RUMOR: Harrison Ford Wants to Kill Off Indiana Jones [UPDATED]

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If Indiana Jones 5 ever comes to pass, it will likely be the last time Harrison Ford ever picks up the hat and whip.  But the manner of that exit is important and sources tell Showbiz Spy that “Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat to his son in the next one.”  That would also involve bringing back Shia LaBeouf, who publicly admitted that he didn’t think much of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Showbiz Spy’s sources also say that while producer George Lucas is resistant to the idea, Steven Spielberg is considering  it.  While I would like to say that I’m okay with killing off Indy as long as it’s done with dignity, Crystal Skull indicated that “dignity” really has no place in the future of this franchise.  Indiana Jones will most likely die while strapped to a rocket that’s being shot into the moon.

Of course, you can file this one under “rumor” for right now, but I’m sure Ford can’t wait to be asked about it eight billion times if/when he does press for Cowboys & Aliens, which opens July 29, 2011. [Update: Speaking to The Huffington Post, representatives for Ford deny Showbiz Spy's story and say that reports of the actor wanting to kill off the character are false]

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  • IllusionOfLife

    Silly Harrison Ford, don’t you know that Lucas already killed Indiana Jones with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? The franchise is going to need a lot more than the Holy Grail to recover from that.

  • fred

    Indy’s story ended with Last Crusade. I have the three movies on DVD in a case that says the “complete adventures.” It wouldn’t say “complete” if it hadn’t ended. I don’t see why there’s all this talk about a supposed fourth one. As far as I know, it never happened.

  • Mike

    Not to be a buzz kill, but you can’t actually kill off Indiana Jones in the next film, as it would go against the whole history of the character. He lived well into his 90′s. The 90′s television established that. If they killed him before that, Lucus and Spielberg would be going outside of facts they already established within the Indiana Jones cannon. They most certainly could pass the film series off to Mutt, I’m not certain that would be such a good idea. And as the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull itself it was not that bad of movie. Sure it wasn’t as great as the first three, but considering how long it took Lucus, Ford, and Spielberg to all agree on a storyline and how long it took them all to get a schedule for making the film together, it was pretty good. The deck was really stacked against that movie, no matter what they all did, it was probably never going to be a great film, and it wasn’t. But it wasn’t bad for what it was, which to me was a more of tribute to the greatness of the first three films. I wouldn’t mind seeing a fifth one, I think it could be good, maybe even great this time around, I never expected KOTCS to be a great film, it had been too far inbetween films for everyone involved for the movie for to capture the same kind of spirit and joy that the first three had. I think the main problem might have been that Spielberg as a filmmaker has really outgrown making films like Indiana Jones, which is not necessarily a terrible thing on it’s own, I mean look at what he’s directed since the Last Crusade – Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Munich, AI, Minority Report – those are all movies that are works of much more serious minded filmmaker than any of the Indiana Jones pictures that came before them. If they would want to do a 5th Indy film they should find a strong story that let’s Spielberg really say something profound about human nature. Otherwise don’t do it and let the four films stand where they are.

  • Bob

    I agree with Mike- KOTCS was like the Moonraker of the Indy films- a bit too far-fetched, but still pretty fun, with a couple classic moments.
    What I would like to see is Lucas, Ford and Spielberg pass the torch, stay on as Executive Producers and let a new creative team have a go. I would much rather see them RECAST Indiana Jones (not a Young Indy, but in his 30s) than Shia as Mutt take the reins. Keep making them, hit or miss, and try to turn it into a Dynasty like James Bond.

  • Henry senior

    First they need to…

    Get a better villain than KOTCS

    Fire the cinematographer, that managed to make even real shots look CGI
    Lose some CGI

    Work on the dialogue and character

    No more monkeys n Gophers

    Make important scenes seem important (Hi this is Mutt, hes your son!) etc

    Bring back some real horror scenes that were present in the OT. Melting heads etc.

    Make the ending less of a quick FX showdown.

