So Shane Black Is Writing IRON MAN 3 After All?

     April 24, 2011


Ever since Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) signed on to direct Iron Man 3 last February, there’s been some confusion on whether or not he would write the script.  It seemed like a no-brainer that Black, who broke into Hollywood with his screenplays for films such as Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout, would also get to handle the script for IM3.  But then we learned that Marvel had hired Drew Pearce (the British TV series No Heroics, the upcoming Marvel movie Runaways) to handle the screenplay, but would also “work closely with Black”.  Now CinemaBlend is reporting that Black is co-writing the script with Pearce.  CinemaBlend also reports that Pearce was brought in to keep the script family-friendly since Black is known for his R-rated work.  I find that slightly difficult to believe since I’m pretty sure Black is talented enough to write a PG-13 script.

The real question in all of this isn’t about how the credits will shake out, but Black’s level of involvement.  If he’s heavily involved with the screenplay, that’s terrific, but I seriously doubt he would be shut out of the process.  Iron Man 3, starring Robert Downey Jr., is set to open May 3, 2013.


  • darrin

    i would pay $100 to see an R Rated Iron Man, don’t have to be IMAX or in 3d

    • Charly


      wouldnt mind it ………….

  • felliniboy

    i witty screenplay that is “focused” is the one that IM3 needs. i have no doubt that Black can make a better Iron man than the previous 2. i was never that impressed with 1 and 2. i thought 1 was better, but it never really reached a higher ground than a “good” comic book super hero movie, unlike Spider-man 2 or the obvious, Nolan’ Batman movies. Downey was just terrific(as he is always is) and he carried the movie.

  • agent_black

    If there is uncertainty over the script writer(s) already then this franchise looks pretty shabby at this point. I know I should reserve judgement until it’s made but the sequel was all over the place compared to the first film.

  • tarek

    I hope that they will bring back Terrence Howard for the role of Rhodey. ‘Cause Don cheadle is not tha man for this role.

    I hope also that the script for Iron Man 3 will be asstrong as the first one. ( the second one was weak)

  • sharrow

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  • gero

    I think Shane just wants to prove to everybody that he can make a bigbudget s.hero film in the top tier of that kind of filmmaking.

    Too bad I’ve lost interest in these movies, but after he makes some big bucks on this, he would move on to making more fare like Kiss Kiss Bang Bangs so I’m rooting for him..

  • Britney Warren

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