IRON MAN 3 Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

     September 4, 2013


Iron Man 3 is in the books for earning the biggest box office of 2013 (so far), but that doesn’t mean it can escape the wrath of the folks over at Honest Trailers.  It goes without saying that this snarky take is full of spoilers, but we’ll keep those after the jump.  They do go after Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man, Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin, and Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian quite a bit, along with Shane Black’s directing/screenwriting choices and some suspect visual effects.  Iron Man 3 has a number of problems which Honest Trailers latches onto, but sometimes it gets confused by in-movie jokes or makes tired observations that have been picked over by the internet denizens since the film’s May release.  It’s worth a couple of chuckles, especially for alternate names of Stark’s army of odd-looking suits.  Hit the jump to watch.

Watch the Honest Trailer for Iron Man 3 below:


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  • Mars

    stop promoting these wack ass youtube channels from these lame fanboys.

    • Murdoch

      Umm . . . .these guys are freakin’ geniuses. Its because of shows like “Honest Trailers” and “How it should have ended” that i’m glad youtube even exists.

      • Jason Richards

        I don’t see how they’re geniuses. They nit pick movies to death, meanwhile they don’t make any movies. I don’t understand why these channels are so popular.

      • Murdoch

        Cause they’re FUNNY. If you don’t laugh at their stuff, its perfectly fine, but honestly, as much as i loved IM 3 and thought it was a VAST improvement over IM2, I laughed out loud at their characterization of Tony as “Regular Man” and then “Remote Control Man”!

      • God’s Diamond

        I like honest trailers and hishe but imo the im3 honest trailers just did was kinda meh

      • pinkincide

        Their criticisms are dead on and target major flaws of the movies. Other critics should be embarrassed for missing things Honest Trailers nail in a fraction of the word count while also being funny.

      • Jason Richards

        If they’re so good at pointing out criticisms, which the average consumer wouldn’t even think to point out, then why don’t they try to make a film? I didn’t like Iron Man 3, but to tear apart a film for what’s wrong with it and to not list positives is piss poor criticism in my opinion. These guys are not critics.

      • Norbert Korzus

        It’s a funny video, not a balanced opinion so stop expecting one. I get it you like the movie but stop being butthurt someone laughs at it.

      • Tommy Westers

        There wasn’t much nitpicking in this one. It was spot on. They are making so many stupid moves in blockbosters these days it’s getting tiresome.

      • Jason Richards

        You can pick apart any film from any generation like these idiots are doing with these films.

      • Harry Palm

        Waahhhh!!!! They make fun of movies I like!!! They’re stupid dummy poo poo heads!!!

      • Jason Richards

        I didn’t care for Iron man 3 you dope.

      • jack

        How it should have ended does it so much better

      • Lex Walker

        Yeah, this was horrible compared to HISHE’s take. And 5 minutes? There’s 30-seconds worth of comedy here, 45 at most.

  • LEM

    It wasn’t a bad movie but it was an awful Iron Man movie.

    • RiddleThemThis

      The general consensus seems to be that its better than Iron Man 2. I don’t know how it can be an awful Iron Man film if its better than 50% of them.

      • ʝoe Đenniş ßloggs

        Read the user reviews on IMDB to balance that view. I’m usually kind to movies and I also watched IM3 several times in arriving at my conclusion that it was a bad movie from a screenplay perspective.

      • Norbert Korzus

        If 50% of then are SHIT then it can be both better and still awful.

  • ʝoe Đenniş ßloggs

    Great summary of why IM3 was dumb beyond belief.

  • eternalozzie

    This summed up Iron Man 3: The Search For More Money so well … it was a really bad movie that peed all over the comic book.

    • ʝoe Đenniş ßloggs

      You could argue it didn’t pee over the comic-book because this is a different ‘cinematic’ universe. Even so, as the trailer points out, there are way too many plot holes to overlook. It is not asking too much for such a film to show some degree of intelligence.

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  • Sagamanus

    One thing I liked most about Ironman three is that it ended. Another is the comedy. I love comedy, especially in non-comedies that make them look like comedies. I also really enjoyed the different armor sets. It’s like dress up with power armor while playing house. Yes his house gets ‘the hella blowed up real good’. I’m glad they made it about new armor and the different ways he can use it. In fact they should have made the film about a talking armor a la full metal alchemist. Wow THAT’S THE PREMISE FOR IRONMAN 4 BLEEDING INTO 5!

    Mandarin was sweet too. I recently went there and got some eggrolls and some spring rolls. Oh that’s ‘The Mandarin’, how easily confused I get. One thing that did bother me (if anyone thought my review biased) is the lava men. Frankly they were underused, being in only about ninety percent of the film. I mean what’s wrong with marvel? Didn’t they think that people would want to see more of that. How about if they managed to have tapped into a volcano for ultimate Volcano power as a special ability they could summon. Fuck that would be cool. And fuck me for not realizing it. Ok I’m going to horsewhip my ass until it bleeds plasma.

    • Lex Walker

      There is a point where sarcasm ceases to be funny. You reached it in your first sentence and just kept going. tl;dr

      • Sagamanus

        Thank you. Please come again.

  • sense11


  • Shak

    Osama bin kingsley? LMAOOO

  • Nick

    I think the Mandarin’s(Kingsley) Line: “you’ll never see me coming” was a warning to all of us that we would actually never going to ever see him in the whole movie!

  • DNAsplitter

    I love it. Nailed the part of the Mandarin perfectly. I honestly expected in the movie there to be a twist at the end that actually shows that this guy really is the Mandarin and it was all staged with him being an “actor” for some other purpose – maybe infiltrating the Avengers or something of that nature. I was very disapointed that they disposed Iron Man’s greatest enemy as a joke. I felt like Shane Black had lunch with M. Night and that was what they came up with. Oh well, still enjoyed the overall film.

  • Harry Palm

    “makes tired observations that have been picked over by the internet denizens since the film’s May release.”

    So a movies problems magically disappear when enough people point them out or are we all just supposed to ignore stupidity because it’s been pointed out a lot? I don’t get this rationale at all.

  • Regular Man

    My least favorite movie of the summer, what a big giant turd of a movie. Thank you Honest Trailers.

  • poppincherry

    how was it possible for that shit to make 1.2 billion dollars?