Harrison Ford Says Making Another INDIANA JONES Film Would Be “Perfectly Appropriate”

     August 6, 2013


Harrison Ford has not one but two movies opening in the coming months, which means the press has double the opportunities to hound him about his involvement in Star Wars: Episode VII and the prospect of a fifth Indiana Jones film.  Talk of the latter has somewhat subsided over the past few years, with Ford, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas continuing to rattle off the same “if we can come up with a good idea” line that they’ve been spouting for years.  It’s a true sentiment, but when one looks at Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull—which the trio deemed a worthwhile endeavor—the question becomes whether the audience thinks it’s a good idea to return to the Indiana Jones well.

While promoting the upcoming thriller Paranoia, Ford recently spoke a bit about the prospect of Indiana Jones 5, saying that he’s game to reprise the role as long as he doesn’t have to “kick as much ass.”  Hit the jump to read his full comments.

harrison-ford-indiana-jones-5When speaking with the Daily Telegraph, the 71-year-old actor said that he thinks it would be “perfectly appropriate” to see Indiana Jones return for another adventure:

“We’ve seen the character develop and grow over a period of time and it’s perfectly appropriate and okay for him to come back again with a great movie around him where he doesn’t necessarily have to kick as much ass. To me, what was interesting about the character was that he prevailed, that he had courage, that he had wit, that he had intelligence, that he was frightened and that he still managed to survive. That I can do.”

While we still have no word on whether another Indiana Jones movie will actually be made, it’s certainly clear that Ford is game to return.  Personally, I’m of the opinion that they should leave well-enough alone—no sense in possibly sullying the Indiana Jones legacy even further by turning out another underwhelming entry.  But what do you think, readers?  Are you jonesing for a fifth film or do you think Crystal Skull should act as the final chapter in Spielberg, Ford, and Lucas’ saga?


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  • calebrcrawford

    I think the Last Crusade acts as a fitting end to the Indiana Jones legacy.

    • Dodge Hickey

      Yes! Sweet Jesus YES!

    • LEM

      After that last debacle I wish they would have stopped after Last Crusade.

  • Will

    Why do all of the links to continue reading start with breadpro.com? Is that an advertisement that should pop up?

    As for Indiana Jones, I say let the number of moves stand at 3.

    • Will


    • MIXTER

      Agreed, this stupid pop-up advert on this site is doing my head in! I shall lose interest in Collider if this continues.

      • Melwing

        Full page video ads that pop up again if you use the ‘back’ button? What’s NOT to like?


    • LEM

      Yeah not even adblock blocks that stupid promo.

  • Matt Lane

    what a horrible, embarrasing piece of shit crystal skull was

    • Sean Connery

      I rather enjoyed it. Sure it was not up to par with the first three, but it was lighthearted, funny, loved the locations, and had a great cast.

  • themanwiththeplan

    I don’t know if I am the only one to feel this way, but I think that Indiana Jones should do the same thing as James Bond, with a different actor interpreting the role. It would definitely work for the character, and there are tons of stories that can be told. What do you say, Disney? ;)

    • Kevin Carter

      I’m that will happen down the line but I am sure they will at least try to crank another one out.

    • Agent777

      1. James Bond is a literary character.

      2. Indy is a film character who Harrison Ford plays.

      3. There is a Young Indian Jones series, there are comics, there is a book series which has aliens and old Indy and commies. In all of these, Indy looks like Harrison Ford.
      4. If you didn’t like Crystal Skull, it’s clear you don’t get why Indy was made in the first place, nor do you understand the pulp roots of the character.
      5. Harrison Ford only has one lifetime to play this character, and as long as he wants to play it, he can and will play it, and I hope he is around a long, long, long, long time.

      • Kevin Carter

        I love sweeping statements like this ;)
        “If you didn’t like Crystal Skull, it’s clear you don’t get why Indy was made in the first place, nor do you understand the pulp roots of the character”
        If Ford decides against playing the role down the road then it will be re cast at some point..

      • gini

        I agree with you! my family, (4 generations) like the movies for the fun of it and we love the way Harrison can say as much with his face as with words. And he’s still doing what he called “physical acting” so as long as he’s willing, we’ll be in line to watch anything he does!

      • Lance

        In fairness, people made the same arguments about Shatner and Kirk. But the character still works with Pine in the role.

  • Johnson

    Yes, I’d love a fifth movie, even if it’s not the last.

  • Kevin Carter

    There were too many poorly done things for even Indiana Jones to save the Crystal Skull movie. The CGI was overused and poorly executed ie. the Jungle car chase scene was horrendous for that reason…remember Indy actually being on dirt roads in Raiders? What the hell was Mutt doing swinging from damn trees???
    Don’t get me started on the cartoonish escape from the soldiers after the ants…Using branches etc to descend onto the river?…
    Grrr…..I should have said don’t get me started….
    If they do another with Ford, and I doubt it as it’s been a few years since Skull, just go back to basics…re-watch Raiders and start there!!

