IRON MAN 3 News: Jon Favreau to Return as Happy Hogan, Adds “Firepower” with Ashley Hamilton

     May 24, 2012


We recently reported that Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) would be joining Tom Hiddleston as a baddie in Thor 2, so Iron Man 3 went ahead and added their own firepower.  In this case, “Firepower” is actually the villain that Ashley Hamilton (Sunset Beach) is in talks to play.  In the Marvel universe, Hamilton’s character was the pilot of a “power suit” prototype built by the government (likely, S.H.I.E.L.D.) under the codename “Project: Firepower.”  And we all know that, once you’ve strapped on a suit of battle armor, it doesn’t take too long before you challenge Tony Stark/Iron Man himself (Robert Downey Jr.).  Also returning, in a producer capacity, will be Jon Favreau.  But it looks like fans will be able to see the Iron Man director on screen as well.  Hit the jump for more.

Variety reportsiron-man-3-firepower that Hamilton is in talks to star as “Firepower,” another villain that hopes to take down Iron Man.  It may help to know that the plot of Iron Man 3 borrows from Warren Ellis’ “Iron Man: Extremis” arc in the comics, which involves the spread of a virus through nanotechnology.  The picture also boasts Rebecca Hall in a role opposite Downey Jr. as a “sexy scientist;” James Badge Dale as another potential villain, Eric Savin/Coldblood and, of course, Sir Ben Kingsley in a villainous role that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

However, Favreau’s return to the set was confirmed by the actor/director himself, as he tweeted the following image of his “Happy Hogan” chair from set:


Directed by Shane Black, Iron Man 3 also stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce and is slated for an opening of May 3rd, 2013.

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  • Scurvy

    So after saying they don’t want to have another movie where the villain is a guy in a suit, they cast someone for exactly that role.

    Ironman’s rouges gallery must be pretty thin.

    • Grimcicle

      Iron Man’s rogue’s gallery IS pretty thin. Save for a couple notable exceptions, he has some of the most generic and forgettable enemies in the Marvel universe.

    • Chikamatsu’s 10 Puppets

      The problem with the back catalog of Iron Man villains is that a great deal of the books deal with a central theme: in the battle between magic and technology, technology wins. Many of the Iron Man villains are steeped in magic and mysticism, which with the exception of the Mandarin, nobody seems to want in an Iron Man-only movie. Kevin Feige seems to think that needs to be saved for Thor and The Avengers.

  • ASFan

    James Badge Dale’s character is not a villain, at least not in the comics.

  • Yeti Murphy

    i thought they learned from iron man 2 that more characters does not make a better movie.. i trust in shane black but i really hope this can actually come together. and none of these villains were in extremis, sounds like its gonna be a completely different story altogether

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  • Brett

    Ashley Hamilton? i’m sure they got the guy cheap, but has he done anything before to show his chops? And yeah, potentially three villains is awful. even two villains is ridiculous. it’s overstuffed in its cast, but hopefully Black can pull it together.

    • will

      My bet is that Savin and Firepower (or one of them at least) will work for Kingsley’s character or something, like how Azazel and Riptide were in league with Shaw in X-Men First Class.

  • itoaduso

    gotta fill those shield prisons somehow

  • itoaduso

    this is genious. it’s an X-MEN tie-in. Now that Marvel will be rich. we should assume all licensing agreements will be terminating on schedule.

  • Tom

    “Jon Favreau to Return as Happy Hogan”


    What a terrible, pointless character. Happy had wayyyyyy too much unnecessary screen time in IM2. He could have been cut completely and the movie would have been better for it.

  • Jeff

    I have been saying been kingsly for mandarin sine i heard about im1 and i know i read they said mandarin wont be in this but i just dont see who else he could play so damn well.

  • ozzie

    This movie sounds pretty lame … no major super villain … another lame guy in a suit of armor … there are so many great iron man villains and they go with firepower and some random dude with nano tech? yawn … how many more movies do we have to watch before we see the mandarin?

  • Matthew

    Remember that scimitar-wielding guy in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” who got shot?
    I have a feeling, knowing Black’s work, Firepower will have a very, very short life in this movie. As in: he’s going to be a punchline.

    • T. Van


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  • Onion

    You will never see the Mandarin. Never Forever with China’s goverment prodycing the movies.

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