielberg's levels of greed are highly debatable, neither man is ignorant enough to completely shut out all the criticism from the fans. If they stray away from the Alien theories in the Bermuda Triangle, and stay more akin to mystical/supernatural properties we might get the Indy film that EVERYONE wants. The hinting of their reluctance to rely completely on CGI this time is a epic step in the right direction.

  • Johannes

    The only way I'll go to the theater to watch this movie is if the first scene shows “Mutt” dying horribly in the Bermuda Triangle. I can't stand Shia LeBeouf and/or his character.

  • Dfjnfg F
  • Dfjnfg F
  • Dfjnfg F

    Ok, kinda psyched for a 5 because I love Indy! And he is not too old to play him, Indy is a none age specific character. I like the way he went from Young Indy through his prime then seeing him become old like Henry senior, its like seeing his whole life. (I do predict that his life will kinda end by Indy getting lost in the bermuda triangle, so that he neither lives nor dies.)

    A fitting end i think. And could be emotional, as long as the acting and scene is played out as emotional, and not in the vain of Anakin/Padme emotion, which played out on the page maybe but not on the screen.

    Hopefully they will all learn from Indy 4s mistakes.

    Now, for some things that were bad from Indy 4 to avoid…

    1, Overuse of cgi and cuddly animals, ie Monkeys/gophers.

    2, FAR too tame and pg13 for an Indy film! I want face melts!!!

    3, The camera filter used for the whole film was horrible, it made even the live action stuff look fake!

    4, Lame dialogue in parts, especially when Shia was told he was Indys Son, that should have been emotional, not quickly brushed over and swapped for rubber snake gags.

    5, Aliens and the Alien story was fine. But we shouldnt have seen them at all, just left as a mystery.

    6, The CIA story arc was good, but went nowhere. Id like to see more of that stuff.

    7, The Villains SUCKED! So did John Hurt and Ray Winstone. (bad supporting cast.)

    8, Too many deathdefying stunts with ZERO peril. ie, 3 waterfalls, ants,silly swordfight on the cars, the ending, the fridge. Just no peril, and hardly a scratch.


    The good stuff…

    1, I quite liked the story.

    2, I quite liked the father son/sidekick parts in the first 2 thirds of the film.

    3, I liked some of the settings, especially the scene where the nuke takes place in that fake town. (shame bout the fridge, but i cant see how else he woulda gotten out of there.)

    4, The backstory was pretty good that explained where Indy had been up to after the war etc.

    5, Some great nods to previous characters and elements, ie Marcus brody statue, and Henry senior pic and the campus.

    6, Indy, while old, still had some metal. But fights and action need to be improved. They need to look at Raiders of the lost Ark, at the action, tension and drama, rather than its 2 sequels, which were more slapsticky. In Raiders, when Indy is on that truck, or in the snake pit or fighting by the plane. So much tension. Whered it go?

    7, It can only get better!!!!!

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  • Claudius

    I didn't hate Indy 4. I think generally people have misinterpreted what the original trilogy was supposed to be and they hold it against the fourth. Originally, Raiders was meant to be a send-up of the 30's serial genre, but people ended up taking it seriously. In keeping with this pattern, they really took a step in the right direction for Indy 4 as it was supposed to be a send-up of 50's sci-fi, but that's unfortunately a little harder to take seriously if that's what you're looking to do.

    I did hate the overuse of CGI, though, and I'm skeptical here. After all, I distinctly remember reading, in a George Lucas interview I believe, that Indy 4 would have very, very little CGI, as minimal as possible…and we can see how that turned out.

  • Dfjnfg F
  • Tom

    Indy is dead. This coming from a huge Inday fan. They ruined the franchise. It's of the past. It's a relic. Bury it.

  • Poirot34

    Very well put. It's also worth noting that Raiders originally represented a much lighter tone from the action films of the 70s- which actually WERE dark, violent, and gritty.

    In time, Indy 4 will find its place in the series, just as Temple and Crusade managed to do. It's just not radically different enough to be viewed separately- no matter how much fanboys try to portray it as such. The same flaws inherent in Kingdom can also be found in the previous sequels.

    As for the cgi, I doubt we'll ever see another film as old-school as the original trilogy. Too much time has passed and there have been too many technological advancements. People forget that the first three were all cutting-edge upon their release. It's not as though they remained limited to the f/x technology of the 1960s.

    Even though it's now been debunked, the Bermuda Triangle would have been an interesting area for Indy to explore. It may have been covered before, but there's not really one definitive film on the subject that everyone remembers. (Unlike the holy grail, which Monty Python still owns to this day.) I'm surprised the author can't imagine what it would have to do with the character, though. Indy was designed to be a hero that could encounter all sorts of strange phenomenon- from the supernatural to the occult to the just plain weird. Why fans always try to limit him to the same old territory he's already covered is beyond me. (I actually thought the weakest part of Indy 4 was the portion that had him retreading familiar ground such as jungles and tombs.)

  • RedJohn88

    Get rid of Shia Lebeouf, and get rid of the outlandish CGI scenes, including nuke-the-fridge type situations, and you might have me again.

