IRON MAN 3 Reveals Mark XLVII Armor on Location in Miami [Updated with More IRON MAN Armor Shots, Including IRON PATRIOT]

     October 1, 2012


The production of Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 hit a snag recently when star Robert Downey Jr injured his ankle.  It looks like Downey Jr is back in action (or possibly his stunt double) as the new suit of armor was spotted on location in Miami.  Recent speculation had the version of Tony Stark’s (Downey Jr) armor jumping from the expected Mark VIII to the probable Mark XLVII (47).  We got a look at the new armor at this year’s Comic-Con, but the new photos give a better look at the suit in action, so to speak.  Hit the jump to check out the new set photos. [Update: Now there are two sets of armor for the price of one! Check out Iron Patriot alongside Iron Man after the jump.]

Iron Man 3, also starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley and Jon Favreau, opens May 3rd, 2013. 

Be sure to catch up on all of our previous and continuing coverage of Iron Man 3 here.

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  • Nate

    Iron Man has a frowny face.

    • Grayden

      He frowns because the shop screwed up his paint job.

    • Jay

      Haha, not only does he have a frowny face, but it’s a jowly-frown. That really doesn’t reflect Tony Stark as I’ve seen him. Maybe in this movie he’s super-pissed?

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  • Shane

    Yeah, there is way too much gold on the suit now. To me, they’ve taken out far too much of the red in the suit.

    • drewerd

      I am assuming this is to tell him apart from his drones which I also assume would look more like regular ironman

  • Thundersauresrex

    yeah cause they have never changed the paint of suit before? they’ve never had an all gold suit?… have you seen the extremis suit in the comics??????

  • Lance

    At some point (and the Mark XLVII might be it) they’re going to run out of cool alternate versions of the suit, and be left with coming up with ridiculous permutations that are just silly.

    You don’t need to keep coming up with new suits for people to go see the movie. Spider-Man’s had multiple movies while basically wearing the same threads, with only a subtle difference here or there. Iron Man just needs a few new gadgets every film, like Batman.

    • Norris

      Having all the different suits is part of the Iron Man character, he was always upgrading a making new suits in the comics, where as Spider – Man has pretty much had the same suit forever, with a few exceptions like the black suit.

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  • Jay

    Haha, not only does he have a frowny face, but it\’s a jowly-frown. That really doesn\’t reflect Tony Stark as I\’ve seen him. Maybe in this movie he\’s super-pissed?

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    Nothing wrong with the suit. Very close to Extremis armor. I never understand why people freak out over set photos. Just watch the movie, ya wanna be nerds! I don’t know why people act like “well if I was in charge I’d do it this way.” No you’d make a 200 million dollar lump of shit. Probably wouldn’t get passed preproduction before u were fired. They know what they’re doing. Trust me. TRUST ME. (wink)

    • Mr. Orange

      Are you Jon Favreau?

  • Tom

    so… captain america gets a suit of armor now too?

  • Kenny B

    HOLY SHEEZE ,Captain Hindsite clearly works for Marvel and/or is a suit who is a daily Iron Man 3′s set.

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  • Joseph M

    Iron Patriot? Uh Oh. The film about a cool superhero billionaire arms manufacturer is really starting to show its colours.

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  • patl

    Iron man has the frowny face because he is about to be taken from behind by the guy with hat.

  • Yahzee

    So let me guess. Iron Man will be battling another guy in an armor suit for the finale. Genious! I hope at least the story will be half as good as the first one.


    Will wait n see how this one turns out. would love to se some of iron mans other suits, ie, his underwater suit etc from the cartoons.

    Would be a great cameo id under that Iron-Patriot armour was Steve Rogers (Cap)

  • ahhhhhh

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! What a terrible suit. I am such a big Ironman fan, and I have to say that I am very disappointed with the take on the suit, and really to be honest, I wish they would stop reinventing something that was as close to ideal as possible – namely the very suit from the first film. Another thing I have to add is that I absolutely hate the patriotic overtones in marvel movies (yes I know where they’re coming from etc) but I don’t need to be bashed over the head with the flag in every marvel movie and if it wasn’t enough that I have to put up with that pompous character called, Captain America, I now have to worry that my favourite superhero movie will feature that patriot douche I am seeing in these pix. Fak!

    • Shaun

      OK, first, while we don’t know what form this “Iron Patriot” thing is taking in IM3 in the comics Iron Patriot was actually a VILLAIN (Norman Osborne, using jingoism to win people over). While it’s safe to say Osborne won’t be in this movie (I’d guess Sony has the exclusive rights to the character, as part of the Spidey franchise) let’s see what they do before judging it.

      Second, Captain America is “pompous”? But Stark, for instance, isn’t? Or Thor?

      The Marvel movies, so far, haven’t really developed Cap/Steve Rogers the way I want, but “pompous” is not a word I would’ve ever used to describe him. He’s a selfless individual and probably the most down to earth character in the entire Marvel universe. The first Cap movie was OK, but I’m really looking forward to the Winter Soldier storyline being adapted for the sequel.

    • TheHOYT

      Really!? You feel they’re bashing you over the head with patriotism? Give me a freakin’ break! They’ve handled the patriotism angle in a very tasteful manner. Especially Captain America. I for one find it refreshing to have an anchor of good ol’ fashion American values in these films, a hero who’s not conflicted with inner-demons of what’s right and wrong. Cap’ knows what’s right, and he follows that. Most of these superheros find their origins bathed in deep American roots.

      If you feel they’re bashing you over the head, then the problem lies with you, my friend. You’re searching for it, and when you see it, you make mountains out of mole-hills.

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  • tarek

    These are the life size toys that Hasbro will sell us for X-Mas.

  • Stinky

    Iron Patriot was Norman Osbourne. Since there’s no chance that character will be in the flick, they’re using the stars and stripes armor for a small gag. Not worth the speculation.

    • Very Real

      Yeah, I heard that it’s War Machine’s armour and that Rhodes is gonna wear it.

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  • Pragmator

    Both suits look badass to me! I’m psyched!

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  • hrishi

    Change the Face..looks DUMB!!!!

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  • BahaFresh

    I’m sorry, but that suit looks totally wack.

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