International Poster – INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS

     June 17, 2009

Inglourious Basterds.jpg

Early reviews for Quentin Tarantino’s WWII epic “Inglourious Basterds” were kind of mixed.  This may be why Tarantino is said to be trimming the film to fit the more accepted ‘war movie’ runtime of just two hours.  I’m not sure it matters anymore how long “Basterds” runs – I’m just psyched to be getting a new Tarantino movie!  “Basterds” doesn’t open until August 21st, but in the meantime you can check out this international poster for something called “Bastardi Senzagloria”.  My Italian to English translator tells me that the title literally means “Bastards without Glory” so I’m assuming it was just too confusing to include those now-legendary misspellings…

Inglourious Basterds international movie poster.jpg

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