  • SuckmynutsLucas

    Ditch George Lucas and his crappy CGI for starters. Then take a look at the old ones! Indy 4 was a disgrace!!! And Mutt pisses me off, it was embarasing! Who ever came up with the CGI gopher should be shot in the nuts to!
    Bermuda triangle sounds cool though.
    Go %^$^ yourself Lucas. You shat all over Star Wars with your CGI then you do it to Indy. $%#%er!

  • frickingderp

    And Shia laboef is going in to many big as movies. He needs to read some scripts and F$%k Micheal Bay off. He's getting so overexposed I want to punch him in the face!
    “Oh look, a new big budget movie with Shia laboef directerd by derp de derp and lots of exlosions and even more derp. WTF”.
    Comon Alkida! do something about this shit! Please

  • SuckmynutsLucas

    I mean 5. Indy 4 was almost alright.

  • Turk

    Most likely will be about Atlantis. I hope not though….

  • Neville R

    1.'Overuse of CGI'? Where do you get this bullshit from? You sound like the people who hated sound films and only liked silent, or the people who hated (hate) color and prefer black & white! What's your big deal, and why should I give a shit?

    2. The villains were great, and no, dumbfuck, they can't go back to Nazis, either-WWII has passed, time for some new ones. I would suggest to Lucas & Spielberg a SPECTRE-type organization with dreams of world domination, with the Soviets occasional (misunderstood) baddies.

    3 and 4-The dialog was the same as in all of the other movies, and the filter wasn't too bad either-I chalk your pissiness up to being jaded over effects.

    5. If we got to see the Angels of Death in Raiders, we should also see the aliens in this movie too.

    6, 7, & 8-Like I said, you've been jaded by other action pictures-take a beak from them, and see something else-that way, your palate won't be messed up and unalbe to taste what Spielberg & Lucas will send you.

    • mike28115

      glad to see someone that isn’t going to the movie with a microscope. it was an indy film. and i loved it. yes we’re in a new day and age. but who cares if the action is partially CGI, it’s fun to use new cinema toys, besides there was plenty of live action, I mean obviously, because they’re not going to make the characters or fight scenes CGI. I agree with you. and these picky people need to save their $9.50 and buy themselves some tissues.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the back-up!

  • sarahbuckingham

    You clearly just enjoy any ol' crap that's put out at cinemas then. Firstly, there was WAY too much CGI (never should you have to think to yourself “Wow, I actually can't see any actors on screen at the moment, just unconvincing Crappy Graphics Innit?” Secondly, the villains weren't great (and no need for pointless swearing either, cos it only makes you look dumb and angry), they were in fact very bland. Regarding seeing the aliens, well the existence of aliens just kind of throws into disrepute ALL events of the previous three films. It was better left as a somewhat believable mythology (I'm an atheist but the whole Ark of the covenant thing was amazingly done and in that universe I could definitely believe it). Aliens, however, belong in other franchises.
    Lastly, the fact that you're trying to make gold out of what was otherwise a very lame film (and swearing bucketloads in the process), makes you seem like the jaded one. Glad to hear you enjoy baaad movies though, you're one of the people putting talentless directors' and writers' kids through college.

    • Anonymous

      I enjoy quality films as much as the next person, and for me, this was a quality film. Maybe not for you but it was for me.

      Here’s a review of the movie that clarifies that it was a great film: Saucer Men: A Review of Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

      As for the constant mystical stuff Indy usually investigates; After a while, that gets tiresome, and it only invites charges of racism and cultural imperialism anyway (equal to the charges the first three movies most likely got at the times they were released.) Stories about aliens, hunting for powerful relics that come from other planets, and fighting the people and governments that will use them for nefarious purposes, seems to me to be a step in the right direction.

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  • Jdoe

    Take a hike.

  • Rskillsta

    Number 5 ends with Harrison Ford crated away in a vast warehouse instead of the Ark of the Convenant.

  • Beaver

    No relic required, I bet Indy's wides plane or boat goes missing over the Bermuda Triangle and they go to the spot and story ensues…

  • wullie-1991

    i love the indy series as much as the next person. But i do think the last movie was just a money maker for spielberg. The plot was weak with none of the original tone to the story as the first three did. Thus losing the charm And the excitement of the first three films. I could go on all day slating this movie too much cgi and far-fetched story ect. So if they do bring out this fifth film go back to basic like in the 80′s. Cause we all seen what happend to star wars when they tried to change it. (it sucked) Film makers Shouldn’t just be persuaded by money. Please think of it as art not the next paycheck.

  • wullie-1991

    i love the indy series as much as the next person. But i do think the last movie was just a money maker for spielberg. The plot was weak with none of the original tone to the story as the first three did. Thus losing the charm And the excitement of the first three films. I could go on all day slating this movie too much cgi and far-fetched story ect. So if they do bring out this fifth film go back to basic like in the 80′s. Cause we all seen what happend to star wars when they tried to change it. (it sucked) Film makers Shouldn’t just be persuaded by money. Please think of it as art not the next paycheck.

  • Eric

    I loved the opening drag race and the final scene in church, great contrasting book ends. If they are making a Bermuta Triangle I think it would be great to take the character out to sea. Though I remember Spielberg stating shooting on water is very difficult on the Jaws Dvd commentary.

  • rock of sense

    Not going to work.

    The buzz word is REBOOT.

    Harrison is too old. Find a new Indy. Get back to the 30′s / 40′s

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