    • Wilson

      Do i need to remind you about the inflatable boat falling down waterfall after waterfall? Yes i agree cgi was used a tad much, but all the movies are campy. Skull wasnt the best of the bunch, but dang it was fun to see him on screen again and to hear the music. Even if part 4 and 5 arent the best, who cares, i miss seeing Harrison Ford on screen as indiana jones, and to watch a movie and to just have fun again. Bring back the nazi’s!

      • Kevin Carter

        Yes there are other instances in the franchise where there was ropey CGI but I was just concentrating on the latest movie.
        I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy him playing Indy again and would pay my money to see him play it again… Just do it right and tone down the “camp” factor next time :)

        I fear the Nazi’s are gone from the Indy movies though unless they use time travel this time…lol.

      • MIXTER

        Totally agree! In Skull, the one single element that was great was seeing him as Indy again, and still having fun with the character. I loved the way he played it too, wiser but still getting in scrapes. The characters, relationships were good.

        But the overuse of cgi action scenes that made no sense, horrible cinematography/filters, lame villain, and weird 3rd act ruined the good stuff. But i wanna see a part 5 to remedy the flaws of skull.

      • Kevin Carter

        I know I went on about the CGI and don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of effects etc. But in this film it was more how they used the CGI that bothered me.
        I loved seeing Marion again,.. Do another.

      • MIXTER

        Your right, I’m not anti cgi (Though i do prefer practical effects) but theres room for both. Gollum is best as CGI, YODA best as Puppet.

        Its the overuse and mis-use of cgi that bothers me.

        But for Indy 4, it was the camera filters for the whole film that bothered me most, it all just didn’t look like it fitted in with the other films. It was as if Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay was involved.

      • Agent777

        “but I was just concentrating on the latest movie” You summed it up. The “Internet Movie Community” picked the one Indy that came out during there lifetime and picked it apart, completely out of context of the other films. Yet when it’s put in context… it clearly has flaws no different from any other Indy movie.

      • Kevin Carter

        I saw them all at the movies.

    • GrimReaper07

      Everything Crystal Skull did poorly, Temple of Doom did it worse. Except for the aliens. That was an amazingly stupid idea.

  • Taylor

    Honestly I never saw Crystal Skull as a particularly bad movie, sure it had its silly moments but let’s be honest: Indiana Jones was always kind of just a blockbuster character and the original films have their fair share of absurd scenes. I think people were so butt-hurt over how Lucas (genuinely) brought down the Star Wars franchise. People seemed down to hate the shit out of this movie from the get go and it’s honestly as good as Temple of Doom (and no one sits around saying how that ruined the franchise). So what if Indy is only 2/2 for great movies, the other too are still fun pieces of cinema.

    • Agent777

      That’s what I thought to, here we have Ford and Spielberg (and I’ll say, George Lucas) back, and in perfect form, and it ends up being a punching bag. The hate people throw around is ridiculous, as these are the guys who created this series.

      Funny thing is, all the people I know who don’t go on forums loved it. Including people who were kids back in the 60′s and got the mix of Cold War and aliens.

  • Cicatriz

    Crystal Skulls wasn’t any less believable or child like than any of the other entries in the series. If you can’t suspend your disbelief like you did when you watched the mine cart scenes as a kid, that’s a problem on your end.

    • MIXTER

      I liked elements of Skull, mainly the beginning part, but the 3rd act was just terrible. And the cgi and camera filters ruined the whole look of the film. Made even the real scenes and locations look fake.

      I still wanna see a part 5 though, but for the characters story arc not for cgi aliens/gophers or cartoon stunts. And we NEED a better film to end on than the last entry. It worked for Rocky, and Rambo, and i believe it will work for Star Wars too.

  • Ramses Ávila

    I stopped reading at …71 years old actor.

    • MIXTER

      What about Indy’s dad, Henry snr in Last Crusade? Too old? Indy is age appropriate! And I wanna see him become his own fathers role in a 5th film (as long as its good!) One of the most awesome things about Indy that not many notice is, that including the yound Indy adventures, we have seen a character on screen age from a child to teen to adventurer to father figure, and i think missing out the final chapter would be a terrible waste. I think we need an Indy 5, and maybe to have him pass on the torch and have him be killed doing what he does best.

      That said, it needs to not resemble KOTCS in any way at all.

