Guy Pearce in Talks to Join IRON MAN 3

     April 20, 2012


The cast for Iron Man 3 is looking very, very good.  We recently learned that Ben Kingsley was in talks to play the unspecified villain role in the film, and now it looks like Guy Pearce may be joining the cast as well.  Pearce has already been turning fanboy heads by appearing in an incredibly intriguing viral tease for Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated sci-fi pic Prometheus and for his charismatic turn in Lockout, and now it looks like he’ll be a certified “fanboy favorite” by Comic-Con.  Hit the jump for more on the nature of Pearce’s role.

guy-pearce-iron-man-3The storyline of Iron Man 3 is loosely based on Warren EllisExtremis series that focuses on nanotechnology, and Variety reports that Pearce will be playing geneticist Aldrich Killian.  In the comics, Killian co-created the Extremis technology and then sold it to terrorists.  This falls in line with Kingsley’s role as “someone who revolves around the spreading of a nanobot virus,” so I’m assuming Kingsley is the terrorist who gets his hands on the technology.  Here’s what Marvel’s site has to say about Killian’s character in the Extremis series:

“Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen helped create the extremis virus. They also stole it from Futurepharm and gave it away in hopes that the government will see what it is capable of doing and re-fund them.”

I think Pearce is excellent casting and I can’t wait to see him play around in the Iron Man universe.  Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently told Steve that their goal with Iron Man 3 was to metaphorically put Tony back in the cave from the first film.  They wanted to see him stripped of everything, back against a wall, with nothing but his intelligence to get him out, so we should be in for quite a ride.  Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) is taking over the director’s chair from Jon Favreau and Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Scarlett Johansson are all set to reprise their roles from Iron Man 2.  Production is set to get underway next month, and Iron Man 3 will open on May 3rd, 2013.


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  • Sanjuro

    He should have been Justin Hammer, but then again this could be War Machine part two… Either way Kingsley and or (and I hope it’s and) Pierce means this should recapture the excellence of the first Iron Man.

    • mee

      oh man, that would of been awesome. he’s the perfect justin hammer. a lot of people seemed to love sam rockwell in iron man 2, but i actually thought he was one of the weakest elements in the movie. maybe its the way his character was written, but it just seemed so unrealistic that a guy like hammer would be such an idiot. and i thought rockwell overplayed him, making him even more rediculous (like having fake spray tan lotion on his hands… geez, it’s like a cartoon character.)

      • Brian

        I actually just mentioned the “tan hands” in a post on another article. That, to me at least, was such a great touch. He may not exactly be a complete idiot, but he desperately wanted to be something he wasn’t: Tony Stark.

  • AlexHeyNa

    I love Ben Kinsley, but I think Guy Pearce would make a better villain for Iron Man 3. The Iron Man villains have been significantly older than Tony Stark. I think a peer villain might be a little more interesting for the character.

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  • Sammich

    Here’s hoping Ben Kingsley is playing the Mandarin.

  • Mike

    Hopefully this current era for Pearce marks a career resurgence. I know the guy isn’t a starving artist by any means but after LA Confidential and Memento I really thought this dude would be a huge star like Russell Crowe.

  • Jason White

    Kingley as Mandarin and Pearce as Whateverrrr would pretty much equall the finest Marvel Film ever….
    Shane Black already knows how to get the best out of Downey Jnr in a script and I think the idea of stripping him down to character alone is great.
    it needs more grit. and with Kingley and Pearce would mean it is so much more character driven.
    Good luck

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  • Gino

    I think Guy is about to have the career we all knew he’d have after Memento!

  • potterboy

    i just saw this movie called Seeking Justice. a good film(maybe preposterous at times), not exactly memorable, but Guy Pierce steals scenes everytime he’s there. the biggest reason why i liked the movie

  • Dannyboy3030

    The closer they stick to the Extremis story arc the better. It is such an amazing story.

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  • Joe

    Wow this keeps getting better doesn’t it. Guy is totally underrated and after straight after that Prometheus TED talk…IM3 is gonna rock some serious balls.

    I’m also liking the Stark going back to the ‘cave’ metaphor. Tony always excels when his back is pushed firmly against the wall with nothing but his wits and ingenuity.

    As for Sam Rockwell, I thought he was not well cast as Justin Hammer. But because he is Sam Rockwell, I really can’t blame him! :P

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