Jon Favreau Will NOT Direct IRON MAN 3 – UPDATED

     December 14, 2010


In sad but not surprising news, Jon Favreau will not return to direct Iron Man 3.  His departure from the franchise makes sense in light of reported difficulties between Favreau and Marvel over his salary for Iron Man 2 and the creative control over that film.  Vulture reports that Favreau’s fee for directing Iron Man 3 would have been too high for Marvel and that the studio began the search for a replacement last night.  A source also tells Vulture that Marvel may have been attempting to dissuade Favreau by “pushing a confusing and packed vision of the third film.”  Favreau recently said that the story for Iron Man 3 (which currently has no script) would follow the events of Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Avengers.

Hit the jump for more.  Iron Man 3 is currently set for May 3, 2013.  Favreau’s new film, Cowboys & Aliens, is due out July 29, 2011.

UPDATE: Favreau has just tweeted:

It’s true, I’m directing Magic Kingdom, not Iron Man 3. I’ve had a great run with Marvel and wish them the best.

Let the speculation begin over who will direct Iron Man 3.  Original story continues after the jump:

This sounds like bad news for Iron Man 3.  While it wasn’t a disaster, Iron Man 2 was a disappointment.  It spent too much time trying to set up The Avengers rather than existing as its own movie.  If Marvel is looking for a cheaper director, it likely means they’re also looking for a director who won’t exert strong creative control and say things like “Stop using my movie as marketing for your future movies.”  It’s also disappointing to see Favreau out of the picture because I would have liked to see him direct an Iron Man movie where the villain is the Mandarin and not just other Iron Men suits.

With Iron Man 3 out of the picture, it’s likely his next project will be Magic Kingdom, which is about a family trapped in Disneyland and their magical encounters with all sorts of Disney attractions and rides.  Whoever Marvel chooses at the director for Iron Man 3, it’s important to note that Robert Downey Jr. has contractually negotiated director approval.


  • fhtrhtrhtrh

    god dammit

  • Cory

    This is why DC wasn’t pushing too hard with this shared universe on film. One film at a time.

    By lowballing and dicking around with Iron Man 2, Marvel just killed the whole damn operation by letting Favreau walk.

    DC wins.

  • Byrob

    Im glad people are finally admitting that IM2 was a blatant commercial for a non existent film; certainly sad to see a company hobble its own products growth.

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  • Mauriarty

    how about we don’t go with the headline “Jon Favreau Will NOT Direct IRON MAN 3″ seeing as its based on an unconfirmed report..from another blog. pshaw..thats what internet journalism is all about..a big round circle jerk.

  • Terry

    Who cares! Favreau pulled a Diddy and had his face in almost every damn shot of IM 2! Moreover IR2 sucked!!!
    Micky Rourke looked older than his old man in the movie. And just wow! He was able to make all that high tech crap in a practical junk yard! The movie was sh** on a stick. And don’t get me started on how the hell Tony was able to make a new elfin atom?!!! Seriously!!!
    Off Topic:
    Thor is going to bomb. The whole Avengers thing will be a platter of dog sh** layer cake.

    • fhtrhtrhtrh

      funny cause i guarantee you’ll be seeing both in theaters, helping net them 300mil plus

      • Yahzee

        … no, I’m not… I never believed in this whole Avengers crap… and Jon Favreau walking out of Iron Man 3 just shows that this thing cannot work on a serious film universe…

  • fhtrhtrhtrh

    people really need to chill. i know everyone has their opinions but damn.

    Iron Man 2 was not as big an Avengers set up as everyone makes it out to be, it was a side story. a companion piece to the main story. It handled it all pretty good I’d say. otherwise by the time avengers does actually come out you don’t have to spend 3 hours with introductions and set ups, you can get right to the meat of the story and work on the characters. You all really should watch IM2 again or maybe get out the house a bit, maybe go for a walk and get some fresh air. None of us know the real story of whats going on.

  • Zer00

    Yeah, Iron Man 2 was not the Avengers infomercial people say it is, that complaint is essentially an internet meme that became a hive mind opinion. Are there things wrong with Iron Man 2? Oh yes, and I like the movie, but not as much as I enjoyed the first one. But the problems with it(and there are many) have nothing to do with The Avengers. Most of the Avengers stuff is weaved in totally organically and is a continuation from things hinted at in Iron Man 1.

    There’s Favs love of improv that hampers a lot of scenes, where they just keep going and people are nearly talking over each other. The scene in Pepper’s office is a stand out for this.

