IRON MAN 2 Earns $100.2 Million at International Box Office

     May 2, 2010


Iron Man 2 mogul Tony Stark has already earned $100.2 million in just one weekend trip abroad (comped by Stark Industries, I’m sure).  Who needs American money anymore, anyway?  The superhero flick doesn’t premiere until this Friday in the states, but after a five-day release at 6,764 international theaters, Tony Stark has already flown past the magical $100 million mark, winning the weekend in 52 of 53 territories. (I’d love to know the one holdout . . . Uzbekistan?)  The sequel is running 26% ahead of the original Iron Man‘s comparable foreign total, which went on to earn $585 million worldwide.

It makes you wonder how high the film can soar can soar this weekend domestically?  Paramount can count on another $100+ million from us North Americans this weekend, but could Iron Man 2 approach the record $158 million opening of The Dark Knight?  To be continued . . .

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  • whatever

    I caught this the other night here in Seoul. Obviously it will do well the first weekend out, but I expect a steep decline after that. The sequel is a mess – too many characters, an utterly vacant villain (a bad waste of Rourke), waaaaay too much time for deadeningly dull Paltrow (it feels like having your mom show up at a dorm party each time she walks on screen) – it isn't good. The final mechs on mechs showdown feels like a non-event (why do we get 15 minutes of IM and War Machine fighting drones (in what looks like the opening to a second tier video game) followed by a 2 minute Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo walk on?). Despite the budget, some of the fx actually look pretty cheap and the filming frequently makes RDJ look haggard. The biggest problem is the script – characters spend a good part of the time talking over one another in a fatiguing effort to manufacture antic charm (the scenes in Monaco are almost unwatchable). None of it works. Rockwell does what he can but the writing undermines his character, robbing him of any actual menace – instead of a threat we get a clown. RDJ seems a weary throughout. One of the funniest moments comes at the end when Stark and Potts finally get to the kiss no one has been waiting for and Tony mumbles “Weird”. Indeed. You're a genius billionaire playboy and you go for…her? I really wanted to like this – my wife and I really dug the first one and I've been waiting for a solid sequel. This isn't it. I predict this does ok at the box office, Thor bombs badly (this just has disaster written all over it) and Cap fairs a little better, but not well. I suspect the big plans for an Avengers movie may end up suspended after all of this shakes out.

  • Darrin

    hey are you serious about with this review man, i guess this is this years transformers 2.

  • [A]

    pfft please — no one can ever reach Bay's s**t-fest. ever. not even if they try.. ok, maybe Ratner..

  • [A]

    I contributed!

  • Corin Prendiville

    IT is doubtful this movie will beat out The Dark Knight, the first one was amazing but the sequel just isn't that good. The reviews will certainly damage its box office effects, but I'd gander it will pull in $110-120 million in its opening weekend.

    I'm planning on seeing it opening weekend myself, assuming I can pull some cash together.

  • NightAvatar

    @Whatever, I gotta say man, you nailed it! I watched this last weekend too and had almost the same opinion. Three things sort of saved it for me and that was excellent acting, some genuinely funny moments and some amazing action scenes (I guess kind of like Transformers 2). The one thing that makes this better than Transformers 2 in my opinion is that there isn't any kiddy toilet humor in this. But there is certainly WAY too much ad-libbing going on, too much talk, not enough villain badness and hence no real threat.

  • faustapp

    This is pretty much what went through my head when I heard Whiplash would be the villain. This could of been avoided if Whiplash was instead Hammer's Iron Man, and have Crimson Dynamo come around to being Iron Man's ally. Their a horrible formula that the Marvel films can't escape, and that their comics have always been free of. Fearful, that's the tone they always talk about, they can do anything in comic form, but give them a film and they crap their pants.

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