IRON MAN 3 Update: No Iron Patriot in the Film, Plus a Recap of IRON MAN News With New Set Photos

     June 8, 2012


The following is an attempt to clear up the confusion over the recent Iron Man 3 set photos and possible heroes/villains.  We recently posted some images of a certain red, white and blue suit of power armor with a non-descript gentleman nestled within.  The internets responded by claiming the man was none other than James Badge Dale and his character was that of the Iron Patriot.  Matt was quick to point out that the suit’s pilot didn’t exactly look like Dale, but we went with it.  Now reports are coming out saying that the Iron Patriot won’t be in the film, but the Patriot Armor does indeed belong to a character.  Hit the jump to get this all sorted out.  The film stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Rebecca Hall,  Ashley Hamilton, and Guy PearceIron Man 3 opens May 3, 2013.

[Update: We've removed the unofficial images.]

Possible SPOILERS follow after this unrelated picture of War Machine…


If you’re still reading, GOOD!  Then you’ll be happy to hear that the above image DOES have something to do with the Patriot Armor.  Courtesy of Latino Review, it appears that the Star-Spangled armor will belong to Cheadle’s War Machine in Iron Man 3. The gentleman in the suit was, as Latino Review puts it: “not a movie star, it’s just a white guy.”  So, for all you know, it could have been me in there!  LR is also quick to point out that the scene shown in the unofficial set photos is likely the unveiling of the Patriot Armor fit for military service.  They also astutely mention that since the plot of Iron Man 3 is rumored to take place, at least partially, in China, this new Patriot Armor will make America look good (kinda).  Production will shoot in China late this summer and the movie is partially financed by China’s DMG Entertainment.

Oh, and there’s the pesky rumor about Sir Ben Kingsley playing the Mandarin, which may or may not factor in.  Current speculation involves the Mandarin as a silent partner of sorts to the scientist, Aldrich Killian (Pearce) who is developing the Extremis nano-technology.  This technology is supposedly being used to build an Extremis army, which may include Coldblood (Dale) and Firepower (Hamilton).  Again, this is all just speculation at this point and we’ll have to wait until more official reports come out.  Until then, here’s a look at the Iron Man 3 updates we’ve brought you so far:

Here are some images via Paltrow’s Twitter account.



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  • Bely Button

    Captain America’s shield painted on the armor?

  • Strong Enough

    Dave you are a white guy?

    I would have never guessed.

    • JimOman

      Snyde and Racist little comment wouldn’t you say?

  • Griz

    I really hope that, like in the extremis comic, the supposed “army” is only planned while the one prototype goes berserk. Frankly, if they do Tony & Rhodey fighting multiple robots again (albeit robots piloted by extremis enhanced humans) after IM 2 . . . . The entire IM franchise is gonna lose steam reeeeeallly fast.

    It’d be like Tim Burton’s Batman fighting other members of the circus after the ’89 Batman.

  • chuckster

    Jon Favreau is really letting himself go…

    • Dan

      I was thinking the same thing. Nice scar on Pearce’s face.

  • Joe

    I didn’t realize that there was an article for a few minutes.
    Was too mesmerized by that War Machine picture!

  • MumbleKing

    Happy looks like he’s eating more than his fair share of “Happy Meals.”

  • mee

    i love how happy gwyneth looks in that pic with RDJ. honestly, i know everybody LOVED the hulk in the avengers, but the best parts for me were the iron man stories. i feel like his world mixed seamlessly with the avengers world. and pepper pots was a huge part of that. i loved the small touches in their relationship (like when iron man is flying to what he thinks is certain doom, and he attempts to call her).

  • Sugreev2001

    Man ! Favreau has put on some serious weight.

    • SwankyBP

      Seriously. That’s your insight. Favreau has put on weight. WEAK SAUCE!
      Let’s try not to be so juvenile people.

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  • Django9000

    Be interesting if they do go straight for that modern armor look, like he’s got in the comics now.

    Downey is on such a role w/ his portrayal of Tony. Feige is trying to pull some kinda power play by saying the Bond-thing at this stage in the game, but he knows damn well RDJ’s Tony is simply the. Best. Thing Marvel studios has going for it.

    Don’t fuck it up, K-Feige. In the words of Jeff Bridges:
    “This is your Golden Goose”.

  • brandib

    It’s retarded that they would have Iron Patriot and it not be Norman Osborne. They need to stop putting him up against other people in variations of Stark Tech.

  • Marty

    WOW Gwyneth Paltrow , HOT!!!

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  • /tv/

    That ‘War Machine’ photo is a fan made shop of Iron Man from IM1.

  • Lo Sa

    So looking forward to this movie. Pepperony, Happy Hogan, love Guy Pearce, and of course Shane Black directing. And I think its cool that Jon has a hand in it. He and RDJ did something really amazing with Iron Man and the 2nd one was not as bad as everybody said. So I am happy he is a producer on this. To bad that Jessica Chastan couldn’t make it though, she is amazing.

  • ronny

    don cheadle again? what is with terence howard? they are really switching back?

    • Shaun

      Your comment makes no sense. How is it “switching back” if Cheadle’s returning?

      I will say that, while I think Cheadle’s a better actor than Howard, I liked Howard in the first IM much more than I did Cheadle in IM2.

      Then again, IM2 was just lousy all the way around. I think having War Machine in the mix just takes away from Stark/Iron Man himself.

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  • Stinky

    So the Iron Patriot armor is being used as a War Machine variant?

    Since Marvel Studios pimped out the rights to Norman Osbourne, it couldn’t have been close to canon. A spin with a new dude in the suit would work.

    But. Every Iron Man villain in the movies has similar armor. Snore. Mix it up for the third. Hopefully Mandarin comes through. More armor wars would suck.

    • PhantomCart2nist

      Why don’t they introduce the Crymsom Dynamo That villian had cool armor

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  • Underground Anthem TX

    My favorite internet articles are the ones that are completely retracting last week’s articles, and that seems to be 90% of them. Endless speculation-as-reporting is getting ridiculous– movie websites are growing increasingly guilty of this trend.

    I’m all for bits-and-pieces of info and I love teases, but my recommendation to the Internet and movie fans is JUST BE PATIENT.

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  • Anoynomus

    WTH! Iron Patriot and his armor is in the Dark Avengers and has Norman Osborn in the suit!

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