    Favs really doesn’t seem to have too much interest on action, the Black Widow scene is the best action scene in the film, the end battle uses a dues ex machina and Whiplash shows up and does nothing, the movie just sort of ends without a fight.

    Marvel also wouldn’t do any kind of Demon In A Bottle or darker storylines because of the commercial success of IM1(this is the problem WB ran into with Batman back in the day) so even though stakes are presented in the film(which once again are the main focus that has nothing to do with The Avengers) they have zero weight to them, and any kind of dark scene is treated lightly and jokingly. That last part is more 50/50 between Favs and Marvel, but Marvel’s decision to stay away from more serious tones really killed it.

    The script thing is hard to pin down….they didn’t really have a completely script for the first film either, and Favs said he actually enjoyed that because of the improv. Now obviously this turned out okay. But no one is arguing Iron Man 2 was rushed into production, for A. Yes helping The Avengers along, and B. Just plain making money.

    And there’s more problems with Iron Man 2 as well, some editing problems…the film has a VERY strange flow, and some important things seemed to just be left out. But it seems Marvel and Favs were fine with that because THEY knew the whole story(like the asian who gives Whiplash the passport is a Ten Rings guy, important to the over arcing story, left on the cutting room floor)

    If Favs left, IF, then it was probably over money. Marvel wouldn’t piss off Favs that much because Downey has his back and is Marvel’s war horse at the moment…and Downey also has creative control, more than actors usually do. Marvel has made some bad moves, firing Norton being the previous huge “wtf” moment that still has a bad taste in my mouth. This seems to be their next major bad move.

  • Brenno

    @fhtrhtrhtrh sound advice my man, and good point.

    @Zer00 bro that was one epic wall of txt you through down…. but i 99.9% agree with you on all of it. The 0.1% is the comment about the black widow scene being the best action scene of the flick. Id have to peg that race track scene with the trippy baby iron man suit as the best action sequence, but that is neither here nor there, you are right imho.

  • Edward Lee

    Awesome news. Maybe NOW we can get an Iron Man flick that isn’t for the ADD-crowd.

  • Tim

    This seems to be the biggest difference between marvel and dc in the movie industry.
    Marvel really seems to only be interested in saving and making money. Dc on the other hand wants to make money, but doesn’t let the quality suffer.
    Marvel should be eternally grateful for what JF did with the iron man franchise. But instead he’s pushed to the side and not appreciated for what ge did for them.
    Jon favreau
    Sam rami
    Seems to be a growing trend.

    • me

      are you on crack? johah hex, yeah that was quality, or who about catwoman? yeah that was a good one. oh, batman forever and batman and robin. fantastic right?!

      3/4ths of the comments that i read online have been as ignorant as yours. people have no idea what they’re talking about.

    • jonathan

      To ME:

      Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about either. Let me explain something that you have decided to ignore, or due to your ignornce, were unaware of.

      Diane Nelson has led the new strategy for WB / DC comic book character films. Green Lantern (upcoming Movie), BATMAN: Arkham City, and Superman / Shazam The Return of Black Adam, are the first three projects she has green lited (ofcourese The Dark Knight Rises as well, but to be fair, that franchise started long before her)

      Jonah Hex is a movie that was greenlit 3 fking years ago. it is not part of the new DC/WB. And don’t even bring up Catwoman because thats like me brining up Electra. That was so long ago and non-relevant to the NEW Marvel Studios that the same should apply to the NEW WB/ DC strategy.

      300, Watchman, Batman Begins, Superman Returns, The Dark Knight, and now the upcoming Green Lantern are all part of the NEW WB/DC. that’s what should count.

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  • Yo man

    Worst decision ever!!! Great JOB MARVEL. First you get rid of Norton, Now this. Im not looking forward to yours films anymore!!!!

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  • Skullworm

    Damn it! :(

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  • Keith

    @jonathan by now I assume you have seen the green lantern movie and know that although the look I think was good but was an epic fail with the character development and was a big let down. Don’t even go there with quality and superman returns because that movie blew and it had so many story flaws it was crazy like him flying all the while he had kryptonite in his side movie sucked eggs. The batman begins franchise and the animated movies are the only thing dc has made worth seeing. As far as marvel and their decisions with norton and fav. well they have pulled it out in the past maybe they will this time to and the reviews of avengers have all been positive so far and I can’t wait to see it and the amazing spiderman too!

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