      • Ramses Ávila

        Yes but… one thing is Ford as Indy and Connery as his dad and other WAY to different is LaBeouf as Jones and Ford as his dad… Just saying

    • RamsesAvilaIsAnAHole

      Wow, what an ass hole. I always thought Hollywood shoving young actors down their throats was based on their (incorrect) notion that we only want to see young people in movies. I can see there’s at least one shallow, ageist, prick out there who gives their logic some merit.

      • Ramses Ávila

        Don´t get me wrong, I love the first 3 movies of Indiana Jones but The 4th let me with a bad memory, Tarzan Jones? for god’s sake

  • dockok

    Raiders in my opinion is successful because it is a serious film sprinkled with very toned down funny moments ( almost no lol moments, just funny), but The Last Crusade and KCS were satires, aiming for just circus style shenanigans and over the top stuff.
    They SHOULD DO ANOTHER ONE if they make a very serious eerie mystery. Temple of doom was the transitional film from serious to over the top, but being my second favorite, i have noticed that it has been slowly gaining more fans because sensitivities are different now (back then it was a bit condemned for being too scary).

    A back to basics plain old adventure mystery.

    • MIXTER

      You speak wise words!

  • Person

    I still don’t get the Crystal Skull hate, after the fridge fiasco the movie finds its rhythm and is perfectly decent overall. But yeah, no need for a fifth one. Just end it with Indy and Marion tying the knot and call it a series.

    • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

      It got really good reviews. Some fans are just really vocal about their dislike for it.

      Oh and about the fridge, this is the same series that has Indy jumping out of windows and landing on awnings, using rafts as parachutes, going over cliffs and miraculously surviving…..that’s kind of what adventure movies are.

  • Kevin Carter

    Now soon to be seen in Expendables 3…apparently..

  • pinkincide

    Temple of Doom was the first stinker in this franchise. I can’t let any Crystal Skull bitching session go by without inserting that fact.


    I think it would be great to see Indy go back to China for his last adventure, or maybe Tibet or Thailand. Hook up with adult Short Round, and find a less Alien mcguffin. Maybe then pop over to Africa or somewhere we haven’t seen yet for a Congo adventure.

    They seemed to struggle for a mcguffin for the films, but what if one we already seen was stolen. Plenty of potential for a WELL MADE 5th film to get rid of the bad taste of Skull.

    I say bring it on!

    • Kevin Carter

      Real locations, globe trotting, there are plenty of myths and legends to pick from…

    • gman

      The perfect McGuffin would be the cross that Christ was crucified on

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  • Agent777

    If this doesn’t excite you than your either a troll or a hack. I’ll be there opening day, stoaked as f%$k, after re-watching a four of the other Indy films.

    How many action heroes do you get to see in real time? And it’s always been part of the Indy myth that he been doing this kind of crap his whole life, it makes perfect sense for him to be old.

  • Aidan Williams

    I think that is a great attitude that Harrison Ford has and I agree with him I would love to see another Indiana Jones movie.

  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

    I think that Harrison Ford is really desperate financially to look for another Indiana Jones.
    Drop the stick Harry. the beast is dead.

    • Blank Check

      And what’s your evidence for his financial woes exactly?

      • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

        Expandables 3

  • Sean Connery

    Ford said it perfectly. I want them to return one more time. No Shia. No George Lucas messing it up with his ego. Use Frank Darabont’s script, or get someone else to write one. Not Damon Lindelof. Not David S. Goyer. Get Lawrence Kasdan or someone who knows his stuff. Make less CGI. More humor. More heart. Make it a swan’s song and a fitting end to one of the world’s greatest franchises.

  • Sean Connery

    Myths/Legends/MacGuffins they could choose:

    Loch Ness Monster. Hydra. Time travel. Ancient curses. Nazi Base in Antarctica. Reanimated Incan mummy. Some Ancient Egyptian’s crown/staff. Yeti. Bermuda Triangle.

  • Kondorr

    The uneven numbered ones are the best… Give us the FIVE!

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  • gman

    Seems to me that when the storyline involved somet type of rock/crystal then the movie was not that good and when the storyline involved something from the bible the movie was excellent. Go back to what works, a good storyline would involve the cross that Christ was crucified on. I would love to see them bring back Indy one more time and redeem the franchise from the debacle of the Crystal Skull, what a let down that movie was. Stop with all the CGI (a little is OK), way, way over the top action sequences (swinging on vines ala Tarzan? Nuking the fridge? sword fighting on top of a truck driving through a rainforest?) and go back to “the lost Ark” & “the Last Crusade” action sequences. It would be nice to see that franchise go out on a good note.

  • kalira

    Would like to see someone open the ark box again, leave off on how the box was opened and there was an inquiry. and indy has to stop an idiot from opening the box

  • kalira

    Would like to see someone open the ark box again, leave off on how the box was opened and there was an inquiry. and indy has to stop an idiot from opening the box