Disney Says Not to Expect New INDIANA JONES Movies for at Least Two to Three Years

     December 13, 2013


Last week, Disney and Paramount finally came to a financial arrangement with regards to future Indiana Jones films.  Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, the studio is in charge of developing and distributing the further adventures of Dr. Jones, while Paramount maintains distribution rights over the previous four films and gets a cut of the revenue from additional sequels.  Though some fans sparked to the thought of a new Indiana Jones movie coming to theaters soon, Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn today told the folks at Variety not to expect a new Indy film for at least two to three years, adding, “We don’t have a story.  We need a story.”

There will surely be new Indiana Jones movies in the future, be they sequels or reboots, and when they do come to fruition, Lucasfilm will be producing.  The studio is rather busy at the moment though, as they have their hands full trying to launch a new Star Wars trilogy.

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  • Doug_101

    Wasn’t Alan Horn the guy who nailed Episode 7 down to 2015 with nothing completed? Two to three years for a new Indy movie when “We don’t have a story” seems optimistic, but it’s clear he really cares about quality. Awesome.

    • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

      Since when big cooperation and executive make quality products ???
      Individuals do . Lets wait on who will write or direct it before jumping to any conclusions

      • Doug_101

        That’s my point. He’s setting the deadlines without a thought to how the films will actually turn out. To give even a lazy estimate about Indiana Jones when there’s no story yet shows that. It screams “Yeah, when we need product out, it’ll be ready.”

  • Doug_101

    Wasn’t Alan Horn the guy who nailed Episode 7 down to 2015 with nothing completed? Two to three years for a new Indy movie when “We don’t have a story” seems optimistic, but it’s clear he really cares about quality. Awesome.

  • Steven Fox

    There should be a new actor cast to play Indy, I recommend Ryan Gosling or Tom Hardy.

    • YodaRocks

      Wow! Going by the amount of down-votes , love for Harrison Ford is strong among Collider readers. Or is it hate for Ryan Gosling and Tom Hardy?

      • Leo Spaceman

        Its not love for Ford, Its the fundamental belief Ford and Indy are one in the same. If they were going to recast the title character, they might as well make it a new movie series in its own right. Nobody wanted to see the Indy world continued with Mutt as the star. That is why at the end of the 4th film, Ford rode out of the church on his motorcycle with his new wife riding bitch and then ripped the hat out of Mutt’s hand and rode off because only Ford is Indy.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Or the Dog. The Dog is also Indy.

      • mattinacan

        Indy shouldn’t be recast every 15-20 years with a different actor like James Bond

  • axalon

    Thank god. Please don’t rush it.

    • Farrell

      yeah…no rush. take a few dozen centuries please. hopefully by then they’ll be closed for business and we can be spared bad Indy movies made by studio committee.

      • axalon

        I mean, that would be ideal but we all know the studio would never do that.

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  • Gojiro

    In other words: “We’re trying to figure out how to get Kutezman, Orca, and Linderofmans attached to write the script without pissing off the fans. Because as a head of a Studio we need to play it safe.” (Shhh! don’t tell anyone but they’re secretly writing Episode 7 right now.)

    • mattinacan

      i swear JJ, Lindelof, Kurtman and Orci are like this band of heathens trying to make as much money as possible at the expense of all of our favorite franchises. There is no bigger enemy in hollywood other than maybe Bay.

      • eternalozzie

        or they’re people that love to make movies …

      • mattinacan

        yea, terrible movies

  • bork1138

    Wow, they need a story first? That’s not like hollywood at all, what a refreshing man!

  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

    No more sequels. Make an Indy chronicles, when Indy was in his 18 or so,with a new face.

    Or better: Make an Uncharted movie.

    • Sten

      Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake! Harrison Ford as Sully!
      Directed by Kim Jee-woon (The good, the bad and the weird).
      Make it so!

  • kemo

    sounds like trouble

  • LEM

    I’m never expecting them ever again.

  • The Flobbit

    Folks! Step up and give us a story right here.

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  • Zoidbert

    “Reboot” Indiana Jones? That makes about as much sense as rebooting The Pink Panther, as Peter Sellers was Closeau. I mean, as much sense as rebooting The Naked Gun, as Leslie Nielsen was Inspector Drebin. Ummm…

  • tojei

    I’d like to see Shiyaaa come back. Hahah. Yeah right

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