New Poster for IRON MAN 3 Shows the other Armors Blasting Off [UPDATED with Hi-Res Version]

     February 27, 2013


As we’ve seen in the trailer, Iron Man 3 will have Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) once again fighting the weapons he created.  While the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) will be the main villain, we can see that Tony has lost control of his suits.  A lo-res snapshot of a new poster has hit the Internet, and you can see the beaten-down Iron Man with his armors blasting off in the background.  It’s going to be an interesting match-up, and I’m curious to see how writer-director Shane Black will bring it all together.

Hit the jump to check out the poster. Hopefully, hi-res version will be released shortly. [UPDATE: We've added the hi-res version]  The film also stars Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, James Badge Dale, and Rebecca HallIron Man 3 opens in 3D on May 3rd.  A new trailer is due out next week.

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Click here for all of our Iron Man 3 coverage. Here’s the official synopsis:

Marvel’s “Iron Man 3″ pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

  • Faiz

    No joke, one of the most badass posters i’ve ever seen

    i’m actually more interested in this one than Man of Steel…The Nolan formula is starting to wear out while this movie keeps getting fresher with each promotional material

    Shane Black is gonna knock this out of the park

    • Bert

      Definitely agree on the Nolan formula-I think we saw how bad the “reality” farce can actually be with RISES. Iron Man 3 is going to kick Supes ass.

    • Chris

      I honestly didn’t get the greatness with the one Heath Ledger was in. It was just long, boring and stale. Heath Ledger was the only interesting thing in it. Looking forward to IM3, esp with Shane Black involved.

  • axis

    the concept remember tetsuo from Akira anime.

  • Rahuldravid

    Behind RDJ couple of guys in the air are wearing iron man suits..are they gonna help him or fight against him??

    • Faiz

      They are drones controlled by Tony, so presumably they are on his side, like when ivanko controlled a bunch of robots in Iron Man 2

      • hamroll

        or it is his hall of armor suits that mandarin takes over when he attacks the mansion which is why he will need drones in the first place, cause if you notice each suit is slightly different and I would assume that tony would make all the drones similar

  • Befuddled

    Im guessing that is his iron man “army” reported early on in production. The rumor was that he mentioned his new suit being the mark 42, and pepper asks what he did with all the numbers in between and he just smiles. Additionally, there was a comment about the new trailer saying there is a shot of iron man and war machine flying into battle with mandarin, and tony mentioning “his boys” with multiple armore in tow via the telepresence gear… This is going to be EPIC.

  • Kroz

    Don’t you think that those suits might have no one in them? Could Tony be controlling all the other suits? Look at how his suit is glowing!

    • derpderp

      That has already been confirmed. His gold suit is like Mark 47 so from his avenegers suit mark 5? to mark 46 are all his drones he controls

  • Joshua

    Its a little bit of both actually, They are both drones but also they are in fact the Iron Man suits Tony made. Most of the plot of the movie came from the EXTREMIS comics which is why tony’s main suit is Gold and a little red. What happens is Tony finds a way to implant Nano technology into his body which in turn he can actually control the suit with his mind and the first layer of the suit appears out of his body. Which is why in the trailer you see him hold his hand out and the glove moves by itself. Mandarin becomes to powerful for tony, so Tony takes it a step further and goes beyond what he thought was as far as he could go with nano technology and is able to control all his suits without being in them, control the suit thats technically in him and also creates a new Operating system besides Jarvis but its called P.E.P.P.E.R. Hope this was some help

  • dogg

    Cool poster, BAD impression. Multiple suits under multiple actors’ names? What are we supposed to think? You have to be pretty well versed in the lore to assume they’re remotely operated, and not watering down Stark’s abilities Batman And Robin style.

  • jackjack

    It looks like now, when it came to threequel, they decided to reward Tony with a hump, neat.

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  • chcoei

    Smells to me like we may (hope not)have another one of those scenes that was was in part 2 where you felt like you were watching some sort of video game – where Iron Man and War Machine fly around dodging the ‘bots and then face off against them. If that is true, I want to cry now.

  • Bruce LeeRoy Strikes Back!!

