Watch the Supremely Entertaining IRON MAN 3 End Credits Sequence [Updated]

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Judging by the massive box office take for Iron Man 3, most of you probably caught the latest Marvel film last week.  While the pic’s twists and turns were met with a decidedly mixed response from diehard comics fans, most agree that co-writer/director Shane Black crafted a highly entertaining pic to kick off Marvel’s Phase Two.  The film was capped by a fantastic end credits sequence that plays almost like the intro for a Saturday morning cartoon (“It’s Iron Man and Friends!”), and that sequence has now landed online in full for our viewing pleasure.

Hit the jump to watch the credits sequence, and click here to catch the latest episode of our podcast The Collision in which we talk all things Iron Man 3. [Update: Unfortunately the video has been pulled.  Sorry if you missed it!]



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  • bidi

    that poster is fucking awesome. that, combined with the end credits, almost made me love the movie. i feel like those end credits did more for the tone of the movie than the actual movie

  • Joe

    The best part of the whole movie was couch time with Banner. The hilarity notably coming from Banner himself.

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