IRON MAN 2 Toys Reveal Crimson Dynamo and War Machine

     December 9, 2009


Let me start off by saying I have absolutely no idea if Crimson Dynamo is in Iron Man 2.  While I visited the set and learned a lot of things about the movie, who knows what surprises are still in store when the film comes out next summer.  But even though Crimson Dynamo might not be in the movie, that isn’t stopping Hasbro/Marvel from releasing a toy based on the character.  And thanks to a reader named Doug, after the jump you can see what the figure looks like.  He also provided us with a look at the War Machine figure.

Since some of you might not want to see the images as you’re trying to stay spoiler free, I’m only posting them after the jump.

UPDATE: A number of people have emailed me to say these toys are based on the comic book and not the movie.



Here’s the Iron Man 2 poster with our first look at War Machine (in case you missed it)

Iron Man 2 movie poster War Machine.jpg

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