    Iron Man 3 Poster looks epic I agree but I haven’t seen it yet for some reason and the same goes for Man Of Steel I don’t judge just off a poster! Marvel Vs DC Vs Nolan “Ay My Man What It look like”?!! The guy is producer not director of Man of Steel or on top of that Shane Black :/ I’ll check it out if I hear it’s good but I’m not going to say Superman is less Zack Snyder makes on bad movie (Sucker Punch) and he is overlooked!

  • Strong Enough

    looks cheesy

  • TragicCracker

    Looks like Iron Man 3 should be called Iron Man Rises. Much like Iron Man 2 aping aspects of the TDK, the same way Iron Man borrowed the Batman Begins approach of pseudo reality and flashback origin narrative structure … Marvel Studio taking notes from the Nolan trilogy, yet AGAIN.

    A hero is taken to the depths of his despair, loses hope, reclaims the integrity and determination that made him a hero in the first place … takes on an intimate thread that also happens to be a much larger threat at the same time. Stark using his old armors as “back up” or “soldiers” in a “war” of sorts, is essentially the equivalent of Bruce using the cops in the war to fight off Bane’s mercs and Dent’s disgruntled former prisoners.

    Yet people are all hyped up for the Marvel Studios version. Such sheep. This recent backlash towards Nolan’s movies is beyond absurd. Especially given all they’ve done for the genre. Elevating it in terms of quality and respect among movie goers and critics. They’re still clearly the best films in the genre, even the slightly flawed ones (Begins and TDK Rises) … head and shoulders better than any of it’s competitors. Such a great balance between intelligence, fun, and respect for the source material.

    The disrespect is alarming. Iron Man 3 has done nothing to impress me thus far. I’m far more pumped for the contemporary reboot of Superman. An action packed flick, that is introspective and thoughtful when possible, not played in a making fun of the material or tongue in cheek manner like Donner’s film, that has actual reverence for the source material … the same way Nolan obviously had great admiration for the actual material. And from reviews, it sounds legit.

    I’m burnt out on Iron Man. The first film was awesome, second film sucked … and then Downey became an annoying caricature OF HIMSELF. And Avengers was essentially Iron Man 3. This character is stale to me right now.

    • wha..wha..what?


    • Jose

      While I don’t agree with everything said here, you make some really SOLID points. Much respect.

    • Nerdgasm

      There are no comparisons between Begins and Iron Man. Nor Iron Man 2 and Dark knight and your comparison for 3 and Rises are stretching to say the least. Your very shallow retrospect on super heroes is the normal path they run: “A hero is taken to the depths of his despair, loses hope, reclaims the integrity and determination that made him a hero in the first place … takes on an intimate thread that also happens to be a much larger threat at the same time.” This concept has been around for ever pick up a comic book Nolan didn’t INVENT THAT and two everything you mentioned about Iron mans Drones as far from Dark KNight Rises than you are trying to make it (Laughable.) is something that happens in the comics time and time again so it wasn’t a page from Nolans book it was from the comics themselves.

      I am nto fan of the batman movies but the rest of the Nolan fare i enjoy. The reason he has a bad name is because of his fanboys like you that spew originality and godlike qualities belittling like movies around him and you with no real fact. second fact …NOlan hates the batman comics and wanted to stray as far from them as he could which he proved in Rises which HURT Rises.

      • jackjack

        Ok, so BBegins and Iron Man have nothing in common. Now, watch this:

      • Nerdgasm

        That video proves nothing. They put together visuals that look the same and it was way out of context just to inorganically fit the movies together. You can do that with any movie. My Point merely was Nolan didn’t MAKE the superhero franchise nor did he COME UP with a NEW way of doing a comic storyline. BBegins is a mediocre film and so is Rises. The reason why i hate Nolan’s Batman movies arent because they suck but because the fans act like everything in his movies are sacred so that when someone else has a story line (That they chose from a comic book) they say that, that artist is STEALING from Nolan. Nolan didn’t create superheroes or ALL the stories. The storyline in Iron Man 3 is ripped straight from the comics. Nolanites need to go fuck themselves. they ruin a great artist.

  • terry

    I’ll be there on opening night.

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