Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall Talk IRON MAN 3, Collaborating With Shane Black, Script Changes, Family Reactions After Getting Cast, and More

     May 1, 2013


With writer-director Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3 now playing around the world and opening in America this weekend, I recently got to speak with the cast and filmmakers here in Los Angeles.  During my video interview with Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall, we talked about how their families reacted when they were cast, script changes during production, how it’s hard to talk about the movie without giving away some of the twists and turns, what it was like working with Shane Black, and more.  In addition, I tried to get Hall to talk about Wally Pfister‘s Transcendence (it didn’t work), and Pearce talks briefly about The Rover with Robert Pattinson.  Hit the jump to watch.

Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall:

  • How it’s hard to talk about the movie without giving away some of the twists and turns
  • What was it like working with Shane Black
  • How did their families react when they said they’d been cast in Iron Man 3
  • Did the script change during production
  • I try and get Rebecca Hall to talk about Wally Pfister’s Transcendence
  • Guy Pearce talks briefly about The Rover



  • Anonymous

    I think Frosty’s interviews are the best part of Collider, he’s humble and smart and they all look comfortable with him, kudos.

  • Lorena Sanz Vallas

    After seeing IM3 I think the Iron Man franchise is just one more installment to surrender to fart jokes and having Adam Sandler as a guest star. Honestly, does the ego of Robert Downey, Jr. can grow bigger? You need more evidence? Rhodey? Missing-In-Action. ‘Happy’ Hogan?Jon Favreau is playing the role of the jerk friend that in a Ben Stiller comedy could fall on Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn. And the Mandarin … Oh, my sweet Lord… THE MANDARIN… I don’t know how much Marvel has paid Ben Kingsley to be humiliated in this way on screen, but if I were him I would return the Oscar he has for ‘Gandhi’ and would not appear on a film. Never. And I thought Marvel could not do worse than the second installment… My goodness, how awful! For IM4 i hope they will bring back the writers of IM1 and stop hiring cronies of Downey. Jr.

    • Ryan D

      Wow someone didn’t like the film…

  • Gambit

    Please, PLEASE get a better video player or put the videos on Youtube…

    • Anonymous

      I can’t see the video at all – tried in 3 different browsers, but I can’t find any link or anything clickable. I’ve had the same problem on this site before.

  • LEM

    Usually these movies have a great first movie then an amazing second one and a lack luster third. Iron Man may be the first one to actually degrade in quality sequentially.

    • Ryan D


  • JK1193

    I’ve never seen a more elegant actress in modern cinema than Rebecca Hall. Truely stunning and talented.