    Aside from these points, I didnt mind the Alien storyline, (though I wish we didnt see the Aliens face at the end.
    I thought Indys age was still good for a bit of action/wisdom/humour.
    Mutt wasnt that bad, mostly fanboy Lebouf hate than an actual bad character.
    The university stuff and the research exploration parts were good. It just got silly with the action scenes.

    I actually did a decent Indy 4 fan-edit, that got rid of most horrible scenes and colour corrected the film so it didnt have that horrible cartoonish haze that was throughout (That was my biggest gripe, it just LOOKED horrible) I also added more music from the first film to scenes that lacked that Indy sound.

    So as for killing off Indy? If done with dignity, and emotion and powerful music score, it could redeem the faults of the fix-able Indy-4.

  • BatNips

    Horrific news.

    Pass on the torch to what? Mutt Jones and The Phantom Menace?

    I’d rather get a Man-Boobjob

  • Enjoy the Serials

    I do like the serial approach that Lucas has been doing. They are not classic dramatic masterpieces but they are not intended to be. They were inspired by Flash Gordan after all, lol….

    To me, the Indiana Jones movies are feel good movies. A bit of a romp, foolishess and rolling action. Jones dying is not feel good!

    I can understand feeling as long as he isn’t dead, there is a lot pressure for him to do more. Passing the role onto another seems a very reasonable thing to do, especially since, Ford has aged so much it’s becoming far fetched to seem him doing all that actions stuff.


    At this point I could give less of a sh!t. The franchise has been derailed beyond the point of repair. I just like to block out the fourth film and rewatch the original trilogy.

    • mike2

      I would agree with you folks that hated crystal Skull except for one little thing…IT WAS A GOOD MOVIE!!!

      Perfect? No…but none of the other Indy flicks were either. Like many of you I grew up with the original trilogy and am tempted to consider them perfect…but they weren’t. Were they among the best cinema evaer? Yep…but so was #4…quit yer pointless fanboy whining

  • Elitist Prick

    Ford has joked about killing Jones in the past (along with wishing he had killed Han Solo), so I don’t think there’s much to the rumor. He might be eager to be rid of the character, but as far as seriously making Jones die goes, it will only happen if Lucas wants to then bring Indy back from the dead in a sixth film. Indiana Jones and the Zombie Curse?

  • AJC

    In an interview on the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DVD, I recollect the mention of wanting to create a ‘B’ picture – a goal they easily achieved. So why not go straight to DVD like other contemporary ‘B’ pictures? And continuing in that vein, for the next movie, Indy finds a time machine and grapples with crooked bankers threatening to foreclose on a monkey sanctuary in modern day New York.

  • Andrew

    God….will Harrison Ford just SHUT THE HELL UP???? Lets kill off Han Solo. Lets kill off Indiana Jones. Always looking for the “serious moment” in movies that are supposed to be fun. These movies ain’t Witness or What Lies Beneath or (little puke)Firewall…plus which, as Mike pointed out, Indiana lived ’til he was in his 90′s. But, honestly, Harrison Ford needs to remember that he’s an actor who has created some of the best loved characters in cinema. They are as much ours as his, and as such he needs to find his dramatic credibility somewhere the F—k else!

  • bruno

    The Last Indy, lost all the concept of the 3 first movies.
    Lots of cgi (some very bad) and the things with UFOS ans E.Ts.
    I wope for a better 5 movie.

  • Tom

    It’s too bad we don’t have a “think tank” like this for our national problems like health care and SS.

  • McGee

    “I actually did a decent Indy 4 fan-edit, that got rid of most horrible scenes and colour corrected the film so it didnt have that horrible cartoonish haze that was throughout”

    …and people said you weren’t humble! What were those fools in hollywood thinking when they hired professionals to edit it, when there’s some kid on the internet who’s perfectly capable for the job!

