IRON MAN 3 Crosses $1 Billion at Box Office

     May 17, 2013


The Billionaire Box Office Club has a new member.  Just a couple weeks out from its domestic release, Marvel’s Iron Man 3 has now grossed over $1 billion worldwide.  That makes the Shane Black-helmed pic the 16th film ever to cross that benchmark, as it surpasses the grosses of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone ($974.9 million), Jurassic Park ($969.4 million), and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End ($963.4 million).  It also makes it the second highest grossing Marvel film of all time, easily besting Iron Man 2’s worldwide gross of $623.9 million.  Obviously, though, Iron Man 3 has a long way to go to catch up to The Avengers, which takes the number three all-time slot with $1.5 billion.  Hit the jump for more.

Though the positive reviews/reception certainly helped, one can point to the success of The Avengers as a major contributing factor to Iron Man 3’s box office achievement.  It’ll be interesting to see if that good will carries over into Marvel’s subsequent films, with Thor: The Dark World hitting theaters this fall and Captain America: The Winter Soldier scheduled to arrive next April.  At this rate, though, The Avengers 2 is on track to gross roughly $1 gajillion in 2015.

Will there be any more billion dollar grossers this year?  Man of Steel certainly has a shot, as does Fast & Furious 6, but what do you folks think?  Will Iron Man 3 stand alone or will we have another massive hit on our hands in 2013?  Sound off in the comments.



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  • Nathaniel Haywood

    If I had to guess, I’d say Man of Steel would be the one to do it. If it ends up being as good as the advance reviews are saying then it could have legs long enough to reach $1 Billion

    • Lex Walker

      It definitely has a chance, but Superman doesn’t have the clout it used to as a comic book property. Sure people recognize him instantly and everyone’s heard of him, but so many people view him as the bland vanilla of the superhero world. Batman has the dark moodiness. Iron Man has the snark. Spider-man has some snark and some teenage angst. Thor has Shakespeare and Gods. Superman is just…the aloof boy scout. He’s most comparable to Captain America and with the added familiarity I’d guess Man of Steel does something in the $700K range at most, and $550K-$600K if reviews are bad.

      • jbug

        Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder are enough to push this thing past 1B. 700MM if reviews are bad.

      • Lex Walker

        Zack Snyder as a name or brand does nothing for a film’s publicity, his films are too polarizing (people tend to love him or hate him), whereas most people have a pretty positive outlook on Nolan. It’ll be Nolan’s name if any that really draws people in, but “Christopher Nolan presents a film by Zack Snyder” isn’t the same draw as “Directed by the man who brought you The Dark Knight and Inception”. Especially since Snyder’s recent films earn him more derision/indifference than celebration.

  • astronautpreferred

    Just because it made a billion doesn’t make it a good movie. IM3 is a subpar film making bank because of the international box office.

    • Farrell


  • etguild2

    Hobbit has a shot just thanks to the rapid growth of the international market, even if it falls $50 million domestically. Catching Fire also….the international gross from Twilight to New Moon increased by 113% in just a year. If Catching Fire follows the same pattern and stays flat domestically, it’ll be right around $1 billion.

    • Lex Walker

      I’d put my money on Catching Fire over The Hobbit, so many people registered disappointment with the first chapter of the Hobbit that it seems less likely to match the first chapter. By contrast, people who’d never read Hunger Games enjoyed the movie (even with its faults) and it did well on home sales, so chances are the audience clamoring for it will be substantially larger this time. It has a lot more space to make up compared to how much The Hobbit would have to lose, but that seems to fit with the popular sentiment towards those franchises.

      • etguild2

        I could see that, but the problem is gauging how international audiences felt about The Hobbit. In many cases of franchises, international grosses fly directly in the face of domestic opinion…Ice Age 4 was the lowest grossing of the series in the states by a wide margin…and is the 9th highest grossing film of all time (?!) overseas. Pirates of the Carribean 4 was the lowest grossing in the franchise here by a wide margin…and is the 6th highest grossing film of all time (?!) offshore. Foreign audiences are crazy. Re: HUNGER GAMES 2, I can’t imagine it topping The Dark Knight Rises domestically without 3D, but stranger things have happened.

      • Lex Walker

        That’s true, and international audiences likes The Hobbit twice as much as we did at the box office, so who knows.

      • Harry Palm

        It’s not that they are crazy, it’s that they don’t speak English so they don’t care if the plot or characters are any good. They’re just watching the effects.

      • etguild2

        So either foreigners can’t read, or I enjoyed Pan’s Labyrinth, Returner and Akira for the pretty stuff on the screen alone. I think a better way to put it is, a lot of film-goers in developing countries are experiencing the medium as we did awhile ago…only completely new audiences can be exposed to the best effects possible.

  • John Lucas

    Fast & Furious 6? Really?? Maybe I’m just out of touch, but I don’t think it’ll get anywhere near $1 billion.

    • etguild2

      It really comes down to China, which none of the films have played in. The international haul from 4 to 5 rose 100%. If it’s the first to play in China, it could rise 75%+ internationally from 5, putting it in range.

  • dubu

    Iron Man 3 was awesome! As much as I loved seeing all the differents heroes team up in The Avengers, Iron Man 3 was a much higher quality film. Solid writing, directing and acting. The lack of good villain was sufficiently outweighed by a ton of kick ass moments. It might not have had the same novelty as the first Iron Man, but as a stand alone film, Iron Man 3 definitely holds it’s own. My point is that I hope the studio recognizes that the quality of the film is what pushed it past the 1B mark.

    • Harry Palm

      Solid writing! Heh, that’s a good one! I like how the villain breathes fire one time and then never does it again and also how each individual piece of Iron Man’s armor has the capability of flying over 800 miles and then reassembling in the correct order. I also love how he spends a good chunk of time rebuilding he damaged suit (with a kid sidekick no less, and we all love those!) when he has the capability of summoning all of his suits from across the country (and how they’re able to fly across the entire continent in mere minutes). And lets not forget the female scientist character that does absolutely nothing in the movie and is completely pointless. Yes. Truly a dazzling work of literature that script was.

      • dubu

        Fair point about the fire breathing and femail scientist (I admit the villain was weak). I personally felt they pulled off the kid sidekick via the banter and panic attacks. It was fun watching stark interact with the common folk. About the suits flying 800 miles and reassembling themselves? C’mon – which part of the iron man premise is realistic? We’re not talking TDK here. This is the guy that built a metal suit in a cave that took out a militia of terrorists while hooked up to a car battery.
        Keep the sarcasm coming – it really makes your point clever.

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  • Iron Bar

    All that cash and marvel still don’t want to pay the actors top dollar.

    • boom


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  • Andrew Sanders

    Capt America & F&F6,…no chance! Thor will do well but i can’t see that topping Iron Man 3 either. As for Man of Steel,i have high hopes for this one,…what with Snyder,Nolan & Zimmer + a great cast.! If it’s as awesome as the trailers make it out to be,…people will go back & watch it more than once.

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  • Pong Turo