IRON MAN 3 Lands Rebecca Hall as Female Lead

     May 8, 2012


Disney and Marvel have tapped Rebecca Hall (The Prestige) for the female lead of Iron Man 3.  The powers that be have moved quickly to initiate talks with Hall, as the previous frontrunner for the role, Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life), turned them down only yesterday, citing scheduling issues.  All the better for Hall, who can prepare for her role as a “sexy scientist” who rivals Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in intelligence.  The third installment will feature the return of Downey Jr. after his scene-stealing turn in The Avengers, along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Don CheadleGuy Pearce will join the fun and Sir Ben Kingsley is on board to play the villain.  Production on the Shane Black-directed Iron Man 3 starts this month in North Carolina before heading off to China en route to a May 3rd, 2013 release date.  Hit the jump for more on Hall’s role and the overall plot of Iron Man 3.

Variety reportsrebecca-hall-iron-man-3 that Hall is currently in talks with Disney/Marvel to play the role of a scientist who plays a pivotal part in the creation of nanotechnology known as Extremis.  The tech, which winds up in the hands of terrorists, is a carrier for a viral outbreak that causes considerable damage, especially to anyone who happens to be wearing a high-tech suit of battle armor.  The plot for Iron Man 3 will draw elements from the Warren Ellis’ six-issue series, “Iron Man: Extremis.” You can check out more about the rumored plot details here. Marvel declined to comment on the casting news, but I’m pretty sure that after turns in The Prestige, Frost/Nixon and The Town, Hall can handle the role of “sexy scientist.” She’s half-way there already.  Watch out Pepper Potts!


  • Sam

    She is WAY better for the role of Maya Hansen. Well done, Marvel.

    • Jazzy Jace

      Sam the man, I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Lance

    Please don’t turn this into a Michael Bay flick, Shane Black! As much as you’ll be tempted, don’t have Rebecca prancing around in nothing but a lab coat and G-string. She can save that for her Maxim photo shoot.

    Honestly, Iron Man 3 has enough hurdles as it is. IM 2 was a sagging letdown, and Avengers has set a high bar for this next Marvel movie to clear. And is Shane Black really the person who “gets” the Marvel universe the way Joss Whedon clearly does?

    Let’s hope!

  • Sara

    I like her. She is a good actress.

    • dogg

      Her boobs are also very accomplished.

  • Lo Sa

    Oh no I was really hoping for Jessica to happen, not so sure about Rebecca Hall being such a good choice, she maybe sexy but in the talent department she is not that much!

    • Daniel

      Watch a film called Please Give, and then decide on how talented she is. She’s a great addition to IM3.

      • SP1234

        Very good casting indeed. I’m surprised she hasn’t done much work though, cause when I the The Prestige, I thought for sure we would be seeing this girl everywhere. But from Christopher Nolan, Woody Allen, Ron Howard and Ben Affleck, she’s been building up slow and steady.

      • SP1234

        “saw” instead of “the”.

  • mee

    nooo!!!!!! jessica chastain was the perfect choice, rebecca hall is just a disappointment after knowing what could have been.

  • Anon

    YES! Not only is she beautiful but Rebecca Hall is a great actress despite not having a lot of opportunities to show it. She’s usually in thankless supporting roles but she’s always solid in them. Well done Marvel, well done. Now don’t screw it up like you did when you had a stacked deck with Rockwell and Rourke.

  • Fuck you

    A much more inspired choice

  • tom

    i like that you mention RDJ’s “scene-stealing” performance in The Avengers. he was the main character!

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  • pills_26

    On one hand, I was sort of crushed that Jessica Chastain couldn’t do Iron Man 3, but putting in Rebecca Hall instead? Bloody genius. She is such a brilliant actress and really deserves a bigger profile, so here’s hoping she gets a boost in IM3.

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  • Thomas

    It’s a Marvel comic book-based movie funded by Disney. Doesn’t matter who the director is. Shane Black is not a visually stung filmmaker. The visual style of this movie will be no different from IRON MAN, CAP AMERICA, THOR or THE AVENGERS

    • Tim

      Funny you should mention those four movies with totally different visual styles.

  • MMB

    Iron Man 2 was indeed stuffed, but it was no way a “turkey”! Truly great!

  • Sugreev2001

    Great actress.Ironically,I was just watching ‘The Town’ yesterday.

    • Bonobo

      And when you say ironically, you mean coincidentally…

      How many stand-up comedians and web comics and noted men of letters must mock the misuse of the term irony before it stops?

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  • Will Spill


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  • stranger

    I watched her in The Awakenings last night funnily enough and thought she was both beautiful and talented … just hope she gets to use her sexy British accent … what what tally ho

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  • Anonymous

    you look hot

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