    I had some gripes with Indy 4, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. People made a big to-do about the fridge scene but am I the only one who recalls good ol’ Dr. Jones jumping out of a plane on a river raft in Temple of Doom? I think there’s always some nagging points people can agree on, but all too often I think many forget that one possible reason for their disappointment wasn’t the studio’s lack of effort, but rather from their own overabundance of nostalgia that nothing could ever surmount.

  • Bunker

    YEah, I really hope he doesn’t mean that. It’d be so sad and plus, Indy is supposed to live to be old and still teaching. It would be sad…. very sad. Indiana is a character theat was written well enough and with enough depth to be good at all ages. I love all the stages, from little kid Indy, to YOUNG INDY, 1930′s 40′s INDY…. Gray and verile Indy (who deserved a better film)…. and LESS WE FORGET old yet regal Indy, with the old hat and the cane and the eye patch, still bumbling around the university, telling students unbelievable stories when he catches them trying to sneak into his office….. and they get stranded in a rain storm/power outage. I mean, just because he’s in his 80′s or 90′s and can’t go on adventures of the calibure he used to doesn’t mean the character should be killed off! How sad for Marion! She waited 10 years, bitter as hell at times…… then another 20 for, what 5 years of marriage and a few stolen kisses with decades in between. NO! Let’s keep Indy going, in one form or another. He looks GREAT in Cowoys and ALiens (although, it looks dumb as hell, and maybe that’s the point…..?) But I think with adecent script, and less c.g.i. crap and “shock value” made for 12 year olds he’d be okay. Really, they should go back and look at Raiders and stop trying to make these cute films. Camp, ok, in moderation. Not too cute. Not Disney!

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  • rock of sense

    REBOOT is what is needed for this franchise.

    Harrison is too old. Time to find a new Indiana Jones. Head back to the 30′s and 40′s.

    This franchise is as much about the time period as the character.

  • Sandy

    Some posters are so negative. I like the idea of following Indy, with Harrison Ford if he\’s willing,
    as the teaching fellow, telling the stories and sending off new generations of archaeologists to solve new mysteries (like sometimes real life mysteries are greater than fantasy ones) into his 90\’s. I really dislike those who say Harrison is too old. You may think you\’re only being realistic, but give this wonderful actor dignity, please. He has created some wonderful characters! With that wonderfuly trace of the comic (do you know how hard comedy actually is?…the timing folks!) Perhaps we could give credit to directors, but he has done this with more than one. I loved his character in American Grafitti…directed by Ron Howard. And Patriot Games, et. al.?!
    Raiders of the Lost Ark worked really well because we don\’t know what happened to the Ark of the Covenant, and wouldn\’t it be great to find it? We have a written history that it existed in the Bible and the Torah, unlike speculations about aliens. I do think that a very well- written story line about Atlantis would work…emphasis on well-written. Please, no aliens. That genre needs to be with ET and Close Encounters and Star Wars.
    There are many fascinating things being discovered by our archaeologists and paleontologists. Tap that resource, like Professor Jones would!
    I could see younger adventurers (but from that academic world, like Indy) in late 20\’s, 30\’s early 40\’s consulting and conspiring with Indy, just as he did with Sean Connery (Dad) more so that the choice of younger actor for Crystal Skull. Someone mentioned Jon Hamm. He has a number of acting chops that would perhaps fit well with the Indy Jones genre, but does he have that physical shtik? (And don\’t we all love to hate his character in Mad Men?!!)
    We will have to accept the decisions made by the team that produced the original great series. I hope they are wise decisions. We love to be entertained! I wonder if Richard Dreyfous could be another professor who works with Harrison Ford? Both suitably \"neurotic\"(There\’s always Sam Neill and Laura Derne!)
    (And is there a grown up Henry Thomas that ET eventually comes back to visit?) Perhaps too silly. We are still eating Reese\’s Pieces, by the way!
    I don\’t like remakes unless they\’re 75 years later, and you never saw the original. No one could ever top Gone with the Wind and the characterizations of those actors and actresses.

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